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March 29, 2009

Suju won again! Whoo! Yay! The acceptance speeches were a lot less tearful this time around and as usual, Heechul stole everyone’s attention by picking up Hongki and spinning him around in a big bear hug while the rest of his members were having their own group hug. LOL, typical Heechul. I think only Leeteuk cried this time, although Kangin looked a little emotional in the background – good to see that even manly Kangin gets emotional sometimes. ^^

Oh, and the performance was fantastic! It was one of their better ones for sure. Lots of energy, everyone looked and sounded good – although I do wonder if this choreo isn’t a bit much for Kyuhyun, he always seems to be a bit out of breath towards the end – and I’ve even stopped being surprised when Heechul shows up. As usual, the camera angles are very well done, although not as good as the previous Inkigayo performances and there’s a cool switch in the choreo towards the end of the performance that I really loved. It was just very good. I really liked the touch of gold in their outfits as well, although it didn’t work for everyone as well as it did for some. Also I am still confounded by EunHyuk’s pants/socks – really I just don’t even know what to say about those. DongHae looks good though – I always like his outfits the best.

And finally, watch this performance – I demand it! (Please.)

credit: CodeAnalysis

It’s the latest Davichi performance of 8282 (Pali Pali) and I was appalled at how few views it had. These girls are extremely talented and their lives never disappoint – really, I’m always amazed at how good they are – and MinKyung’s even wearing a really cute military style jacket here so I don’t know why people aren’t watching their performances. Really, why are these girls so under-rated? So go do yourself a favour and watch the performance please even if you don’t like the song. It’s really incredible.

Oh, and fortunately the Suju housewarming party was really in last night’s WGM episode so I’m sure it will be up and subbed soon! For the time being, it’s already up on YT, just sans subs. I’ll be awaiting them patiently. Well, that’s it – enjoy the performances!


P.S:- I started watching Suju’s Adonis Camp show and LOL, I made it through three episodes in one night. Oh, the hilarity – it is ensuing. It’s amazing how one only needs to gather any number of Suju members together – just anyone – and something funny will undoubtedly occur. They are such a riot.


On the topic of dating…

January 11, 2009

Rant time! Sorry, I can’t help them sometimes.

So you know I have a love/hate thing with fans, particularly those of ‘idol groups’ and this is why…

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If I had three wishes…

December 1, 2008

So I was supposed to write this right after my gift wish list because it fits in with the wish list theme but I didn’t get around to it so I’m doing it now. You know I’m talking about K-pop related wishes, right? Okay, so here goes…

1. If I could spend the day with any one K-pop star, I would choose…KANG DAESUNG!

Yes, I would choose Daesung even over any of the members of SHINee. Why, you ask? Well, partly because I don’t think I would freak out and have a spazztastic fit if I met Daesung unlike the massive one I would most likely have if I were to meet any of the members of SHINee but mostly because I know I would have fun with him (once he wasn’t tired – and probably even then). He just looks like so much fun – hes so upbeat and hyper and silly and he really knows how to have fun and loosen up and I really wish I was friends with him – I know I wouldn’t regret it. I mean, before I even started to see his personality, I would laugh just seeing his face (it was his eyes, I’ve never seen someone with perfect half-circles like that, he has eyes like an anime character) and now after seeing numerous BB videos and FO and so on, I see that he’s such a fun, happy person and definitely someone I wouldn’t mind spending a good bit of time with.

2. If I could spend the day with any one member of SHINee (because of course, I would want to meet them!), I would choose….Lee Jinki/Onew/Dubu Leader-ssi!

You know if you asked me this question a few months back when I had just started watching Yunhanam and getting into SHINee in a big way, I would have said the exact same thing. Honestly, my answer and my reasons have not changed. As much as I love all of the boys in the group, I would really like to spend some one on one time with Onew because I still feel like there’s a lot to him that we don’t really see. I once saw someone say that they thought that Onew was hiding something behind his ‘condition’ (deliberately or not, I can’t say) and I kind of agree – I don’t think he makes his ‘sangtae’ on purpose or anything but I just feel like he’s really a very deep person and we sometimes get so caught up in his perpetually smiling, easygoing, faily self that we don’t always notice that. I feel like I could write a post just on why I like Onew. I had actually intended to write one on why I think he makes a good leader but I never got around to it.

You know I really don’t talk about Onew enough – please don’t think that I don’t like him or that I don’t appreciate him – I really do. He went from being my number five out of the five to my number two (just like Daesung!) and I think he’s such an incredible person, it makes me a little sad to think that maybe he doesn’t think so – I don’t know why but I really feel that he doesn’t realize how much he has to offer. I mean, I love the fact that he’s obviously really, genuinely humble – I think that’s an extremely important characteristic for a leader to have, like you know he wouldn’t have a problem stepping back and allowing his members to have the spotlight – but at the same time, there’s a fine line between being humble and not appreciating yourself and sometimes I worry that he’s on the wrong side of that line. I remember he once said that he used to think of himself as the least talented of the five and I was flabbergasted, I was just like “How could you think that?!” I’m a little afraid that if I met him, my noona-ness would take over and I would end up lecturing him about properly appreciating himself and basically giving him a run-down of his many talents. Ah, but I’m getting off topic now…

My point is I’d really love to sit down with him and just feel him out, get a little chance to see what he’s like away from the members. Like I’ve said, I’ve always felt like this but watching his monologue really brought it back for me – he’s so well spoken and intelligent and earnest and even though he often acts silly, he can be quite serious when he wants to. I also think a lot of people (myself included) take his eloquence for granted, you know, because he’s the leader so he’s expected to be well-spoken and while that’s true, that shouldn’t stop us from appreciating that he really gives a lot of thought to everything he says and words things ever so nicely. He really takes his position on the team very seriously and always tries his best to show a good side in all of their activities. In addition to that, he’s very laid back and easy-going and I think that it would be easy for me to relax around him (instead of flailing about incoherently as I would undoubtedly do if I were to meet Jonghyun) so yes, I would definitely like to meet Onew. I’d also like to marry him but I don’t want to be unreasonable so…

Oh, this is a good time for me to say that I suspect that Onew has a romantic side – like a big one. I cannot tell you how sad I am that we never got to see him go on a proper one-on-one date during Yunhanam like the others – I was dying to see how he would treat a noona and we never got to~ I’m still holding out hope that it will happen somehow – who knows? Maybe he’ll get invited to guest star on We Got Married or something. I mean, YeEun from the Wonder Girls did it and she’s only a bit older than him so there’s still hope – kind of. I never really thought about it until I watched School of Rock and one of the students asked him to ‘allure’ her (lololol), I thought he would say no, actually but instead he just asked if it was okay – and then he proceeded to serenade her and get down on one knee (actually that was lucky cause she got to be serendaded by the whole group but I digress…) and just be super romantico (and kind of hot – whaaaaaat?) and I was shocked because I did not know Onew had that in him, okay? And then there was the time they asked them to send a message to their future girlfriends (darn lucky chicas!) and Onew said “I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing, but when you hear my voice, will you come to me?” Now tell me that is not the sweetest thing you’ve heard in your life. You know you wish he was saying that to you – you do, I know you do. I do too – Onew, I’ve already heard your voice and trust me, I have no qualms about getting on a plane and flying to Korea if you’ll have me! Too bad I don’t match up with his ideal woman. Ah, I’m going to stop now or I’ll never stop typing. I really love that boy though – you think anyone would mind if I married him? I don’t think so…

Anyway I’ll have to edit this post with the rest later – it’s late enough as it is and I’m tired. Blame Onew – if he wasn’t so darn amazing, I’d already be done.

See ya later,



Yunhanam, wherefore art thou, Yunhanam?

November 12, 2008

So am I the only person who really misses SHINee’s reality show, Yunhanam? I find myself wishing more and more these days that they had chosen to have a second season – although I certainly wouldn’t want to give the boys any more to do since they’re tired enough as it is – but still, that was my Friday night fare. I looked forward to that all week. I started watching other shows, variety shows like Come to Play and Family Outing and SNSD’s new reality show, ‘Factory Girl’ to try to fill the void but it’s just not the same. I miss my weekly half hour with the boys – just watching fancams and Mnet Wide News’ (apparently daily) SHINee segments isn’t enough – I mean, there’s only so much Onew Sangtae you can fit into an interview, you know.

And to make matters worse, SHINee Subs’ YT account just got suspended due to ‘copyright infringement’. Come on, YT – be reasonable – they’re just trying to do their best to bring SHINee to the masses and it’s not as though the people watching those videos have access to the actual channels (unless you have TVAnts or something – which I do not), I mean if we could watch it and understand, by all means, we would but we cannot so we have to rely on the kind, charitable fansubbers of the world. Ah, but what can you do? Youtube has a right to remove the accounts it deems unfit. We can complain but we can’t stop them. Thankfully most of the videos I linked to in my SHINee sample rec post, Oldies but Goodies were hosted by other people. For now, they’ve got a back-up account called SHINeeSubs02 up but they’re not uploading a lot of their stuff there. Instead they’re working on developing their own streaming site but it’ll only be available to members of so if you’re still jonesing for a SHINee fix, I suggest you go straight to the source – join and SHINee forums and you can download the videos there. But don’t go uploading them to any other media hosting sites! That’s for them to do, not us. SHINee subs fighting! Ah, I can’t wait until they’re back up and running fully.

Oh, how I long for the days of Yunhanam…..Now I’m going to go check out Wonder Bakery. Wondersubbers just posted the subbed episodes. Maybe I’ll post about it? We’ll see…

See ya!



Oldies but Goodies

November 7, 2008

So a friend of mine recently got into SHINee and she asked me to send her some videos of them to help her get better acquainted with the group – lol, I’m her SHINee source, ooh – and as I wracked my brain and searched through my YT favourites list for stuff, I came across some videos that I’d like to share with her and with you. So I suppose this is a pimp post of sorts and you can consider it a prelude to the ULTIMATE SHINee REC PAGE that I’ll be creating in the future. So without further ado, here they are:

In My Room Performance at Madam B’s Salon

So this was actually the very first time that I heard ‘In My Room’ – my other RL SHINee friend had been pestering me to listen to it and finally she ended up linking me to a performance – not this one actually, another but I saw this one in the related videos bar and it had subs so I decided to watch this one instead. When I finally saw it, I wanted to hit myself for not watching it sooner. I’ve never said this about any other performance in my life but I actually think that this sounds even better than the studio version. The boys sound amazing and the closed, intimate atmosphere of the venue as well as the setup of the stage really adds to the feel of the song. You can see the emotion in the boys’ faces, you can hear it in their voices and you can see the attention on the audience’s faces. This is the performance that really made me realize how well those boys can sing and I think everyone should watch it, whether you like the song, the group or not. Oh, and they’re all wearing suits which is, you know, a big plus. M!Countdown cameramen, you could take a lesson from these people – they really understand when to close up and when to pan out.

Run It Performance at SMTOWN Live concert in Korea

This is another video that my friend recommended to me that I took forever to watch. I actually didn’t check it out until I’d gotten really interested in SHINee and I came across it one day while roaming around on Youtube looking for SHINee vids. Well I tell you – if I wanted to hit myself before, I wanted to kick myself this time. This performance is amazing – the dancing is crazy hot and it’s really not like anything you’ve seen them do before. (I was actually hoping the Amigo routine would be more like this one but it’s no big because the Amigo choreo is love all on its’ own). There’s actually not much singing here, it’s obviously meant to show off their dance skills (which it did!) and only Jonghyun and Onew sing the one slow part of the song (you know the bridge-y part in the middle) and while they both sound good, Onew’s (one) line really stood out the most to me – maybe because his pronunciation was practically perfect? Hyunnie dear, I love you but your English still need some work, okay? (Although it has improved a good bit since then.) Ah, but the stars of this performance are Taemin and Key – Key has a dance solo! – dude, their part of the dance was just fantastic. I was just staring at my computer screen in awe like “Whaaaat? I did not know you could do that!” So the lesson here is don’t be like me – if someone tells you to check something out, by all means do it.

Subbed ‘Onew Condition’ Compilation

Okay, now this video was made before all of those super funny, Onew sangtae filled episodes of Yunhanam came out so it isn’t particularly extensive but it’s still a good video to watch if you like Dubu or more so, if you don’t and you want to. Everything he does is suuuuuuuper adorable and you get about a lifetime’s worth of glimpses of his infectious smile. Gosh, I heart this boy and his dorktastic self so much! A lot of the clips come from the period when Onew and Jonghyun were co-hosting a radio show – I don’t know much about it, tbh. Anyway, my favourite part is the little interaction between him and Jonghyun where he’s smiling all bubbly-like at JH and JH is just like staring him down all stone-faced like “What are you so happy about?” and then Onew’s face just – falls. It’s really funny! Although I’m thinking now maybe it shouldn’t be…

SHINee Yunhanam BTS 13 – Warning: fangirling ahead.

So if you’ve ever wondered why Key is called the umma (or mother) of the group (Taemin in particular), then this video’s for you. It is just about the sweetest I’ve ever seen the two of them, especially now that Taemin keeps talking back to his umma. ROFL! And I wasn’t even planning to watch it! I just ended up watching it because I was bored – ah, boredom leads to so many SHINee discoveries, no? Anyway, it’s footage from episode 6 (with the model noona – you remember her?) and it starts off with Taemin adding foil to Key’s foil mic (contrary to popular belief, Taemin did not actually make the mic for Key, he just made it bigger) and then Key comes in chewing something and tells him (sounding for all the world like an older brother) “didn’t I tell you not to touch my stuff?” Taemin, obviously unperturbed, continues what he’s doing and replies that he’s ‘feeding’ it. Key, who couldn’t have really been that upset, then switches immediately to ‘umma mode’, sits down and takes out a small piece of candy which he then offers to Taemin who says “Nae~” in the cutest way possible. Key then proceeds to un-wrap the candy and feed it to Taemin in the greatest show of adorableness that I’ve ever seen in my life. I nearly died – it was so cute! I sent it to my friend and we fangirled about it for like a day – seriously. And the sad thing is that I know that it’s my fangirl self that’s making me react this way because that’s not so unusual – I’ve re-enacted similar scenes with my friends but because it’s SHINee, it’s just way more endearing. Key and Taemin did it so it’s the best thing on the planet. Aigoo, I’m sad, no? But what can I do? I’m like putty in their hands.

Love Should Go On Performance on Tablo’s Dreaming Radio

So if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, it should be obvious that I really like the track ‘Love Should Go On’ (which is ironic considering the fact that I didn’t like it at all when I first heard it). Anyway, a little while ago, I went roaming around Youtube (I do that a lot) in search of LSGO performances by the boys, mainly because I wanted to see Key do his rap and a lot of the videos I found were fancams, none of which were on Key at that point. I was finally satisfied when I found this video – the performance, as most of their radio show performances are, was solid and I was able to actually see Key, Taemin and MinHo during the rap part. But honestly the best part of this video is when Tablo comes up behind SHINee sometime during the second verse and starts dancing (out of time with the music). It was really unexpected and I nearly fell out of my seat laughing. I sent it to my friend, who’s not really acquainted with the members of Epik High, and she said “OMG! Did you see when that crazy man came up behind the boys during the performance and started dancing?” I couldn’t help laughing – I had to tell her that ‘that crazy man’ was Tablo from Epik High and the host of the radio show. So this one you’re not just watching for SHINee, you’re watching it for Tablo as well.

MinHo covering the song ‘Psychedelic Forest’ on the radio

You know it’s funny – the first time I watched this video, I wasn’t at all impressed. I thought the song didn’t flow and it seemed like MinHo was rapping against the beat of the music instead of with it but then, a few weeks later, I went back and checked it out and it was like I was hearing it for the first time. So if you don’t like this the first time you hear it, give it another chance because it’s actually very cool. One of the things I love about MinHo is the way his personality seems to change completely when he’s rapping – the shyness is gone and it’s replaced by this really fierce, cool person. I remember when I first started watching SHINee’s performances, when it was time for MinHo to rap, I’d be like “Who is that?! And where did Minho go?!” It was like he was a completely different person! My reaction isn’t quite as strong now that I’ve seen more of what he’s like but there is still a distinctive shift – I think that’s really cool, no? Now I finally get what entertainers mean when they say that they have stage alter-egos. Anyway…I now really like this performance, sometimes I just put it on and listen to it when I’m surfing the net. You can tell from his expression that he really enjoys what he’s doing and his rapping is so smooth and his voice! There’s a little mistake towards the end but that just makes it more endearing to me, especially when you see how he reacts to it. So watch – it’s like a minute and a half, it won’t hurt you any.

Love’s Way Performance on SHIMSHIMTAPA radio

Now until I get to see a full length, proper performance of this song – no fancams, no short cuts (like in School Attack) – I will be citing this performance. This song is my favourite SHINee song ever, in fact, it’s in the running to be my favourite song ever. I listen to it every single day and I don’t care that it’s a remake or sampled or whatever. I honestly wish people would stop getting on SHINee (and other people’s) cases for making remakes and just enjoy the songs produced. (But I suppose that’s easy for me to say considering I don’t usually know any of the songs they sampled.) Anyway I really like this performance – it’s not the best, I know the boys could do a lot better – but it’s a performance of my favourite song! And it was the first time they performed it live so excuse me if I’m inclined to love it. Anyway, the important thing is that the harmony is on point and in this song, the harmony’s the best part. I mean, they harmonize well in all of their songs, sure, but in this song, it’s just on another level. Ah, I could write a whole post about this song (I’ve been planning to) but I’ll stop here for now. Oh! And this is the video that made me realize how cute Key is – right after he sang his lines in the second verse, he smiled and it was like someone had slapped me. I was like “WOW. Key’s really cute. Like really, really cute. How come I never noticed this before?” So watch the video, okay? Watch it, do it, do it, do it noooooooooow.

And since I’m all for mixing the old with the new (but not too much), here’s the boys’ most recent Amigo performance on M!Countdown:

Let me say first of all that I’m sure that this cameraman has a Taemin bias. Dude! Taemin got like a million close-ups, in this performance and the last one – it’s like whenever they don’t know who to shoot, they just go straight to Taemin. Aish, if you don’t know who to look at, call the Inkigayo cameramen and they can tell you! (Inkigayo cameramen shoot these performances perfectly – seriously.) I’m sorry for the mini-rant – it’s just that during their first performance there, the camera was on Taemin instead of Jonghyun during his high note and I was like “Aaaaaghhhhh!!! Cameraman!!! I want to beat you!” and I’m obviously still a little touchy about that. He only gets away this time because they panned out so I could at least see Jonghyun even if it wasn’t a close-up shot.

Anyway on to the actual performance, it was really good! The boys are already improving. The dancing is very good and the singing is starting to get to a good consistent level. They must be working very hard because I can hear the improvement in everyone, particularly Taemin. Now when he’s singing, it really sounds like singing and not shouting (I know it sounds like I’m bashing Taeminnie but I’m really not, I promise. Don’t you know by now that I love maknae?) So this was a good performance, very solid – although I disliked the ‘Amigo’ flashing across the screen during the chorus. It was cute at first but then it got annoying. Honestly I think the set designers must have a lot of fun with these performances – they always have seriously far out designs. I really liked the set for this performance though with the fog and the stairs – while I don’t usually like to see the boys walking during a dance performance (taking away precious dance time, people!) the stairs with the lighted letters were really neat. Also I love how while everyone walked down, Taemin stayed at the top and danced. Awesomeness! (See – I can say nice things) It was just really intriguing – all the flashing lights and the darkened set and the charismatic walking down the stairs and the back-up dancers coming out at the bottom and how close everyone was during the rap. Did you notice that Key wasn’t in front with the back-up dancers this time? It was just him and MinHo slightly in front of everyone else. I like how they keep switching up the rap part – it reminds you that not every part of this performance is completely choreographed. So this was a good performance – I recommend it – and I hope you actually check out one or two of my picks up there.




5 Reasons why I love SHINee

October 23, 2008

So that Onew tribute video I watched yesterday – check the previous post for the link – inspired me to do a similar post about SHINee as a whole. I wrote it out at work but then I forgot to pick up the papers I wrote it on so I’m doing it off of the top of my head now. By the by, I’m not saying these are the only reasons – just some of the major ones. Well, here goes…

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Almighty Key? More like All Dorky!

October 19, 2008

So…I recently realized that I should be more careful about what I blog. I seriously think someone from SM’s reading this…ha, just joking. My reason for saying that is because I edited one of my first posts with my tips for the SHINee members and said that although I love Key’s dorktastic ways, sometimes I thought that he talked a little too much and sometimes I wished that he’d just stop talking for like five minutes (that was around episode seven of Yunhanam) AND THEN I noticed that Key’s been really quiet lately. I feel like I don’t hear him much at all during the show, during interviews, he’s even been pretty absent in fancams and the like. OH MY G, I PUT GOAT-MOUTH ON KEY-GUN!!! I’m sorry, Key! I take it back! Be as talkative and in my face as you want! I really miss it now – I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said before.

And then as if to remind me of the good old days (what, like a month ago?), SHINee subs just uploaded an Mnet News cut about Key and his self-promoting (*holding up ‘key’ necklace* Key. Key!) and it was full of Key hogging the camera and being his usual, fun-loving, cute, dorky self. I think I really needed that – I got so distracted by his lovely bone structure (aish, that boy’s really good-looking, ne?) and it made me forget just how funny he is as well. I hope he starts hogging the camera again soon – I miss seeing his face too close to the lens. Anyways, watch the video here. credit: shineesubs It’s super cute and funny. And here are some amusing Key gifs of moments included in the interview (by the by, I didn’t save the credit for the gifs so just let me know if you know who made it and I’ll put the credit in):

*Poke poke*

*Poke poke*

Thumbs Up
Oh, and if someone from SM’s really reading this, can I come work for you as SHINee’s PR manager? I haven’t got any experience but trust me, I know I’d do a good job. Look – I’m already promoting them here! *tries Taemin’s eye flickering* Pretty please?