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Happy Day!

September 12, 2009

It’s my birthday today, readers so I’m sharing a happy song with you. Guaranteed to make you smile!

Credit: Youtube

Also I can’t not post about this a.k.a. THE BEST TEASER IN THE HISTORY OF TEASERS

Well, after watching that, I’m excited. I mean, I was excited before but this has taken my excitement to a whole other level. Everyone looks fantastic, especially Siwon – HOTNESS! – and I’m finally noticing that Zhou Mi is actually pretty hot too. (OMG, when did this happen?! I’m shocked!) Also I think their style here seems to be a mash-up of ‘Sorry, Sorry’ and ‘It’s You’ and this song appears to be the one they mentioned that would be in a similar style to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ so I’m not complaining – this should be good. So yes, if you’re not into SJ-M, I suggest you get into them like now, right now – no, right this minute! – so you’ll be able to fully appreciate this sure-to-be-epic comeback. Okay? Got it? Okay, good! ~Wo shi ni de Shupaman~

I’m off to enjoy my day now. Have a good week-end, all!



7 Years…

July 1, 2009

That’s how long I’ll be in love with KyuHyun’s voice – if it doesn’t turn out to be longer. Ah, maybe you got it, maybe you didn’t but that was just a silly joke referring to his just released solo song which is a remake of YooYoungsook’s ‘7 Years of Love’. Just in case you don’t know, YooYoungsook decided to release an album to mark his 20th anniversary in show business featuring reworked versions of some of his songs (he reworked them himself, I believe) and he chose Kyu to particpate in it and gave him this song to sing.

Anyway, long story short – the song’s finally been officially released (fancams of Kyuhyun singing it at YooYoungsook’s album showcase were floating around the web for about two weeks prior to this) and it’s just beautiful – I’ve been replaying it since I found it a little while ago and I see myself doing so for quite some time to come. It’s a bossa nova rendition of the song and as I’m no bossa nova buff (really, I know next to nothing about it), I was pleasantly surprised to see how well Kyu’s voice suit that style of music. He sounds so breathy and his voice is so light and soothing here – soothing is really the best way to put it. Listening to it, I feel like a spell’s being woven over my mind and as though I’m being lulled off to the very sweetest dreams of Kyu hopefully – it’s equal parts sad and romantic and even though it’s a pretty long song, about 5 and a half minutes, the song just seems to fly by. Every time it ends, I feel a little sad and empty but most of all, surprised that it’s already done. All in all, it’s a really lovely song and definitely something to check out whether you’re a Suju fan or not. I think KyuHyun should be very proud of himself.

So here’s the MV courtesy of Sup3rJunior

And one of those fancams I mentioned earlier of his performance at the album showcase:

credit: kyunerdful

You’ll check it out, right? You really should….trust me – you don’t want to miss out on this moving piece of music. Go, watch the videos, you know you want to.

That said, yesterday was my last day of work so I’ll have a good bit more free time on my hands for a little while and will hopefully be a little more active around here as a result – expect lots of posts about old things that you probably already watched a million years ago now. ^^ And let me say a short saengil chukhahae to one of my favourite leaders, Teuk-Teuk-Teukie! I have to do a proper birthday post for him in a little while so I’ll just wish him all the best and all of God’s blessings for now. I hope that he looks at this birthday and sees it for what it is – another year of life passed through safely and a chance for a new beginning in his life should that be what he so desires.

Well, that’s all for now. Ja ne!



YAY, the video’s out!

May 23, 2009


credit: wondersmurf

Okay, I’ve only watched it once so far but I’m seriously laughing at their hairstyles (OMG, Jong has like a mini-mohawk and I don’t even want to start with Onew) and their clothes are….questionable at best but who cares about all that because the Juliette MV is out and it is SMOKING, you guys! Not gonna lie – I really like it. It’s sleek and bright and the boys look great regardless of everything working against them and the more I watch the dance moves, the more impressed I get. I really like the dance, especially during the chorus and towards the end – it’s shaping up quite nicely, I’ve gotta say. This makes me even more excited for their performances now – although let’s hope Jong’s not rocking the hawk for them, although that does not stop him from looking fine, of course.

Also, why does MinHo always get to play the lead? Do they think he’s the least popular or something so if they stick him with a bunch of different girls, nobody will care? Because that is most definitely not the case. Ah, but I won’t complain – I much rather see MinHo cozying up to some girl (although he’s doing nothing of the sort here) than Jonghyun or Onew, that”s for sure. Oh, and Taemin’s hair actually looks good, you guys! I’m shocked. But of course, Tae’s just cool like that.


Shinee6byRosevertcredits: rosevert on LJ

Oh, and I heard that today’s the anniversary of the release of the Noona nomu yeppeo MV – yay for anniversaries! Congrats, boys!



SHINee Update!!!

May 15, 2009


OMG, you guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately – it’s just that comeback stuff has been coming fast and furious and it’s like every time I decide to post about one thing, something new pops to distract me. But anyway, this will be a consolidation of all the SHINee comeback news so far, okay? Okay!

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The “It’s You MV is out!!!!

May 12, 2009

Here it is!!! EDIT: I changed the video to the official one, btw – turns out the one I posted before was the leaked version, my bad. Anyway, it’s really not that different – it just has some longer solo shots and a few added scenes as well as added effects in the dance portion. The effects are a little distracting but other than that, it’s okay – still a fantastic video.

credit: wondersmurf

Enjoy! Spazz to come. I’m warning you – this will be long. It might rival my ‘Amigo’ spazz post – just saying.

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IU Update

April 25, 2009

Here’s her new MV for ‘Boo’.

Okay, yes, the concept and the song are very different from ‘Mia’ and probably not what you were expecting from her (I know I wasn’t) but it really isn’t that bad and we shouldn’t think of it as a step down but instead as her trying out a new style. Honestly, ‘Boo’ really is a very cute, catchy enough song and it’s impossible to hide IU’s impressive vocal ability in a song like this – and look on the bright side, it may be on the cutesy side but at least, they didn’t digitalize her voice or use a ton of synthesizer – and for that, we should always be grateful.

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April 5, 2009

So I’m sure if you’re a BOF fan, you’ve probably already heard about this but SHINee has a new song titled ‘Bodyguard’ which is being used as the promotional song for the new AnyCall cell phone campaign featuring one of the popular BOF couples, GaEul and YiJung (played by Kim SoEun and Kim Bum respectively). The MV for the campaign itself is really adorable and funny even for someone like me who never got far enough into the show to see their romantic storyline begin. Actually I was kind of shocked while watching the MV at how harsh YiJung was to her at times – but I guess that’s his cool, playboy facade at work? It only took away from the cuteness by a little bit anyway. And Boom! I don’t know if he’s just a comedian or an MC but I’ve seen him in a few things and he’s always really funny and here is no different. I really like how Kim Bum beats him and his ‘thugs’, by the way – with a kendo stick that pops out of nowhere. It’s funny~

As for the song, it’s very youthful and sweet and it has a really light and breezy sound and it’s definitely got more of a pop-py sound than any of SHINee’s other songs. I didn’t like it at first listen because it reminded me too much of ‘Stand By Me’ which I also disliked at first but it grew on me the more I heard it (just like ‘Stand By Me’) and after watching it coupled with the video, I think it’s very fitting for the campaign – the light, youthful sound is the perfect accompaniment for SoEul’s little, semi-romantic love story. I’m really glad the boys got a chance to do this because even though it’s not their campaign per se, with the popularity of Kkot Boda Namja and the So-Eul couple in particular, I think they’ll still get a good bit of exposure from it. And well, it’s just really nice to hear something fresh from the boys since I kind of killed my SHINee World cd. Ah, I really can’t wait for the new releases. Oh, and a little heads up – Yesasia’s having a big sale for the entire month of April and one of the discounted items is SHINee’s first mini-album so now’s the time to get it, people! You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll finally be getting mine. ^_^

Also I’m not sure if you know but Key went to Nanjing, China this week-end to perform with his sunbae and labelmate, Xiah Junsu (lol, I’m writing so formally about my Su) at DBSK’s Mirotic Concert and I am pleased to announce THAT HE CUT HIS HAIR. Yay! LOL, I know it’s silly to be happy about such a little thing but he really needed it. Now he looks a lot like he did in the Replay days – ah, so sweet and innocent and young – and it makes me blissfully nostalgic. ^^ Pictures to clarify. credit: Soompi

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