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Welcome to my little world!

August 30, 2008

Hi! So since this is my intro post, I figure I should tell you a bit about me. My name’s Maki and I’m not really new to the blogging thing. I had a blog, abandoned it and then created one recently on Livejournal to post my fan-fiction. Anyway I’m starting to get back into the feel of blogging so I decided to create another one for my personal use so that my poor LJ friends won’t have to sort through all of my rambling to get to my stories.

Anyway, I really intend to post about whatever’s tingling my fancy at the moment (which could be just about anything). Right now, I’m getting into K-pop – I’m still a noob so if I make any mistakes, feel free to correct me and I’m turning into a total fangirl, oy! Honestly, the real reason that I created this blog – the real impetus behind me joining WordPress – is SM Entertainment’s new group, SHINee.

The SHINee boys

The SHINee boys

That’s them! Ha, they’re a Korean boy band that just debuted and fortunately, they’re receiving a lot of support (Yay!). Anyway, I’m developing a serious obsession with them – I got their album the day before yesterday and it’s been on repeat nonstop since then. I could talk your ear off about them but since this is my first post, I’ll stop here. I’ll probably say more in my next post and I really want to do a full review of their album, The SHINee World (which is amazing – I seriously suggest you check it out) but that will be for another…hour probably. edit: Read the album review HERE.

Ha, talk to you later,