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K-pop Birthday Digest – September

September 24, 2009

So there are a number of K-pop celebs who are September babies (comme moi!) and I just wanted to wish them all a collective bonne anniversaire! I’m just writing this off the top of my head though so it might be a little odd. If so, I apologize in advance.

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February 5, 2009

I’m tired. And I really don’t feel like posting these days, even though I’ve got this essay long Key post that I want to write. So sorry about the lack of updates – right now I’m just puttering around online catching up on dramas and Family Outing episodes while the boys are away. My eyes are also burning me a lot because of the amount of time I spend online so I’m trying (I am?) well, I plan to try to cut back a bit. Will try to have that Key post up by the end of the week though – the universe was totally telling me to write it today too because at work, I just kept seeing the word ‘key’ all over the place. I would look at documents and the first word my eyes would fall on is Key – it was very odd.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a song I’m digging right now – the new FTTS song, Throwing You Away. I don’t know them really but I want to check them out after hearing this – this song is just beautiful. Hope the rest of their album is like this. Will make me a very happy camper.

Hmm, and this video I came across thanks to Youtube’s suggested videos:

credit: nancybahz

It’s a fancam taken during the 2007 MKMF Award Show where Hyoyeon from SNSD and Stephanie from CSJH the Grace do a dance number to the instrumental that SHINee World was created from (relax, it’s not a remake – SME owned the rights to the music anyway and they just made a song for SHINee from it) and then SNSD performs my favourite song f theirs before the Gee mini-album was released, Girls’ Generation. Both of them are really great here and I was quite pleased to see them showcase Hyoyeon’s skills at such a major forum. Stephanie’s part is shorter but I suppose since SNSd were newer, they wanted to showcase Hyoyeon a bit more. Totally understandable. Anyway, it’s very cool and pretty short – just about a minute – so I suggest you check it out.It’s a good watch. ^^

So I’m sorry for being utterly lame and boring. I’m just tired, is all. All I want to do these days is sleep. I’m sorry. Will try to stop sucking in future.