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This is….

January 9, 2009

………the cutest boy on the planet. Without a doubt.


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2009 is SHINee Time!

January 3, 2009

Well, bad rhymes aside, I do have a lot of SHINee things to post because I haven’t posted in awhile and a lot of things have piled up so I’m going to start with the most recent news which is that SHINee will be performing another medley (yay for medleys!) this Sunday, January 4th on SBS Inkigayo and they’ll be performing AMIGO, Romantic and Love Should Go On.

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Uhm, a DBSK post? What?!

December 7, 2008

So I’ve never really posted strictly about the men of Dong Bang Shin Ki before but I think maybe it’s time for that. What can I say? These ‘Wrong Number’ performances are really getting to me…

So I’d like to start by saying thank you to DBSK’s stylist (because those suits are fantastic – every single one, without fail, is a hit – with me at least), and also to their choreographer and to their hairstylists (but not the person who dyed Micky’s hair that pumpkin colour – I’m sorry, I just don’t like it, okay?) and to their producer and to the person whose decision it was to make ‘Wrong Number’ their second single and of course, to DBSK themselves for being so ridiculously amazing.

Now I am not the biggest DBSK fan – really I’m not – but I think they’re cool guys and I like a couple of their songs and I have always been extremely impressed by their performances. They always give their all, you know, and you can see from the caliber of their performances why they’re one of the most successful K-pop groups today – they’re really amazing entertainers. I’ll admit that when I first heard Mirotic, I wasn’t really impressed and the MV didn’t help much because I didn’t like the dance and watching half-naked men isn’t really my thing – I prefer guys clothed to be honest, hence the suit appreciation. As such, it wasn’t until I watched some of the fancams from their showcase (dancing in suits – yeah!) that I really started to take notice of them. I watched Mirotic first and thought it was okay and then I watched the ‘HEY! Don’t Bring me Down’ performance and about halfway in, I was like “Wow, I’m starting to see why everyone likes these guys – their dancing is amazing“. As such, during their comeback promotions, I checked out a good few of their performances – the ‘Hey! Don’t Bring me Down’ ones were a must – and I continued to be impressed by them. Performance-wise, they really do not disappoint.

And now they’re promoting ‘Wrong Number’ and I am so happy because I love those performances. They’re always so good! Just like with BB’s Sunset Glow ones, I never go looking for them or anticipating them but thanks to the blogs I read, I’m always alerted when there’s a new one and I usually check them out. You know, I decided during the ‘Mirotic’ promotions that Micky would be my favourite – why I try to decide these things, I don’t know – but every time i watch a new performance, I start leaning more and more towards Changmin. At first, I was like “Magnae? No! I can’t like him” but then after seeing more of his loltastic performance expressions and charismatic smirks, I changed my tune to “Who cares if he’s the magnae? He’s older than me!” So yay for Changmin! I ♥ him.

And then I watched the last ”Come to Play’ episode that DBSK were on – although I heard they were on it just a few days ago, yay! – and I fell in love with Junsu – he’s just so faily (I mean, that in a good way, mind you). He had me laughing throughout that entire thing – and of course, his voice is incredible and his stage presence is like whoa! and he can bust a move – I saw him popping and it was really good and I was like “Whoa, Junsu – I didn’t know you could do that” – so I’m pretty impressed with Junsu as well – I think he could be my number two. Ah, who knows? My heart is fickle…for now, Micky’s still my number one – but we’ll see what happens.

Hmm, so I don’t see myself following their every move or fangirling them religiously like with my other favourite groups but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on them because like I said, DBSK always impress…

Now check out their latest Wrong Number performance on Music Core – it’s in HD! WATCH.

Peace out (LOLOL, What?)



“I love you, girl!”

November 30, 2008

You know I find myself wondering more and more these days why there are so many people who like to hate on Big Bang. Dude, I love those boys soooooo much it’s not even funny. Honestly if it weren’t for SHINee’s uber-cuteness, I would probably be a VIP all the way. Anyway, I just watched their Sunset Glow performance for their M!Countdown comeback and now I’m wondering why I don’t watch more of these. I LOVE THESE PERFORMANCES! The boys look so cute and happy and upbeat and they have so much energy and you can really tell that they’re having loads of fun and I’m so happy about that, you know, because it means that they get to end their promotions on a good note, because they can loosen up and really enjoy these performances – they don’t have to worry so much about getting the choreography just right or hitting all the perfect notes (even though I’m sure they still do because they’re just hard-working like that).

Anyway I watched all of the comeback stage performances actually and the Sunset Glow one was by far my favourite. Even though I love seeing them perform the intro, the not-so-great camera work towards the end  plus the weird stage set-up kind of killed it for me, then while I love the Korean version of Remember, I’m not feeling the performances of it because (as usual) they’re dancing to a song that doesn’t really need any dancing. It’s slow enough that choreography isn’t really necessary as far as I’m concerned. It was a good performance though and TOP was super cute towards the end. Ah, I actually ended up watching this comeback stage because I wanted to see their Number 1 performance but then Daesung looked (and sounded) really tired there – I could tell he was trying his hardest but he didn’t have his usual energy and you could still sense his fatigue (darn you, Cats!) and since Dae-Dae’s my favourite one to watch all the time during these performances, I was too busy staring at him and feeling bummed that he was so burnt out to really enjoy the performance – it wasn’t bad though from what I could tell.

And then I watched Sunset Glow – and I cheered right up! because Dae-Dae had his smile back (I seriously cannot stand to see that boy not smiling…he’s like Dubu, I’m just used to him always grinning) and TOP was just so ridiculously adorable – I know some people think he’s scary or intimidating and I’ll be the first to admit that at times, he is like that (it’s his eyes – they’re so intense!) but oppa can really pull off cute when he wants to (and sometimes without even trying) – I mean, hello, the man manages to look cute wearing a muzzle! that has got to be some sort of skill – and then of course, the whole feel of this song/performance is so cute and upbeat! I mean, I know this is supposed to be a sad song, lyrically and whatnot but I’m finding it really difficult to see it like that when the BB boys are bouncing around the stage, making cute faces and totally enjoying themselves. I mean, they didn’t do that with Haru Haru, you know? I think it’s okay though because I know they wanted to come back with an inspirational song and I think they really did that because whenever I hear this song, I just get excited and hyper and start smiling, especially during the chorus. TOP’s “I love you, girl!” gets me every time. So yeah, I really, really like Big Bang and Sunset Glow and their Sunset Glow performances and I think it’s a shame if you don’t and I think I’m going to have to start watching more of these Sunset Glow performances because I really like them. And if you haven’t watched any, then you can always start with the one below. Go on – watch it! I’m off to check out some Family Outing~

credit: BabyBongaholic on YT


a happy Maki

P.S: My BB bias is so obvious, no? I didn’t even mention Taeyang, Seungri-gun or Mr. G-Dragon (I really liked his hat in the intro!) Don’t worry – I really like them too, it’s just that I find TOP and Daesung (the two dorks of the group!) too adorable for words. I’ve actually been meaning to write a post about Daesung and why I love him now and do not think he’s the weakest member of Big Bang (even though he was initially the member I paid the least amount of attention to) for awhile now – it’s still coming so look out for it, okay?


Jonghyun has officially stolen my heart!

October 20, 2008

You know I tried so hard not to have a favourite in SHINee. Really, I did – but Jonghyun’s just so amazing and charming and suave and good-looking and cool and funny and smart and I seriously think that his voice is as close to heavenly as we’re going to get down here – for the moment. I’m sorry if that sounds a bit shallow but I’m not feeling particularly eloquent at the moment. Aish, I just like him so much! It’s such a shame we’ll never date. (I was going to put ‘meet’ but I still hold out hope. Who knows what the future holds?) Anyway, just watch this and you’ll see what I mean (about the voice at least).

credit: randy1997 on YT

Hmm, I think this song sums up my feelings towards him pretty well – focus on the chorus:

credit goes to musicfromgossipgirl

Hey SME person who I think could be reading my blog? (yeah right) Can I marry Jonghyun? Please, please, please? I promise I won’t tell anyone – really. I can keep a secret.

Ah, I’m going to go now and try to get my bearings. I’ll leave you with a picture of him – the one that set me off in the first place. credit as tagged and basmspasms on Soompi for the reupload




a love-struck Maki