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Happy Birthday!

October 14, 2009

So I was going to start regularly consolidating my K-pop celeb birthday posts into digests like I did last month but I feel that this guy deserves one of his own.


Today, Donghae, on your 23rd birthday, I just wish you lots and lots of happiness. If there was anything I could wish for you right now, it would be that you could have a birthday (and subsequently a year) full of joy and good times and laughter and fun because I think that you deserve it. Not just because you’re my favourite Korean boy but because you’re a beautiful, kind, pure, loving person who always tries his darnedest as well. In addition, I hope that you’ll continue to be content and find fulfillment in the life that you’ve chosen for yourself, I hope that you’ll grow closer to God and I hope that you’ll continue to blossom into an even more amazing human being.

I love you, Lee Donghae and I wish you all the best on today, your 23rd birthday. Saranghae. ♥


1000 Song Challenge – 26/04/09

April 26, 2009

I love shows like this because even though I rarely know the songs that they’re singing, it really gives you a chance to hear these artist’s raw, authentic voices – and they rarely disappoint. Also you don’t really need subs for them and that’s always a plus. So Suju and Davichi – two of my current faves! – guested on this episode and thankfully, the cuts have already been uploaded by CodeAnalysis on Yt.

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And Now I’ll Be Marrying DongHae Too…

April 16, 2009

Well you know – if he’ll have me.

What spurred this, you ask? Other than DongHae just being his super cute, fantastic, sensitive, sweet self?

This (subbed) clip from the Star Golden Bell episode that DH, EunHyuk, ShinDong and Kyuhyun (OMG, KYU, YAY!!!!!!!!! Did I mention I love him?) guested on – in the clip, DongHae talks about his dream marriage. Apparently all you’d have to do to make our little fish happy is to kiss him when he wakes up (check!), make a sandwich for him for breakfast (I can make sandwiches – I am a sandwich-making QUEEN), fix his necktie for him before he leaves for work (is he going to start working in an office in the next 8 years? Why’s he wearing a necktie? But whatever, I CAN DO THAT TOO! Ties were a part of my school uniform. ^^) and then kiss him before he leaves the house (yes, because this part would SO be a problem…). So it’s settled then – clearly, I am going to marry DongHae in the next few years. There’s only like a two year age difference between us (he’s older) so yay for that. You never know, it could happen.

It could!

Hmm, funny how just a few hours ago, I was fantasizing about marrying HanGeng. Oh well, whoever will have me – I’m not picky. I think this brings my total up to about ten faux husbands. Aish, at this rate, I’ll end up in jail….

*end fangirling session* Anyway, you guys go check out that video and when you’re done, drop ELSubs a line and let them know how awesome they are for subbing this (and please don’t ask them if they’re going to sub the whole show – if they’re going to, they will; if they won’t, they won’t so just wait and see).

OMG, and Younha! Thank you for having a song that I really like and making up for the disappointment that was 1,2,3. Yes, it’s cute but I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m not much of a fan of her more upbeat stuff, it seems.


Oh, and please check out Yesung in this cut from Suju’s Come to Play episode. This, right here, is why I love him so much – because really, who does not love a hot dork? I know I do. Yesung oppa, saranghaeyo~ &hearts


Sorry, Sorry Performances, FTW!

April 5, 2009

Okay, it is official – I love Suju’s ‘Sorry, Sorry’ performances. Really. I feel about them the way I felt about SHINee’s LLO performances and DBSK’s ‘Wrong Number’ performances and I just can’t get enough of them. They’re all really, really good! (Ok, well, not all but most of them are.) And today’s was no different – I always say that the best performances happen on Inkigayo. There were so many good points but I’ll just try to list the highlights for you.

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Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin

March 22, 2009

The title is the name of one of the two few traditional Chinese songs that I know and I chose it because I just came across a video of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, although here he’s acting as a member of Suju M, singing it on a Chinese tv show and OMG, it’s beautiful. He doesn’t even sing much and he doesn’t know all of the words and cuteness ensues as Han Geng comes up behind him and tries to feed him the words so that he can keep singing (oh, I knew Geng would make a good leader!) but in the end, he just turns the mic over to Han Geng and Siwon to finish up. (Siwon also has a really nice voice, imo) but all of that doesn’t matter because the 40 or so seconds that he sings sounds fantastic. My Gosh, his voice is just so beautiful – I really wish he sang the whole song. OMGee, you don’t know how happy I am to get to hear him sing that song just because I actually know it! And I feel bad now because I didn’t even pay that much attention when we were learning it in class but now I’ll definitely pay close attention when we learn songs because I might get to hear someone I know sing it and sound amazing and because it might help me prepare for my final exam.

video credit: kettch08

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Just…Catching Up

March 17, 2009

Okay, so I’m not making any promises yet but I think that maybe you can begin to expect some regular Suju coverage from me from now on because well, I’m now a fan of theirs – and a big one by the looks of it. I spent this whole last week-end rooting through Youtube and watching any lengthy subbed clip of theirs I could find – I watched them on PKL’s Wonderful Outing, saw their ‘Coffee Prince’ parody and checked out their stint on the ‘3 Women, 3 Colour’ show. Honestly, it’s not much but it’s a start. (Hey, if you have any more to recommend, feel free!)

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