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SHINee’s New Single Teaser

October 9, 2009

credit: xPlasticLittle

I like this a lot. They’ve returned to that R&B style that I loved from them. I really feel like they did R&B so well – I mean, I like that they branched out as well but this is their forte, imo and I’m happy to see that they’ve returned to that. 😀 Can’t wait to hear the full thing! The teaser’s already on repeat.

Also, does this boy not look fantastic? I love this look on him already.



So what do you think?



Inkigayo Performance Round-Up

September 6, 2009

I’m going to start with f(x) since they’re the rookies here and this is our first opportunity to see them on stage together.

Credit: SmoothyEco1st

So I watched both of their performances, the MuCore one as well as this one and I have to conclude that this is definitely the better one. I guess they relaxed a little because you could see that they enjoyed this one more and their vocals were a lot better here. As far as vocals are concerned, they’re not bad – they seem to have a good foundation and I don’t sense any actually weak singers in the group so that’s a plus. If you watched their first teaser, you probably saw the ‘Asia best pop dance group’ label or whatever at the end of it and I have to say that I can see the focus on dancing here. Their choreography may look easy but it really isn’t, by any means and all of the girls seem to be fairly adept dancers, Luna in particular. Seriously, watch that girl (the one in all black in case you didn’t know) while she’s dancing and you’ll see the concentration and determination on her face – she is a serious dancer, I can see that already.

Yeah, so their dancing is pretty good – I love their choreo for ‘Lachata‘, I really do – it’s just so fun and cool-looking, I really want to learn it and I already told you that I love the song. The girls themselves seem all right on stage – they work well as a group, although you can see that they’re not fully in synch yet but that’s okay considering they’re just starting out and all. Now I know it might seem like I’m being overly critical and maybe I am but it’s just because I’m rather fond of the majority of the talent that SM produces, I think that all of their groups do very well for themselves and I expect these girls to follow suit. I just have high expectations for them, that’s all. So I am being critical but it’s just because I want to see them do well, you know, I want them to come out good and then steadily improve and so far, they’re not doing too badly in that respect.

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August 28, 2009

So to make up for the fact that I haven’t updated this thing in forever – I’m very sorry to any loyal readers I still have – and in honour of the fact that I am supremely excited that SJ-M actually have a date for their comeback and LiYin has officially announced that her comeback is also approaching, I’d like to post my favourite picture of HanGeng. You guys can’t stay mad at me after you see this.

00080282e941098cdccf23Source: on picture and pretty boy power

See? See? You’re not mad anymore, right? XD So yes, I am really looking forward to September 10th for SJ-M’s official comeback – they are my favourite Suju sub-group, y’all and I cannot wait for all of the fail!Chinese, authoritative!Geng, fun!Siwon, snarky!Kyu, rampant Sihan, seeing Henry and ZhouMi regularly again and the new music, of course. OMG, if you are not into SJ-M, you are missing out – I will not lie to you – but just remember that there is no time like the present so go check them out now, now, NOW. Like right this very second, now! If you need help, I can rec some videos, don’t worry – I am always willing to help. And I also cannot wait to hear what LiYin’s been cooking up while she’s been gone and for that new MV featuring Donghae bb that I keep hearing about. The next two months should be fun – thank you, SM for giving me something to look forward to and get me through my first few months of uni. So good times are ahead, right, you guys? Come on – get excited!


Oh, and since I’ve seen a few people asking – they said that they’re not going to remake ‘Sorry, Sorry’ but that they will have a song in a similar style on the album so in case, you were not looking forward to that like me, you can rest assured. Anyway, have a nice day and for all those people going back to school, good luck and jia you!



~Talk to Mah Boday~

June 10, 2009

LOL, what a scandalous post title. XD Anyway, I’m excited! Wei shenme, you ask? Well, do you remember when SHINee did that guest appearance on 2PM’s season of Idol Show and for the talent portion, Jonghyun sang a cover of 4men’s song ‘Baby, Baby’? No? Well that’s okay (although you should really check out those episodes because  they were side-splittingly funny). The point is that he finally sang the entire song on ShimShimTapa (I told you I loved there!) the other day and it was buenissimo, claro!

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Agh!!! Number One!!!

June 5, 2009

OMG, you guys, SHINee got number one on MuBank this week! Can you believe that? NUMBER ONE ON THEIR FIRST COMEBACK STAGE! Number one after their first performance, after their first hiatus, after their little comeback setback – THEY GOT NUMBER ONE!!! You guys, I’m so happy right now – I almost started crying when I heard about it, I’m not gonna lie. I haven’t watched the videos of the comeback performance or the awarding and I probably won’t until tomorrow, God willing, (;_;) but I’m still really excited to hear this. This is fantastic, you guys – it’s a great sign for SHINee’s comeback and it’s just totally going to buoy their confidence after their little setback. This is how you want to start a comeback. I just pray it’s a sign of greater things to come. Whoo – SHINee fighting!!!! It’s a great day, you guys – SHINee World celebrate! Yeah! 😀 😀 😀

credit: YoDubu1



We Have New Performance Dates!!!

June 2, 2009

Okay so this is just a quick update to say that it’s officially announced that SHINee will be having their ‘Juliette’ comeback performance this Friday, God willing on Music Bank, followed by comeback performances on Music Core and Inkigayo on the following two days. Apparently Onew’s recovered almost completely and he’s been given the okay to perform now. That’s really great news, I think. You know I might have been the only one but I wasn’t too dismayed when I found out that the boys’ comeback was going to be postponed. I mean, of course, I wanted them back on stage but I really felt that this must have happened for a reason and that we should look on the bright side and think of it as allowing them more time to practice and perfect their moves. As such, I have all faith in them and I’m sure that they’ll deliver really good comeback stages this weekend. And in retrospect, it was slightly fortunate that their comeback had to be postponed because there was a lot of postponement of music shows and whatnot recently because of everything that happened and that would probably have thrown the boys off so at least this way, they could maintain their focus.

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YAY, the video’s out!

May 23, 2009


credit: wondersmurf

Okay, I’ve only watched it once so far but I’m seriously laughing at their hairstyles (OMG, Jong has like a mini-mohawk and I don’t even want to start with Onew) and their clothes are….questionable at best but who cares about all that because the Juliette MV is out and it is SMOKING, you guys! Not gonna lie – I really like it. It’s sleek and bright and the boys look great regardless of everything working against them and the more I watch the dance moves, the more impressed I get. I really like the dance, especially during the chorus and towards the end – it’s shaping up quite nicely, I’ve gotta say. This makes me even more excited for their performances now – although let’s hope Jong’s not rocking the hawk for them, although that does not stop him from looking fine, of course.

Also, why does MinHo always get to play the lead? Do they think he’s the least popular or something so if they stick him with a bunch of different girls, nobody will care? Because that is most definitely not the case. Ah, but I won’t complain – I much rather see MinHo cozying up to some girl (although he’s doing nothing of the sort here) than Jonghyun or Onew, that”s for sure. Oh, and Taemin’s hair actually looks good, you guys! I’m shocked. But of course, Tae’s just cool like that.


Shinee6byRosevertcredits: rosevert on LJ

Oh, and I heard that today’s the anniversary of the release of the Noona nomu yeppeo MV – yay for anniversaries! Congrats, boys!