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Happy Birthday!

October 14, 2009

So I was going to start regularly consolidating my K-pop celeb birthday posts into digests like I did last month but I feel that this guy deserves one of his own.


Today, Donghae, on your 23rd birthday, I just wish you lots and lots of happiness. If there was anything I could wish for you right now, it would be that you could have a birthday (and subsequently a year) full of joy and good times and laughter and fun because I think that you deserve it. Not just because you’re my favourite Korean boy but because you’re a beautiful, kind, pure, loving person who always tries his darnedest as well. In addition, I hope that you’ll continue to be content and find fulfillment in the life that you’ve chosen for yourself, I hope that you’ll grow closer to God and I hope that you’ll continue to blossom into an even more amazing human being.

I love you, Lee Donghae and I wish you all the best on today, your 23rd birthday. Saranghae. ♥


Happy Day!

September 12, 2009

It’s my birthday today, readers so I’m sharing a happy song with you. Guaranteed to make you smile!

Credit: Youtube

Also I can’t not post about this a.k.a. THE BEST TEASER IN THE HISTORY OF TEASERS

Well, after watching that, I’m excited. I mean, I was excited before but this has taken my excitement to a whole other level. Everyone looks fantastic, especially Siwon – HOTNESS! – and I’m finally noticing that Zhou Mi is actually pretty hot too. (OMG, when did this happen?! I’m shocked!) Also I think their style here seems to be a mash-up of ‘Sorry, Sorry’ and ‘It’s You’ and this song appears to be the one they mentioned that would be in a similar style to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ so I’m not complaining – this should be good. So yes, if you’re not into SJ-M, I suggest you get into them like now, right now – no, right this minute! – so you’ll be able to fully appreciate this sure-to-be-epic comeback. Okay? Got it? Okay, good! ~Wo shi ni de Shupaman~

I’m off to enjoy my day now. Have a good week-end, all!



Bling’s Birthday Post, Part Deux!

April 10, 2009

So since it was our lovely Jonghyun-ssi’s birthday recently, I decided to spread some JH love by posting up a few of my personal favourite/must-see videos of him. I already wished him happy birthday in my last post but I also wanted to do something a little different this time around as well so here goes. I hope you’ll check out a few of these if you haven’t already seen them (or even if you have) – there are some really nice ones and um, this is probably going to be all over the place so please bear with me.

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Here’s To My Boy…

April 8, 2009

Ah, so my Jonghyun bb’s birthday has finally arrived – I’ve been looking forward to it for awhile now because we’re officially chingu again (yay!) and even though he said he likes noonas, I don’t really like feeling like a pedo so yay for our mutual 19-ness! I’m a little bit late with this because I just didn’t feel like doing this yesterday when it was his actual birthday (in Korea) but since it’s still the 8th here, I think it’s all right.


Now what can I say about this boy? He’s one of my favourite boys in K-pop and these are a lot of reasons why he ended up claiming that spot – He’s talented, cute, confident ( a little too much sometimes), affectionate, a little crazy, excitable, sensitive, funny, amusing, pushy, loud, honest, determined, dedicated and passionate – and even though he sometimes frustrates me, I’m super protective of him (well, as protective as a fan can be anyway). I fell in love with his voice first and foremost and up to now, every time I hear him sing something new, I remember why he impressed me so much in the first place. But honestly his voice isn’t the only reason I love him – I really think he’s an amazing person and sure, he’s got his flaws but he has so many commendable traits too. I love how devoted and passionate he is about what he’s doing – and not just with regard to singing but about making music too. I have no doubt that he’s doing what he was born to do. He’s a natural born entertainer and is just so confident on and off stage and refreshingly comfortable in front of a camera – although it’s really no wonder considering he’s like the king of selcas. XD

Hmm, I remember being shocked by how mature and charismatic he was on stage and then how fun and childish he was off stage and then after my surprise faded, I grew to love how bouncy and eager he gets when he’s excited and I also came to appreciate that with all that confidence, he still has a large measure of humility and sensitivity too. Sure, he’s aware of how talented he is but I don’t think he’s ever disregarded how much work it must have taken to get him there and I’ll never forget how emotional and overcome he was when SHINee got their first number one on M! Countdown. That’s something else that I really like about him – how many sides he has – one minute, he’s excited and bouncing off the walls and the next, he’s sensitive and quiet and pensive and then he goes on stage and his charisma’s off the charts and it seems like he’s grown by ten years right in front of your eyes. He’s extremely hard-working and dedicated to improving himself but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun too – anyone who’s watched Yunhanam or any number of SHINee videos can attest to the fact that he always manages to find a way to goof off (especially if Key’s around).

So he’s a lot of things – a camwhore, the king of both expressions and fanservice, funny, sweet, kind, affectionate, playful, childish, shy (at times), a tease, loud and pushy (they go hand-in-hand if you didn’t know), determined, excitable, sensitive, talented and generally just a bundle of fun. He wasn’t my initial favourite in SHINee but he’s definitely claimed that spot now. So saengil chukhamnida, Jong-Hyunnie! Noona (oh wait, no, that doesn’t apply anymore) Well, I just wish you all of God’s richest blessings and I know you’ll go on to accomplish great, fantastic, wonderful, amazing things this year. I hope you get closer to the other members, hopefully get to see your family every once in awhile, stay in touch with your friends and just grow, improve, learn, become even better and keep blowing us all away. You’ll always have my support, babe. Happy Birthday. ♥

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So….Please Excuse Me While I Scream.

January 4, 2009

All right – the SHINee medley performance I was talking about – it’s out AND OMG, IT IS FANTASTIC! WATCH.

credit: randy19972

Did you hear what I said? Fantastic? Yeah, I’m not joking – I was shocked. I was a little anxious about the Romantic performance, to be honest, because I know the boys are tired and Onew’s been a bit hoarse lately but there was nothing to worry about. Seriously, the boys really delivered here! They sounded good – so good – and they were full of energy and life and just overall awesomeness! Yay!

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The voice of an angel…

December 13, 2008

Okay. It’s been decided – ‘Y Si Fuera Ella‘, or ‘Hey ya’ as the Korean version is called, is the best song ever. I’m sorry, Jonghyun for not loving your song the minute I heard it – but I love it now. I love it so much now. It is the best song ever and getting to see Jonghyun perform it was amazing. Thank you!

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Happy birthday, Minho boy!

December 9, 2008

So today, tomorrow and Sunday are all very, very special days to we in SHINee World. Why? Because today is our Charismatic Flame, Minmin’s birthday, tomorrow is SHINee’s 200 day anniversary (yep, still counting…) and Sunday is our leader, Dubu-ssi’s birthday (we’ll be the same age again – yay!!!!). So yes, good times are ahead and afoot~


Minho-ssi, I’m so happy that you’ve come to see another birthday – and such a big one too, EIGHTEEN (in Korea). Ha, I haven’t been this excited for someone’s birthday for a long time. Anyway, I wish you only good things, MinHo – I want you to grow kinder, more compassionate, nicer, more loving, more intelligent, taller (Just kidding!), I hope to see you grow as an entertainer and as a person, I hope you get some rest and get to be with your family soon, I hope you do well in your studies and pass your college entrance exam next year – with flying colours! You are such a beautiful person already – inside and out and I’m so grateful to have even the slightest claim to knowing you. Please continue to be there for the other members, to take care of Taemin-ah and be strong for your hyungs.  I won’t say I hope you never change – I just want you to change for the better. Ah, I love you so much already – it’s difficult to think I could grow to appreciate you any more (but I hope I do). Know that you’ll always have my love~ Saengil chukhamnida.



Maki noona

P.S: – Make sure to read MinHo’s birthday iple entry as well as the other members’ birthday greetings to him either at SHINee Forums or here and for your daily dose of crack, check out this MinHo tribute video made by some Korean fans – it’s an A.Mi.Go parody.