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Relajate, todo el mundo – I’m still here.

March 28, 2009

Well, since I’ve been uber-lazy as of late and I haven’t posted a thing – I figure I should do some kind of update so here goes…. first off, please go to this site and help others while you surf the web and improve your vocabulary – it’s Free

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WG Turns Two!

February 11, 2009

A small WG picspam in honour of their 2 year anniversary today….


Girls, I may not be a Wonderful per se and I’m sorry I don’t follow you as closely as perhaps I should but know that I’m always behind you and only want to see you rise to even higher heights. I believe you all can do anything you set your minds to and you definitely have what it takes to reach the top. You’re one of the first groups I listened to when I got into K-pop so today, on your second anniversary, I wish you only the best. Stay strong, continue to work hard and strive to become even more wonderful day by day. It’s a long, tough road but you can do it together. Never back down from the challenges. I hope you see many, many more anniversaries and that each of you fulfills your dreams. Saranghaeyo~ Hwaiting, WG! God bless! &hearts

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So….Please Excuse Me While I Scream.

January 4, 2009

All right – the SHINee medley performance I was talking about – it’s out AND OMG, IT IS FANTASTIC! WATCH.

credit: randy19972

Did you hear what I said? Fantastic? Yeah, I’m not joking – I was shocked. I was a little anxious about the Romantic performance, to be honest, because I know the boys are tired and Onew’s been a bit hoarse lately but there was nothing to worry about. Seriously, the boys really delivered here! They sounded good – so good – and they were full of energy and life and just overall awesomeness! Yay!

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5 Reasons why I love SHINee

October 23, 2008

So that Onew tribute video I watched yesterday – check the previous post for the link – inspired me to do a similar post about SHINee as a whole. I wrote it out at work but then I forgot to pick up the papers I wrote it on so I’m doing it off of the top of my head now. By the by, I’m not saying these are the only reasons – just some of the major ones. Well, here goes…

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150 days with you…

October 22, 2008

So today is a V.I.D. in the SHINee World (V.I.D. – Very Important Day) – it’s SHINee’s 150 DAY ANNIVERSARY! Yes, that’s right – it’s officially been that many days since they debuted! But it feels longer, right? Hmm, that’s how it feels to me. Anyway I just want to say congratulations to the boys for reaching this milestone and that I hope to be with them until their 1000th day anniversary although we’ll probably stop counting by then, in days at least. They’ve come so far already – I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us next (like their new song and MV, Ah.Mi.Go – already Number three on the M!Countdown charts and it’s not even out yet! Amazing~).

Now let me leave you with 2 pictures of the boys:

Shining SHINee just after debut

Shining SHINee just after debut


Shining SHINee now!

Oh, and to dilute the flood of Jonghyun posts I’ve been making lately, I’d like to share a lovely Onew tribute video that I got linked to from Soompi called ‘5 reasons why we love SHINee’s leader…’. Go watch it! It hits the nail on the head as far as Onew’s concerned although I think his smile should be a reason all in itself.

Going now! Have a good night!