About me

Hey! Maki here, pleased to meet you. You might have noticed the name of my blog – well, it suits my purpose perfectly. I tend to be kind of all over the place when it comes to the things I like and so you can expect me to change the subject of my focus quite a bit. Right now, I’ll be focusing on k-pop and my new, wonderful obsession, SHINee!

It’s possible that some of my posts may be serious but most will just be typical fan-type stuff. I’m no wizard at tech stuff so don’t expect too much embedding of videos and the like but I’ll try my best to make it work. Also I currently have quite a bit of free time so expect me to update A LOT. Anyway, feel free to read my stuff and comment (kindly, please)! Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, btw, my avatar was created by the lovely miximel on LJ.


One comment

  1. hi my name, as you can see is sung chan. i’m a fan of your blog.everything about shinee (the updates i mean) are great i really like your website. i myself created a website. it’s a fan website for shinee. i hope you can check it out and comment about it

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