K-pop Birthday Digest – September

September 24, 2009

So there are a number of K-pop celebs who are September babies (comme moi!) and I just wanted to wish them all a collective bonne anniversaire! I’m just writing this off the top of my head though so it might be a little odd. If so, I apologize in advance.

Premierement, there’s my first favourite member of SohNyuhShiDae, HyoYeonie! Birthday: September 22nd, 1989 (20)


Ah, I still remember watching the ‘Into The New World’ video and wondering who that blonde girl was and how come she got a dance solo. Lol. Anyway, she struck me instantly and for a long time, she was the only member of the group that I cared to know. After I really got into the group, that changed but I’ve still got a safe spot for her because of that. I think that she’s an incredible dancer – I mean, when you watch that girl dance, really dance – no, I don’t mean the ‘Gee’ dance, I’m talking about something more along the lines of this – you can’t miss that fire, that passion in her eyes. She’s doing what she loves to do and I’m happy to get a chance to watch her do that.


You know I’ve seen people say that Hyoyeon’s not pretty and things like that and I really have to wonder who they’re looking at because I have always thought that she’s gorgeous, inside and out and I just can’t even fathom how other people can’t see that and it makes me really sad to know that there are even people who claim to be SNSD fans who openly claim to dislike her – I mean, if you’re a fan of a group, even if you don’t like everyone, you should at least support them all and you should be able to appreciate that they all bring something to the group. That said, I know she tends to be on the quiet side in group interviews and during appearances and whatnot but if you catch her on her own or if you look closely during shows, you’ll see what I see – that she’s really fun and lovable and cool. The other girls claim that she (and SeoHyun) are the mood-makers in the group, meaning that they’re the ones who lift their spirits and keep the mood up. You couldn’t do that if you’re not fun!


But regardless of who likes her or who doesn’t, I believe that Hyo’s a beautiful, loving, wonderful, talented individual and I wish her all the best in her future endeavours. I really hope that she continues to get a chance to shine and to share her talents with the world and that she continues to support and show a good side for her team. To one of my favourite Soshi girls! Happy birthday.

Next, we’ll go on to the first person I ever did a birthday post for when I just started this blog last year, SHINee’s lovable Key-gun! – September 23rd, 1991. (18)


Yay, it’s Key’s birthday, you guys! I’m not going to lie – I almost forgot about it but that’s beside the point. So in the post I did for him last year, I just wished him that he would improve as a musician and an entertainer and I’m very pleased to see that this has occurred. I really feel that he’s improved so much over the last year – vocally, performance-wise and just as a person. Did you know that he’s sending money to a charity every month to starving kids? If that’s not becoming a better person, then I don’t know what is. It’s a little surreal to think that one of my precious SHINee babies is already 18 – well, i don’t think of the older two as babies obviously – and I’m really happy for him that he gets to be out there doing what he loves and to be surrounded by people who love and care about him day in and day out.

tiger key from shinee forums

I know that things aren’t always easy and I hope that he manages to get some time to spend with the other people who love and care about him (his family) during this time and that maybe he’ll get a chance to hop on over to Daegu and spend some time there as well. Ultimately though, I just want him to be happy (and well rested!) and I sincerely, sincerely hope that he continues to find happiness and fulfillment from performing and making music and from this life that he’s chosen for himself. I just want them to be happy (and healthy). That’s all. I want to see smiles like this forever.


So Key-gun, I hope that this new year will be filled with even more joy and good experiences for you and that you’ll learn to take the setbacks and the tough times in stride and persevere all the same. Stay true to yourself and remain your upbeat, fun, unique self because the others need you to cheer them up, okay? Take care of yourself, bb~ And happy birthday.

And finalement, I want to wish an early happy, happy birthday to Dong-dddddong-dong, ShinDong! September 28th, 1985 (24)

shindong stp

Ah, I don’t think I ever mentioned but ShinDong was the first member of Suju that I ever learned – I actually knew of him before I even got into K-pop. It’s a long story but I’m really happy that I knew about him that way because I don’t know if I would have paid as much attention to him, had I not already known who he was. I mean, I think he’s a really good dancer and a great guy – super funny and sooooo sweet – but even though he appears to be one of the more visible members of the group,  when you really start to watch Suju things, you realize that he’s not always the most vocal so I feel like he blends in a bit. But I still love him though – if you said I could get free hugs fom Suju and you eliminated my biases, I would definitely choose ShinDong because he seems so nice and warm and I’m sure he gives the best hugs.

shindong sjw

He also takes pretty awesome selcas. Yes, ShinDong is the selca king! So anyway, I just wanted to wish ShinDong a happy birthday and I hope that he continues to grow as a person, to be loved and supported and appreciated and that lots of blessings rain down upon him. Happy birthday, ShinDong oppa! ^_^ God bless you~



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