Good-Bye and Good Luck, Jay.

September 8, 2009

So I’m sure that you all know by now that Jaebum, the leader of 2PM has officially left the group. Sources say that he chose to resign his post – and I honestly believe that. Now I haven’t posted much about 2PM before because I’m honestly not a big fan and I don’t know these boys that well but I can’t sit here and just say nothing.

I hope you all realize just how terrible this situation is – I hope you really look at this and you see how words, just words, just comments on a website about someone and something can totally change someone’s life. You guys, we need to learn from this – we need to be more careful what we say and we need to learn to be more forgiving. I don’t think that what Jaebum initially said was right but I certainly do not believe that it warranted this kind of reaction. All of his years of training went down the drain because of this, 2PM just celebrated their one year anniversary FOUR DAYS AGO and now the fate of their group is in jeopardy, it’s possible that Jaebum might come back but  most likely it won’t be in his former capacity. The lives of 7 people have been changed irrevocably because people weren’t willing to forgive a boy for some off-handed comment he made when he was scared and lonely in a new, unfamiliar place.

I’m crying as I write this – and do you know why? Because this whole situation was so unnecessary, it was so senseless. You guys, we need to understand that even if we’re angry about something, there are lines we just shouldn’t cross. Do you know that there was a petition going around in Korea that said that Jaebum should kill himself? Do you know how many people signed that? 3000. Three THOUSAND people thought that he should commit suicide – they effectually told him to go die. Have you done that before, have you thought or said things like that online? Truthfully I’ve seen people say things to that effect already – I haven’t, really I never got to that point of chagrin with any celebrity – but my point is that I want you to look at what our careless comments – just like the ones he made four years ago – look at what they can do, look at what they can sow. Those poeple said that they feel guilty now, that they didn’t want it to come to this point – well, I’m happy to hear that – it’s too late for Jaebum now, yes – but at least, it tells me that I shouldn’t yet lose hope in humanity, that there’s still time for these people to learn from what they did wrong and hopefully to not perpetuate this kind of negativity and bring about the destruction of any more careers and/or lives.

I really feel for Jay and the other 2PM members at this point – I can’t imagine how they must be feeling, I mean, if I’m still in shock over this whole thing, how in the world could they be holding up? Four days they were going places, shining so brightly, doing so well and now all of that’s been ruined. The group will never be the same without Jaebum, without their leader and if you don’t understand, think about your favourite group and try to imagine them without the person who gathers them together, motivates them and pushes them to work harder and to get along. Can you do that? Would you want that? This is a really sad day in k-pop and in k-fandom, you guys and I hope that the depth of this situation really hits home to all of us and makes us realize that we need to be more careful and that we need to stop holding celebrities to unrealistic standards. They are not perfect, they are not above us in any way. They are just like us, they make mistakes and we have to learn to forgive them just like we want to be forgiven. I certainly wouldn’t want a lot of the stupid comments I’ve made over the years to come back to haunt me and ruin my life later on so please you guys, let’s learn from this. Let’s bring some good out of this terrible situation.

And 2PM fans, I know you’re angry and I know you’re hurting but please don’t go about trying to get ‘revenge’ or anything like that. Trust me when I say that the people who have perpetuated this thing and caused it to turn into the nightmare that it’s become – the unremorseful ones – they’ll get what’s coming to them because things like this always come back to you. You guys, there’s too much hate and negativity in K-fandom as it is and if this isn’t a perfect example of the results of that, then I don’t know what is. You guys we need to band together as a fandom – fandom is about togetherness, it’s about unity, it’s about coming together for a common goal – no, we don’t all like the same groups but we all love k-pop and it hurts and affects us all when things like this happen. Please you all, don’t go around trying to stir up any more trouble – this is not the time, it really isn’t. It’s time for fan wars and flame wars and crap like that to stop – it’s not helping anyone, it’s not making anyone feel better nd sometimes it really comes back and hurts the very entertainers that we care so deeply for. Let’s try to start respecting one another, all right? We’re all fans here, we’re all in the same boat. Stop making rifts and rivalries where they don’t actually exist. If the celebrities can get along, then why can’t we? Isn’t that what they’d want? And I want you to know that deliberately doing things to sabotage or belittle or hurt other artists as a way to ‘help’ the group that you so claim to love is wrong and hurtful and cowardly. Let that group’s talent and efforts speak for themselves – don’t use misguided means to ‘help’ them along. That is not support, that is not help – you only hurt the group when you do things like that and you give both the group and their fans a bad name.

So I just want to say that I wish Jaebum the best in his future endeavours. I hope that he’s finally able to get some peace of mind and to deal with this situation as best he can. I hope that he can put this behind him and still find a way to accomplish his goals. He’s an extremely talented individual and I believe that God will guide him to bigger and better things from now on. And I hope also that he’ll see all of the support he has and that he’ll realize that we do not see him as a burden, that we’re not blaming him and that he has no reason to hang his head – he was an amazing leader all the way to the end. And I sincerely hope that things work out positively for the rest of 2PM as well. JYP family, stay strong – and have faith, you guys – God is good, He’ll work things out, somehow.

That’s all.



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  1. really agree with you. there’s no one perfect.we really have to be careful what we done. sometimes the things we wrote in such blogs, sites or whatever it is will give such a bad affect to others.

    to Jay and 2pm. be strong!lots of fans support you guys!

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