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August 28, 2009

So to make up for the fact that I haven’t updated this thing in forever – I’m very sorry to any loyal readers I still have – and in honour of the fact that I am supremely excited that SJ-M actually have a date for their comeback and LiYin has officially announced that her comeback is also approaching, I’d like to post my favourite picture of HanGeng. You guys can’t stay mad at me after you see this.

00080282e941098cdccf23Source: on picture and pretty boy power

See? See? You’re not mad anymore, right? XD So yes, I am really looking forward to September 10th for SJ-M’s official comeback – they are my favourite Suju sub-group, y’all and I cannot wait for all of the fail!Chinese, authoritative!Geng, fun!Siwon, snarky!Kyu, rampant Sihan, seeing Henry and ZhouMi regularly again and the new music, of course. OMG, if you are not into SJ-M, you are missing out – I will not lie to you – but just remember that there is no time like the present so go check them out now, now, NOW. Like right this very second, now! If you need help, I can rec some videos, don’t worry – I am always willing to help. And I also cannot wait to hear what LiYin’s been cooking up while she’s been gone and for that new MV featuring Donghae bb that I keep hearing about. The next two months should be fun – thank you, SM for giving me something to look forward to and get me through my first few months of uni. So good times are ahead, right, you guys? Come on – get excited!


Oh, and since I’ve seen a few people asking – they said that they’re not going to remake ‘Sorry, Sorry’ but that they will have a song in a similar style on the album so in case, you were not looking forward to that like me, you can rest assured. Anyway, have a nice day and for all those people going back to school, good luck and jia you!




August 17, 2009

So I’m just updating to let all you SHINee fans know that SHINee Subs is back on Youtube! Their new channel is called sfinee so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t and don’t forget to drop them a line and tell them thanks for coming back, okay?

For more subbed SHINee goodies, go to SHINeeSubs own streaming site as well as SHINee Forums for downloads.

That was all. Over and out!




August 13, 2009

So I went to SFI today just to check what’s new with SHINee and what do I happen to come across but this ADORABLE picture from their latest Clride shoot:-

clride winter

It’s none other than Dubu-ssi and Kim SoEun (who is the new endorser of Clride with them – I’m SO late, I really only just found out about that) and don’t they make just the cutest pair? Seriously, I couldn’t not post this (Sorry about the double negative!) because I thought it was too adorable for words. I feel that I should take this opportnity to mention that I recently finished watching Kim SoEun’s new drama , ‘The Man Who Can’t Get Married’ and it was really good, very amusing and not too romantic for people who don’t like mushy things. The actors were decent and very believable , especially the male lead, Ji Jin Hee. Honestly I watched it on a whim because I knew that SoEun was in it (and she was good!) and it did not dissappoint. I’d recommend it to anyone, it’s a very good romantic comedy. So you got a short drama rec and a cute picture to boot, enjoy!


source_kse baidu + bumsso + Lishathestain @soompi