Agh!!! Number One!!!

June 5, 2009

OMG, you guys, SHINee got number one on MuBank this week! Can you believe that? NUMBER ONE ON THEIR FIRST COMEBACK STAGE! Number one after their first performance, after their first hiatus, after their little comeback setback – THEY GOT NUMBER ONE!!! You guys, I’m so happy right now – I almost started crying when I heard about it, I’m not gonna lie. I haven’t watched the videos of the comeback performance or the awarding and I probably won’t until tomorrow, God willing, (;_;) but I’m still really excited to hear this. This is fantastic, you guys – it’s a great sign for SHINee’s comeback and it’s just totally going to buoy their confidence after their little setback. This is how you want to start a comeback. I just pray it’s a sign of greater things to come. Whoo – SHINee fighting!!!! It’s a great day, you guys – SHINee World celebrate! Yeah! 😀 😀 😀

credit: YoDubu1




  1. I think their vocals have definitely gotten stronger ^^

    I’m guessing you probably haven’t seen the Sukira cuts yet but when you get the chance here’s Onew and Jonghyun singing Tragedy by Soulstar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQw43WUzPpg
    Guh <3. I'm no expert but I think their control has gotten better~

    😀 I'm so happy SHINee is back! I missed the feeling of seeing them perform live.

    • Hi! Oh, I’m so sorry it took me forever and a day to reply to this but it ended up in my spam section instead and I didn’t see it for awhile.

      Yes, their vocals seem to have improved quite a bit, especially Taemin’s – he’s really impressed me in these ‘Juliette’ performances. He’s come a long way and is still steadily improving. And wow, that Sukira performance! I haven’t been keeping up with them as well as I did before so thanks a lot for linking me to it – it’s quite well done and it seems to me that those two have really gotten the hang of pouring their emotions into a song. ‘Please Don’t Go’ is evidence of that. I mean, they’d always been able to do so but it seems a lot more prominent this time around.

      Thanks for commenting! It’s really great having the boys back, eh? ^^

  2. I just read this! It’s 1:48am and I’ve been online watching SHINee vids like a stalker,XD when I -THANK GOD!- came across your blog! AND WOW!!!! I’M SO HAPPY THEY WON!!! Of course Jonghyun oppa would freak out and start sobbing like before… XD and Key with his hand over his face the whole time…it’s totally love!
    This is so great, and for informing me of this super wonderful news, I’ll be following your blog from now on~ ^_^ Great job SHINee~!

    • Oh hey, thanks so much for commenting. It’s nice to see how passionate you seem to be about the group – that’s good, they’re really talented boys who deserve the support. Ha, just try not to get into the habit of staying up late to watch these videos because it’s really hard to break out of – take it from someone who knows! Anyway, thanks again and keep on supporting the boys.

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