We Have New Performance Dates!!!

June 2, 2009

Okay so this is just a quick update to say that it’s officially announced that SHINee will be having their ‘Juliette’ comeback performance this Friday, God willing on Music Bank, followed by comeback performances on Music Core and Inkigayo on the following two days. Apparently Onew’s recovered almost completely and he’s been given the okay to perform now. That’s really great news, I think. You know I might have been the only one but I wasn’t too dismayed when I found out that the boys’ comeback was going to be postponed. I mean, of course, I wanted them back on stage but I really felt that this must have happened for a reason and that we should look on the bright side and think of it as allowing them more time to practice and perfect their moves. As such, I have all faith in them and I’m sure that they’ll deliver really good comeback stages this weekend. And in retrospect, it was slightly fortunate that their comeback had to be postponed because there was a lot of postponement of music shows and whatnot recently because of everything that happened and that would probably have thrown the boys off so at least this way, they could maintain their focus.

In addition, it seems that Jonghyun and MinHo filmed an episode of Star Golden Bell (my favourite variety show!) the other day so we have that to look forward to as well. I was a little surprised to see Jong there because he’s only been on that show once or twice before but I’m not complaining – I’m deefinitely glad to see more of him. I’d really like to see Dubu though – I really hope he’s fully recovered by the time they start actively promoting again. Anyway, sadly no one subs full SGB episodes anymore but hopefully SHINeesubs will do the boys’ cuts. Things have been fairly quiet over there recently but I’m sure it’ll pick up with the boys becoming active again.

And as a little heads-up, you may or may not know but SHINee Forums International is working on a Taemin Birthday project right now and I definitely encourage you to participate. Unfortunately the deadline for the booklet’s already passed but you can still donate and whatnot so go check it out!

Hmm, I know I haven’t posted about the mini-album yet but that’s partly because I wanted to do a proper review of it in a little while. I kept quiet actually because like ‘Juliette’, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first – generally, the style is very different and it definitely took some getting used to but after I listened to it again the other day, I found myself being really drawn in by the tracks and hearing the improvement in the boys’ voices. They are experimenting so things are going to be different but I think they did a pretty good job with this mini-album, not resting on their laurels and branching out in that contemporary way they’re always talking about. Also I know some people aren’t really happy with ‘Juliette’ as a promotional single and perhaps it isn’t the strongest track on the album but I find it really fun qnd upbeat and I think it was a really good choice for their single. It’s grown on me a lot over the past few weeks and I find myself singing and dancing along to it whenever it’s on. I still don’t replay it much but not every song’s like that, you know. That said, I just really want to see the boys on stage again – I didn’t realize it until this weekend but I miss their performances so much. They just bring something fresh and lively to the table and few artists’ perormances are able to fully capture my attention the way their’s do so thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long for some new ones.

So SHINee Fighting! And I’ll leave you with some pictures from that SGB filming – credit as tagged and SFI.


sgbAh, there’s that cheesy smile I love. ^^





  1. hey! 😀
    Are you planning on watching their comeback live?

    • Hi! I’m not actually because my RL SHINee friend is coming over on Saturday and then we’re going to watch them together. It’s like a little mini-comeback party, lol. Are you going to?

      • oh that sounds fun! i want to but i don’t know what time it would be on in the states.

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