SHINeeversary Time!

May 25, 2009

So today, in honour of SHINee’s first anniversary, I’ll tell you a little story of my history with the group. I know I have a tendency to ramble though so I’ll try to keep things succinct. ^^

So once upon a time, a looooong time ago (exactly 11 months), I stumbled across a K-pop video by the title of Noona Nomu Yeppeo. Having never listened to K-pop before and having no idea of what to expect, I decided to check it out – figured it couldn’t hurt, you know, I mean, it’s not like I’d become obsessed or anything (or so I thought) but anyway so I watched the video – I didn’t know the names or ages of the boys, didn’t know their management company (didn’t care), didn’t even know they were a new group. All I knew is that those kids could dance their butts off and as I told a friend of mine, the day I posted the video link on her wall, they could give Chris Brown a run for his money (although I wouldn’t compare them now). After I got over my surprise at their dancing prowess however, I realized that Replay was a pretty good song and it really did make me want to ~replay~ it over and over again. (It’s a classic, dude, I’m telling you.)

After that, I went looking for more SHINee music videos but of course there weren’t any because they had just debuted but I didn’t know that. As such, I went off and watched some Wonder Girls and SNSD videos (what can I say? the ‘Related Videos’ tab led me there) and for a short time, I entertained the thought of becoming a Wonderful but that didn’t last long because SHINee came out with another song, Love Like Oxygen. I listened to the song before I saw the video and I hated it, hated it with a fiery, burning passion – I thought that was the end of it, that I was done liking SHINee – but then, I watched the video. And again, I was impressed by the boys’ slick, in synch dance moves (it didn’t hurt that they looked pretty cute too) and I thought “maybe it doesn’t matter that I don’t like the song, you can’t like everything, right?” So I decided to watch their comeback performance, their very first performance of the song to see if they could really pull off those moves in real time – and whaddya know? They did it – and they sang pretty well too! I was quite impressed and suddenly inclined to start paying a lot more attention to these five boys (and maybe even learn their names too).

In the months that followed, a lot of things happened – for them and for me. I left my former fandom and jumped right into the world of K-pop, created this blog and started following SHINee in a big way – joining all sorts of communities and visiting fansites and I even started proudly proclaiming myself a member of the SHINee World. And a lot of things happened in that time for SHINee also – they released three (now four!) music videos and albums, got first place twice with one of their singles, won a boatload of Newcomer awards, got a number of endorsements and sang a few OST and CF songs. They got to perform along with their sunbaes, not only those from their company but lots of other Korean artists as well on so many different stages, not only in Korea but in China and Thailand as well. They’ve already started doing overseas promotion – they’ve been to Thailand on three separate occasions, spent Christmas in Taiwan and are now planning to have a Japanese fanmeet (SM, please don’t send them to Ilben permanently just yet or ever), they got to do tribute stages for FTTS, DBSK, HOT and Shinhwa as well as joint stages with Kara and Super Junior (SJSHINee!!!), Taemin got to be a part of the SMTown dance battle as well as the dance battle in one of the end of year shows last year, Jonghyun got to perform with one of his own idols, Jung Yeop from Brown Eyed Soul and got to perform his solo song, Hye-Ya, not once but three times! They even had their own reality show, SHINee’s Yunhanam where they basically acted out their debut song, Replay and went on dates with some very lucky noonas (it’s not as creepy as it sounds – really, it was very cute) and they’ve just done so much – way more than I can fit in a tiny paragraph (or even a long one) but I did try.

In that time, the boys have grown a lot – as a group, as musicians, as performers, as people. I’ve seen them become more confident on and off stage, in front of the camera, in interviews – I’ve seen MinHo open up so much – he actually looks at the camera now and talks a good bit more than he used to; I’ve seen Jonghyun learn to stop talking so much and step back and give the others a little bit of room to get a word in edgewise – sorry if that came off harsh but he really did talk a lot before, he’s gotten a lot better at that now; I’ve seen Onew step up as the leader and find his own way to assert his authority – it may not be immediately obvious to some people and I know that there are people who still think that he wasn’t the best choice for the leader but trust me, SM knew what they were doing when they chose him, he’s doing a fine job and he’s even managed to stem his tears a bit when they win awards – aww; as for Key, well, I’ve gotten to see how fantastic and eccentric and quirky and funny he is and I certainly hope he never changes in that respect and as for my little maknae, the first person who caught my eye in the group with that brilliant smile of his, I’ve really seen him grow up (and I’m still seeing it) – I’ve seen him become more confident with his singing and get a lot better at it, I’ve seen him spring up like a beanpole and probably exacerbate poor Jong’s height complex, I’ve seen him rock like a ton of different hairstyles and still look good, I’ve seen him own the stage with his charisma and his fierceness when he’s dancing and I hope that he can learn to bring that into his singing as well. I’ve seen him (and all of them) just grow up – I’m watching them come into their own.

I told a friend of mine once that I didn’t care if SHINee became as successful or as popular or as beloved as their SM sunbaes (of course, that would be lovely and I’d be happy for them) but that, to me, popularity isn’t everything. What I really want for them and what I hope they want for themselves is to truly come into their own, to make a name for themselves and to live up to their full potential. Because all of those things that I mentioned just now – all of their accomplishments and achievements – I know that they are going to pale in comparison to the things that they’re going to achieve in the future. Those boys have so much potential and they’ve only just begun to tap into it – they still have so far to go, they still have so much to do and luckily, they have the opportunity to do it. People can be fickle – they like you one day and the next day, you’re old news but I think that they’re going to be around for a long time, I think they have the potential to have that kind of staying power and I hope that I can see that happen. I want to see them grow even more, I want to see them truly tap into all that potential I see in them and I just want to see them shine, keep shining I mean. They’ve brought a lot of light and joy to my days and I hope that they can continue to do that – not just for me but for many others as well. So here’s to bigger, better and brighter things. Stay strong and positive, boys and may God continue to richly bless you and help you along your paths in this life. To a better SHINee and another amazing year, one that’s even better than the last.

25th May, 2009 – SHINee celebrates their first anniversary.

Congratulations, boys – to many more, just like this one.

God bless these five shining boys.

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shinee by bestiz and tagged

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PS:- Posted at exactly 12 AM on the 25th here. Yay!


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  1. It’s the first year but they have achieved much.. keep it up

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