YAY, the video’s out!

May 23, 2009


credit: wondersmurf

Okay, I’ve only watched it once so far but I’m seriously laughing at their hairstyles (OMG, Jong has like a mini-mohawk and I don’t even want to start with Onew) and their clothes are….questionable at best but who cares about all that because the Juliette MV is out and it is SMOKING, you guys! Not gonna lie – I really like it. It’s sleek and bright and the boys look great regardless of everything working against them and the more I watch the dance moves, the more impressed I get. I really like the dance, especially during the chorus and towards the end – it’s shaping up quite nicely, I’ve gotta say. This makes me even more excited for their performances now – although let’s hope Jong’s not rocking the hawk for them, although that does not stop him from looking fine, of course.

Also, why does MinHo always get to play the lead? Do they think he’s the least popular or something so if they stick him with a bunch of different girls, nobody will care? Because that is most definitely not the case. Ah, but I won’t complain – I much rather see MinHo cozying up to some girl (although he’s doing nothing of the sort here) than Jonghyun or Onew, that”s for sure. Oh, and Taemin’s hair actually looks good, you guys! I’m shocked. But of course, Tae’s just cool like that.


Shinee6byRosevertcredits: rosevert on LJ

Oh, and I heard that today’s the anniversary of the release of the Noona nomu yeppeo MV – yay for anniversaries! Congrats, boys!




  1. I love it! I love everything about it!
    I’ve been watching the MV ever since it was released that I think it can rival the number of plays I had for all their 3 MV’s combined. T_T

    • OMG, wow – ha, it’s great that you like it so much though. It’s a really cool video and SM’s clearly stepping it up for them – the set’s definitely a bit more detailed than their previous ones.

      • LOL! I guess it’s cause I miss them so much that I can’t seem to stop watching the MV! XDD I need to watch the comeback stage asap! XP

  2. Well, no worries, dude, because they’ll be back on stage this weekend according to their official schedule! Oh yeah, time to get up and dance, girl! 😀

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