Aww, guys…. :(

May 21, 2009


So you may or may not know this but Onew had an accident yesterday – apparently he fell down the stairs in front of SHINee’s dorm and dislocated his incisors and the treatment for it will last for about one to two weeks and as such, the boys’ comeback has been pushed back. New dates haven’t been given for their comeback performances yet (naturally) but the mini-album release has been pushed back to the 25th a.k.a. SHINee’s first anniversary. Subsequently Yesasia has pushed back their release date to the 27th – go pre-order it now!

Anyway, I’m really sad to hear this – I know that these kinds of injuries can be really painful and so I hope that Onew’s not in too much of it. Also I really hope he isn’t sitting at home beating himself up over this or worse yet, insisting on going to practice when he’s in no shape to do it (that totally sounds like something he’d do) – I’ve always thought that these entertainers push themselves way too hard and I’d really hate to think that Onew’s not allowing himself to get the rest that he needs to heal quickly.

That said, don’t worry your heads too much about this, chickadees. I always believe that when these things happen, they happen for a reason and for all we know, maybe the boys weren’t totally prepared yet or maybe next week/next two weeks will be a better time for them to make their comeback and God knew that so He fixed things so that they’d have to postpone their comeback. I do like the fact that they changed the album release date however because even though I came home all eager to hear the new songs, I think it’s a lot more meaningful that it’s being released on their anniversary and that’s what I had initially wanted so I’m happy about that at least.

That said, the album’s single, ‘Juliette‘ has already been released and I gotta say I like it. It wasn’t what I was expecting but it’s not a bad song. I don’t really see myself replaying it like crazy like I did with their previous songs but that could change, who knows? I really like the chorus though and if it reminds you a bit of LLO, it’s probably because Jonghyun’s singing in that imitation Michael Jackson way again. Surprisingly though, it didn’t bother me in this song the way it did in LLO. And to appease the fans due to the mini-album’s postponement, SM released a teaser of the Onew/Jonghyun duet (which I totally did not know was going to be on the album!), ‘Please Don’t Go‘. It’s produced by JungYeop – the member of ‘Brown Eyed Soul’ who sang ‘Nothing Better’ – lol, I could totally imagine Jong doing a happy dance when he found out he was getting to work with him on a song – so far, it sounds pretty good. There’s a lot of emotion and Jonghyun sounds incredible (Dubu too, of course) but I’m going to wait to hear the song in its’ entirety before I can make any complete judgements.

Hmm, anyway, my advice is don’t worry too much about the postponement – let’s just all wish Onew a speedy, total recovery from his injury and let’s hope that in addition to being a good sport and not beating himself up about it, that in the future, Onew will still be able to smile that sunshine-y smile that we’ve all become accustomed too. Don’t lose your smile, Dubu – it’s your very best feature (besides your voice). Fighting!

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