SHINee Update!!!

May 15, 2009


OMG, you guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately – it’s just that comeback stuff has been coming fast and furious and it’s like every time I decide to post about one thing, something new pops to distract me. But anyway, this will be a consolidation of all the SHINee comeback news so far, okay? Okay!

romeo promo

So the new mini-album’s going to be titled ‘Romeo’ and the concept is ’21st Century Romeos’. Sounds cute, right? Well, obviously they’re taking their inspiration from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, particularly for the music video for the title track, ‘Juliet’ which is going to be released on the 18th. That’s only a few days from now, you guys – yay! And you want to hear something really great? Turns out that Jong-Hyun wrote the lyrics for ‘Juliet’! If you’re a SHINee fan, then you know how fantastic that is – he’s mentioned songwriting before and stated that it was one of his goals as a musician and now one of the songs he wrote is on their new album! How great is that! I’m so happy for him – no lie. I’ve also heard that Onew apparently wrote the lyrics for one of the songs from the new album as well which makes things even better – oh, my boys getting involved in the creative process makes me very happy~ I hope they’re proud of themselves – can’t wait to hear the songs now.

Thankfully they’ve already released a 40 second teaser for the new video – you can watch it here. Unfortunately the teaser doesn’t have any part of the song in it but if you’re reeeeeeeeeeeally curious, you can check out this video where you can hear a bit of the song in the background. Relax, it’s not a leak or anything – they played the track during the promotional event, ‘Romeo meets Juliet’ that the boys participated in yesterday. It was ‘Rose Day’ yesterday so they went around to crowded areas in a really cute van and gave out roses to passersby, namely noonas I’m sure. Sounds like good promotion to me! Man, how I wish I could have been there! I’ll post some pictures from the event in a bit – you’ll die because the boys look gorgeous! I’m really feeling their new style now.

romeo4So they’ve already released the date for the song release, the 18th; then the album release on the 21st followed by comeback performances on the three music programs (sans M!Countdown, of course) on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th. That’s just a week away, everyone! Performance dates! New music! New looks, new concept! Agh, I’m really excited. Honestly I was a little put off when I saw their initial promo picture because I’m a bad fan, I know but they were just so weird but now with more things being released, things are looking up and the comeback seems to be shaping up quite well.

Hmm, there’s going to be a good bit of competition for the boys but a little healthy competition never hurt anyone and SM wouldn’t have them release their album now if they didn’t think they could handle it. We’ll all be good fans and buy and pre-order the new mini-album, right? It’s not on Yesasia yet but it should be there in the coming days – I’ll keep a look out and post it when it’s up. That reminds me – their first mini-album is still on sale if you want to get it – it’s just $8 US! I haven’t bought mine yet actually – I’m waiting for the new one to come out so I can order them together and save on shipping. That sounds like a good plan, right? You guys can do that too. But anyway the important thing is to support them as best you can, right? Let’s make ‘Romeo’ a big hit!

And now, the pictures I promised. Omo, there are so many – I’ll try to post as many as I can because they’re really nice.




romeo6Aww, I really love Dubu’s little pageboy hat.

romeo8Maknae’s growing up quite well, right? He looks lovely here.







romeo2Aww, I forgot how cute Key could be.

romeoI could never forget how cute leader is though. ^^

romeo2Ha, best smile ever, right?


romeo5I really like this one. He looks so sweet and innocent and boyish and a bit like Kim HyunJoong too, lol.


e0091941_4a0b6fa723a67Haha, it looks like Minho’s wearing a riding helmet.


And I’ll end off with a few more group ones…

romeo10 sfiTaemin is just getting so handsome, OMG.


romeo13 sfiAww at the cordi in the back fixing Taemin’s hair.

romeo 12 sfi

romeo 14 sfisource: shinee-ing | reupload credits: mrs.key, shinee forums
source: NewHigh | reupload credits: mrs.key, shinee forums

Anyway, that’s it for now. Just remember that for all things SHINee you can check out shineee.net and SHINee Forums International. For videos, there’s shineesubs02 on Youtube as well as their streaming site. There are also a number of Youtube users who upload lots of SHINee videos including randy19972, misterkrabspatties, yootina and AhMiGo.

So there you go. You’re caught up for now, right? Enjoy the eye candy and make sure to take the credits when you save the shots.





  1. Taemin is more and more dashing every time I see him. >___> Lol maybe I should just stop worrying about our three-year age difference and succumb to this “NOONA LOVES YOU!” inner voice. It’s not much of a gap anyway… uuugh, but a couple years seems to matter more when you’re in your teens, hey?

    • Oh, just go ahead and succumb, darling. Ha, but don’t tell the police I encouraged you. I mean, it’s perfectly all right to like him, you know, just as long as you keep your thoughts squeaky clean – and if you find them going the wrong way, then remind yourself of the age difference. ^^ But it’s true – he is growing up very nicely.

      It does matter more in your teens, I guess but I suppose that’s because when you’re a teenager, if someone’s younger than you, then it’s like they’re still a child but if you’re an adult, you’re both adults regardless.

  2. taemin is mine!

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