The “It’s You MV is out!!!!

May 12, 2009

Here it is!!! EDIT: I changed the video to the official one, btw – turns out the one I posted before was the leaked version, my bad. Anyway, it’s really not that different – it just has some longer solo shots and a few added scenes as well as added effects in the dance portion. The effects are a little distracting but other than that, it’s okay – still a fantastic video.

credit: wondersmurf

Enjoy! Spazz to come. I’m warning you – this will be long. It might rival my ‘Amigo’ spazz post – just saying.

Okay, so I came home today, hoping (but not expecting) that the video would be released and planning to write a ridiculously long Suju spazz post to get out all of the random thoughts that I have about them and to hopefully get some of my fangirliness out because I am so totally a Suju fangirl now. Really, I’m ashamed of myself at this point – I can’t believe how much I love them. I’m just watching all their videos and dramas and lurking around Suju posts because I am a loser to read the comments and just generally being very sad and pathetic. But that aside, the good thing is that the video did come out and it’s good. Hmm, I think if you don’t like the group but you like the song, you’ll think it’s just okay but for me in my current non-logical fangirl state, IT IS FANTASTIC. Did you hear me? FANTASTIC. It’s definitely one of, if not their best, MV to date.

Agh, where to start? First off, let me talk about the song – I really like it. No, I love it. It’s mature, it’s sexy, it’s good – not catchy like ‘Sorry Sorry’ or cute or fun like some of their other songs – it’s just a good song and I’m very impressed with it. Suju have shown that they were serious when they said they wanted their sound to mature and I think their music’s going in a very promising direction. In addition to that, even though this song uses synthesizer and whatnot, their voices aren’t digitalized and I can actually hear each person clearly which brings me to my next point. The lines are distributed fairly evenly – everyone gets a part (except Kibum)! Man, I’m hearing Teukie, Heechul, Shindong AND Eunhyuk which is certainly more than in ‘Sorry, Sorry’. Of course, they’re all getting like two lines but with so many of them, that’s to be expected, right? Now let’s move on to the video, shall we?

Good points: First off, I actually like the dance. The first time I watched it, I thought “ah, it’s okay – there are some awkward parts but it should carry over all right on stage” but then the more I watched the video, the more I liked the choreography, especially in the mainly dance parts like during the little interlude between the first chorus and the second verse. This dance routine doesn’t immediately make me want to get up and learn it like ‘Sorry, Sorry’s did but that’s okay – I think it’s good enough and works well for the song. It’s better than the choreo for ‘Why I Like You’ at least and that makes me really happy because as much as I liked that song, the choreography was so random and cheesy and all over the place. Methinks this is a lot better. I particularly liked the little dance portion with EunHyuk, Donghae and Shindong as well as the choreo that goes from Sungmin’s lines to Shindong’s in the second verse.

credit: hightimejump on LJ

Then, almost everyone looked good in the white portion of the MV – except Kibum. Please take off that headband and then we can talk. It is nice to see you though. Yesung and KyuHyun basically stole all my attention in this video. Seriously there is not a shot where those two did not look good – Yesung totally had his stage charisma on and Kyu, I take back what I said about you not being sexy. I don’t know how I could have thought that – he proved me wrong here. Ryeowook is also looking pretty good here, he almost made it to manly, not quite there but he is very close – a far cry from the awkwardness I perceived in the ‘Sorry, Sorry’ video – and he looked so sweet at first with that bouquet of flowers. Sungmin’s hair….I keep thinking I don’t like it and then he’ll start dancing and it will swish to the side and I’ll end up going ‘ooh, pretty~’ so I guess I only like it in motion then. after watching the video some more, I really like it. It’s mesmerizing, instead of looking at his face, I just keep looking at his hair. It’s a very nice colour – a pretty plum. I’m not sure if it suits him though.

Honestly, Hae, Geng, Teuk and Siwon looked fabulous here as well – I was just too busy spazzing about Kyu and Yesung to focus much on them. They got some nice close – ups though. That’s another thing – everyone got almost equal screen time! That’s practically unheard of for a Super Junior video – I love this, they really seem to be trying to even things out somewhat amongst the members (except Kibum but that’s a whole other story). And Heechul looks unlike himself but in a good way. He has a really versatile look, that Kim Heechul, I feel like he’s always reinventing himself. Like Madonna, ooh~

Okay, Not So Great Points:

Okay, I’m sorry but clothes-wise, there was a lot of fail here. They seemed to be going for some sort of vintage, 1950’s feel with the outfits (or at least, that’s what I was getting) but if that’s the case, then what happened to EunHyuk’s street outfit? He looks like a total hoodlum and it really doesn’t flow with the others (his random graffiti-ing is also a little bit odd, it’s sweet too – ‘only4you’) but whatever, his dance outfit was very nice. Actually it worked out like that for most people where they looked good in either the dance or the street scenes but not in both – notable exception being Yesung (I LOVE both of his outfits, especially his black and white shirt) and Kyu – no, really, this isn’t bias – it’s the truth! The shots did flow very nicely into each other though – whoever edited this video did a really good job.

Also, the actors were over-acting a bit. Kibum, Heechul, Hangeng and Siwon, I know it’s supposed to be sad but y’all went a little too far – I ended up laughing at them instead of feeling sorry. Well, looking at it again, I guess they didn’t do too badly but I still think they could have pulled it back a little.

The others did a pretty good job though and like I said, the dance portions were nice. The video could have been a little more colourful or so but  guess the dull colour works with the theme of longing and heartbreak. But anyway, it’s a really good video! I quite liked it and I’m going to go watch it again. You do that too, okay? I really can’t wait to see a performance of this now – remember, the first one is going to be this Sunday, the 17th on Inkigayo. I’m excited – are you excited? You should be. Come on, get excited! It’s going to be great! SJ fighting! ‘It’s You’ – Dae Bak! (And you guys know what comes after the 17th, right? SHINee’s new song teaser on the 18th – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! These next two weeks should be fun – don’t miss it if you can!)

Anyway, I’m really going now – have a good night. Hope you liked the video. Laters. (And you guys, I promise to respond to comments – I know I’ve been lax on that recently but you’ll get your replies soon, okay? Sorry, Sorry!)




  1. For some reason, I just didn’t know that they were releasing an MV for this song. But now that I know, HURRAAAAAAY 8DDDDDD

    AND HELLO KIBUM~ I was so excited to see him! I know you said that you thought the actors were overacting a bit, and I agree… but I think Kibum tended to underact(?) before anyway, so I liked how he put more emotion. And Siwon… it’s the ~eyebrows~ LOL.

    I just want to mention that I think Geng’s accent is getting better. I didn’t hear one when I listened to the audio only, so I was really surprised to see that he was the one saying “neo ra go” at the beginning. Er… but now that I listen to it again, I am starting to hear some traces of his accent. xD

    I was very surprised (but very happy!) when I heard Eunhyuk and Shindong singing. I had the hardest time trying to figure out who was singing their lines when I was listening to the audio. Gah, it used to be so easy to differentiate the members’ voices. ;_;

    Puahaha, Yesung always looks charismatic to me. ♥ I’m really liking his hair these days… and his outfit during the street scenes. It reminds me of the schoolboy/uniform look which I love so much. 8D 8D 8D Bah, Yesung confuses me. XD At times I think he’s hot/cute, then other times I kind of get an “oppa” feeling from him, if that makes sense.

    Kyuhyun has a really nice side profile. :/

    I really liked Heechul’s voice here as opposed to his voice in Sorry Sorry. I dunno, it just sounds more familiar when he sings this way.

    I am so glad that you feel the same way I do about their clothes. XD I know it’s a serious song, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I looked at their pants, teehee~ But lol, I actually liked Eunhyuk’s street outfit, even though it didn’t fit in with the others.

    Anyway, I don’t remember if I have anything else to say, so I’ll just end my long comment here. And thanks for the reminder about Shinee’s comeback! I’m excited for their song but not so much for their outfits….

  2. Well that actually didn’t seem very long to me ^^ I really, really like this song – ‘Sorry Sorry’ only grew on me after I watched their performances, but this is love and I’m just addicted to the polyphony. What I liked best was that everyone got to sing, though I guess the fact that Kibum doesn’t have any lines means he might not be present (again) at their lives =(

    I agree with everything you said, especially about the dance and the outfits, and I really liked the washed-out effect. I almost didn’t recognise Heechul when he appeared at the bridge, haha. My favourite close-ups were Teuk’s though – there’s just something about his gaze.

    My heart seems to be going in different directions these days with the Suju repackage and SHINee’s new release, lol. (To echo etherenia above, I’m rather… uncomfortable with SHINee’s new outfits.) Oh, I wanted to comment on this earlier but I thought I’d just say this here – when I read the article on Taemin’s new drama, I initially found it weird that his age was listed as 16. Haha, I guess I’m still getting used to the fact that it’s been a year since they debuted and that magnae is growing up… *sob*

  3. I think this is my favourite Super Junior song now. Well the video is anyway. I couldn’t stop watching it. It was like A.Mi.Go all over again ^^

    So I wasn’t the only one who laughed at Kibum near the end of the MV when he made that “sad” face? I felt bad, haha. I have to admit that I laughed for a while, even more because of the headband.

    I love (that) Heechul (keeps reinventing himself)~♥

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