~Don’t Want To Say Good-bye~

May 8, 2009


credit: as tagged and eunmi@sj-world.net

So as you may know We Got Married’s changed their format once again and they booted off all of the couples who were currently on the show, including, of course, the couple that got me watching the show consistently – Kangin and Yoonji. Hmm, I’m not going to talk about whether they were better or worse than the older couples because I didn’t watch the older couples save in episode one – the point is I decided to check out KangJi on a whim to see what they’d be like and I ended up finding them super-adorable and so sweet and shy around one another that I almost wished they were dating in real life. (Okay, well I did but now I’ve changed my mind.)

Hmm, it’s a bit unlike me to do something like this but since I haven’t gotten a chance to watch their final few episodes and because I really did come to like seeing the two of them together in that too small, run down apartment, I just wanted to do a little good-bye post of sorts. This seems so weird… Anyway, Kangin and Yoonji, I hope you guys learned a lot from your experience on the show and being in each other’s company for so long. Hopefully Yoonji would have taught Kangin that he needs to be more helpful and a little less self-absorbed around his girlfriend and I’d like to think that the time with Kangin left Yoonji with some fun, sweet memories (and a cute couple shirt!). Hmm, I’ll really miss them and their almost opposite dynamic – they got along fairly well and ended up in some really strange but amusing situations, especially while honeymooning in Japan – and I’ll miss seeing Kangin trying to lock people into their bedroom or watching Yoonji practically have to threaten Kangin to actually do some housework.

vlcsnap15618941Aww, doesn’t he really look like a Prince there?

This is the show that made me like Kangin – it showed me his funny side, his sweet side, his shy side, his bargaining side (and his lazy one too!) and it helped boost him high up on my list of favourite Suju members although he’s since been knocked down a few pegs by some of the others. I loved seeing him interact not only with Yoonji but with other people as well – it’s nice to see how much respect he has for his elders and getting to see his aunt and father and reading what they had to say about him (and Yoonji).I won’t lie – he really orchestrated some wonderful events for Yoonji and even when things didn’t turn out as planned, you could tell that he meant well and that he had good intentions. ♥

vlcsnap15612625Aww, yeppeoda!


This is the show that introduced me to Lee Yoonji – I didn’t know her before and may not talk much about her afterwards but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for any dramas or movies that she takes part in because I’d really like to see if she’s a good actress or not. I really like her personality though – she’s so sweet, down-to-earth, genuine and kind that if I didn’t already know that she was a celebrity, I wouldn’t have believed it. I would have thought that she was just a regular college student because she fits right in. I hope I meet someone like her when I go to college – she must be awfully nice to be friends with. ^_^ I wish her all the best i her career and her studies and I’m really grateful to her for not letting the antis scare her away and for doing this show with Kangin. Even though it was frustrating at times, she treated him very well and I’m sure she made quite an impression on him as well. Ah, if only I was in Korea, I’d give her a ton of sweet potatoes (you know how much she loves those!) as a present for taking such good care of my oppa. 😀


Aww, it’s a shame to see them leave but I knew that they’d be going soon  anyway. Let’s hope they’re off to bigger and brighter things (and hopefully Kangin will be off to bed like I should be!) So bye, bye ‘acorn jelly’ couple – I loved watching you two interact on the show and I hope that you remain friends afterwards. It’s been fun. 🙂


vlcsnap15632103Walking along the ‘acorn jelly’ river…

Screencap credits: Kim @ SJ-World.net


P.S:- Props to you if you know what song my title’s from and who sang it. ^^



  1. Aw this was cute. :]
    I adore this couple~ I originally watched for Kangin because he’s my favorite and I LOVE him, but I also found Yoonji to be super sweet.

    • Thanks! Somehow, it seemed like a fitting thing to do. ^_^
      Ah, you basically summed up my thoughts exactly. They really were a lovely couple.

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