May 3, 2009

………OK, I’m exaggerating maybe a little bit. I mean, I pop into her Soompi thread fairly regularly so I am aware of her movements and I know that she’s alive and well (thank Goodness) and supposedly in Korea atm, working on a new album. (Please, OMG, please let this be true. SM don’t let me down here, come on, I’m dying for some new stuff from this girl – even though her ‘I Will’ album is still on replay on my iPod, of course.) But anyway, Zhang Li Yin, along with many other prominent artists (including Super Junior) performed together at a concert organized by Jackie Chan at Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium on Friday night.

liyinjackiechanconcert21(OMG, doesn’t she look so pretty here? Wow, I love this picture….)

Li Yin performed her song, ‘I Will’ and she sounded, to put it simply, breath-taking. I was pretty shocked because I’d gone Youtube-ing a couple of her old performances and to be honest, they weren’t that great but she has definitely improved. The strength of her voice and her control over it has improved immensely and even though there were one or two rough spots, you could see that she knew her limit and made sure not to overdo anything. So overall, her performance really impressed me. So go watch it now, now, now now! (Please?)

credit: xKLYN @ YT


So yay! I’m really happy about this – it has reignited my appreciation for her ample vocal ability and I’m quite pleased to see that she’s better able at demonstrating it live now than she was before. ^_^ Also, it’s really great that she was able to be a part of this thing – I mean, there were 70, 000 people there – 70, 000 people watched her sing that song and even though it may not have made an impression on all of them, I’m sure that a good few people left that stadium with a new (or rejuvenated or increased) interest in our little LiYin, eh? (LOL, I’m talking like she’s younger than me when really, we’re the same age.) This was wonderful exposure for her, really.


So yay, good job, LiYin – it’s good to see that you’ve been working hard while you’re on hiatus or whatever and I’m sure that it will all pay off in the end. I refuse to believe that SM will let a bright star like her just fade away and I’m sure they’ve got something good up their sleeve for her – and I really hope that we get to hear at least one new song from her jin nian (this year), that is, if her second album is not released in the latter months. I doubt it but I’m still trying to hold out hope. Anyway, she looked hen piaoliang – very pretty – (I’m practicing my PinYin, okay? No tone marks though – dui buqi) and I really love the style of the outfit that they chose for her – it’s very classy and stylish without seeming too formal and it fits her quite well. So overall, I’m glad – this was a very good thing for her. 😀

So picture time! Here she is at the dinner and with Super Junior and Mr. Chan himself.




picture credits: as tagged and Soompi, LJ, bunch of different places….

Doesn’t she look just like a doll? She looks so tiny surrounded by all of those guys in the last picture and so cute standing next to Hannie. I believe they’re close – and it’s understandable, right? – that makes me happy – I’m always glad to know she’s got someone to look out for her and HanGeng’s a pretty reliable guy so it’s very reassuring. Anyways go watch that performance if you haven’t!

Wan an!



One comment

  1. I did not know she’s in Korea right now! o_o I love my boybands, but I really miss my favorite female singers~

    I haven’t really watched many I Will performances, except for those when she was first promoting and this one, so I definitely noticed the improvement. Seems like she’s feeling even more comfortable on stage too; I think her stage presence is better. ^^

    That group picture just made me go “awww.” 🙂

    Wait, LiYin and Jonghyun are the same age, then?

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