1000 Song Challenge – 26/04/09

April 26, 2009

I love shows like this because even though I rarely know the songs that they’re singing, it really gives you a chance to hear these artist’s raw, authentic voices – and they rarely disappoint. Also you don’t really need subs for them and that’s always a plus. So Suju and Davichi – two of my current faves! – guested on this episode and thankfully, the cuts have already been uploaded by CodeAnalysis on Yt.

Super Junior Cuts – Part 1, Part 2

First and foremost, Suju won – yay! I’m quite impressed – they (just Yesung, ShinDong and DongHae) really seemed well acquainted with all of the songs they had to sing. The only one who had any trouble was ShinDong on his third song, Man In A Yellow Shirt by Han Myung-Sook but he recovered fast enough for them to get through that round as well. That’s actually one of the highlights of this show – we actually get to hear ShinDong sing. Honestly, it wasn’t until the other day that I realized that we really don’t get to hear him sing very often, even in the sub-group songs, he just raps. Well he is a rapper so I guess that’s understandable. So anyway, it was nice to get to hear him sing and I must say that he’s got a pretty nice voice – he sounded particularly good singing his second song, Ja-Ock-Ah by Park Sang-Chul – I was pretty impressed! Good job, ShinDong!

Also Yesung – ah, Yesung, Yesung, Yesung. He….is just lovely. If you don’t want to watch the whole cut, just go to the second part and watch the very last song. Yesung sang ‘Gathering My Tears’ by Seo Ji-Won and boy, did he sound good – not that he didn’t sound great throughout the show but that song in particular stood out to me, especially when he got to the vocalizing at the end. It was good, trust me. Ah, and of course, my cutie Dong Hae was there, just being cute, dancing and singing and mouthing the words for some of the songs. He only sang one song but he did quite well for himself, I believe. T’was a very good show, man – and I only watched a piece of it! Oh, and they kept hugging whenever someone got through a song and it was SO CUTE.

Davichi Cuts

They sang 4 songs – Fixing My Make-Up by WAX, Kissing You by Girls Generation (lol, I really didn’t expect this one to be on there), One Man by Kim Jong-Kook and Fate by Lee Seung-Chul.

Okay, all I have to say is that HaeRi is incredible. (She’s the shorter of the two, the one with long, dark hair, in case you didn’t know.) Seriously, the emotion with which she sang those two songs, the WAX and Kim Jong Kook ones, just blew me away. And do I have to say that she sounded fantastic? I would really think that at this point that would go without saying. Anyway, that is a singer right there. She just sounded so good and she conveyed the emotion in the songs flawlessly. I mean, I’ve always held Davichi in high esteem but even I was impressed there – she really did an amazing job. They should be on this show all the time.

MinKyung, the taller of the two and the maknae with the bob cut, was also very good. She sang ‘Kissing You’ and while you could tell, it wasn’t really her style, she still sounded quite lovely. (This totally reminded me of when SNSD had to sing Davichi’s ‘Love and War’ when they were on Song Battle the other day and they didn’t do too badly – I believe it was Yuri who sang it, not too sure though.) She sounded even better singing her second song, ‘Fate’, however it was cut short because she didn’t get the words right. It’s really unfortunate though because I believe she (and everyone else) were really getting into the performance at that point. Oh well, better luck next time, right?

And to end on a funny note, Davichi popped into Suju’s waiting room on Music Bank this week – when they won K-Chart again, whoo! – and it was pretty funny. In a play on their competition for the K-Chart, Davichi stood in front of Suju and barely blocked them from view and so Suju tried to get back at them – SungMin by staring them down (OMG, this was the first thing I saw and I laughed so hard! His expression was so funny and it never changed), ShinDong by waving his hand in front of HaeRi’s face to block her, Kangin (gently) tried to push them out of the way (they pushed back and refused to move, LOL) and Yesung moved so that he was standing directly in front of the camera too. Aww, Sungie – can never resist the pull of a camera, can you? Overall, it was very cute and funny and you should totally check it out.

And to make up for the fact that I have totally not been spazzing on Siwonnie as of late, here’s a picture!


credits: as tagged, SBS and carolyn @ SJ-World

Ooh, and some more I just came across! They’re from that Motor Show in Thailand that Suju were at a few weeks ago. Please to be ignoring the Hae bias.


OMG, he is so cute, OMG! And there’s Ming in the background~


Haha, startled!Hae is adorable.

And just so I don’t seem too biased (although really I’m just indulging another…)

hannie-whitehere’s Hannie!

I really love that white on him. ^^

picture credits: siwonthaiclub aka as tagged

Really going now! Bonne nuit!



One comment

  1. I’ve only watched the SJ cuts. LOL! But I will sure check out Davichi’s cuts soon. SJ, SHINee, IU got my hands tied atm. XD But those two girls are awesome so I know they did well. <333

    I’m a bit hyper right now and I’m afraid I would turn incoherent but I appreciate the the bias. lol. Yay! For SJ winning kchart again. This is by far their most successful single. Can’t wait for their new song!

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