IU Update

April 25, 2009

Here’s her new MV for ‘Boo’.

Okay, yes, the concept and the song are very different from ‘Mia’ and probably not what you were expecting from her (I know I wasn’t) but it really isn’t that bad and we shouldn’t think of it as a step down but instead as her trying out a new style. Honestly, ‘Boo’ really is a very cute, catchy enough song and it’s impossible to hide IU’s impressive vocal ability in a song like this – and look on the bright side, it may be on the cutesy side but at least, they didn’t digitalize her voice or use a ton of synthesizer – and for that, we should always be grateful.

So the MV, like the song. is very cute – it’s basically just different scenes of her strutting through a neighbourhood and walking with her video love interest who is alternatively seen standing around and looking bewildered and mildly annoyed at her lateness – it doesn’t really make sense, per se and I don’t think there’s much of a plot so it doesn’t really matter. Hmm, I must say that I love that pink car she’s standing next to in the video – it’s just adorbs! – and even though I liked her long hair, this new style gives her a lovely, childish, fresh look that quite suits her concept and age. What does not suit her age, however, is that ridiculous frou frou piece of tulle mascarading as a skirt that her stylists have her prancing around in – I really don’t know what’s going on with that, it is obscenely short, so short that you can see the red tights that she’s wearing beneath it and she’s even wearing them for performances! This makes me want to cry. Codies, why are you doing this to her? Am I the only one outraged?

What makes me feel better though is listening to her first full length album, Growing Up – listen here; buy here – it is thankfully quite lovely and it follows the style of her mini-album in that it incorporates slower songs that do a better job of showcasing her vocals as well as more upbeat, catchier tunes that show her range and versatility. I’ve only heard it once so far but I’m quite enjoying it so far and I definitely recommend giving it a listen. All of her mini-album songs are on it, including a rock version of ‘You Know’ (Itjanha) that’s extremely entertaining – she actually pulled it off very well, I’m impressed! Hmm, I’ll probably be back with a proper review of the album in a little while – in the meanwhile, give it a try, okay?

I would also recommend checking out one of her new performances – here’s her latest M! Countdown one. I’m happy to report that she has really improved in terms of her performances – her vocals are as strong and consistent as they always were but her actual expression and so on was severely lacking previously and that’s definitely changed now. She’s a lot more lively, expressive and open here, she loosk more comfortable on stage and she really seems to be enjoying herself doing her cute, little choreography so I guess giving her this style to perform was good for something. She still has to work on her actual stage presence a bit – and of course, the skirt HAS to go – but other than that, I’m happy to report that IU seems to be doing quite well for herself. So I hope this image change really works to her advantage by generating a good bit of interest in her and hopefully, this video of a number of other artists including FT Island, Davichi, Bae Seul Ki, K. Will and  Untouchable talking about IU and ‘Boo’ will help her get some more recognition. Goodness knows she deserves it.

20090420_iu_21IU fighting! DaeBak!



One comment

  1. Boo has actually grown on me! I love it now. XD If you(*I*) think about it, it’s actually quite refreshing! Cute yet the song was still able to showcase her vocals. And yes to not synthesizing her voice. While I enjoy kpop’s current trend, it’s becoming quite an overkill nowadays. lol! So I’m glad her album turned out as enjoyable as her last and it definitely showed her versatility and range.

    My favorite is definitely the rock ver. of Itjana and you’re right that she pulled it off quite well. It’s my favorite genre and she never disappoints. ❤

    As for the MV, I like how it doesn’t make sense. lol! But the outfit especially the skirt has got to go. Like you said, it’s obscenely short. I find it hideous too! I really hope they let her wear something else. Like that pic of her on the phone. That was cute. She also improved on her stage presence. I’m glad. She looked scared stiff on her first Boo perf. ^-^

    I’m happy for the support she’s getting. I actually wished that at the end of the video, SHINee would appear and give her encouraging words. Awww that would be a dream come true for me next to her having a special stage/collab with any/aa of them, Teehee!

    Pls. bear with comments being all over the place. 😀

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