And Now I’ll Be Marrying DongHae Too…

April 16, 2009

Well you know – if he’ll have me.

What spurred this, you ask? Other than DongHae just being his super cute, fantastic, sensitive, sweet self?

This (subbed) clip from the Star Golden Bell episode that DH, EunHyuk, ShinDong and Kyuhyun (OMG, KYU, YAY!!!!!!!!! Did I mention I love him?) guested on – in the clip, DongHae talks about his dream marriage. Apparently all you’d have to do to make our little fish happy is to kiss him when he wakes up (check!), make a sandwich for him for breakfast (I can make sandwiches – I am a sandwich-making QUEEN), fix his necktie for him before he leaves for work (is he going to start working in an office in the next 8 years? Why’s he wearing a necktie? But whatever, I CAN DO THAT TOO! Ties were a part of my school uniform. ^^) and then kiss him before he leaves the house (yes, because this part would SO be a problem…). So it’s settled then – clearly, I am going to marry DongHae in the next few years. There’s only like a two year age difference between us (he’s older) so yay for that. You never know, it could happen.

It could!

Hmm, funny how just a few hours ago, I was fantasizing about marrying HanGeng. Oh well, whoever will have me – I’m not picky. I think this brings my total up to about ten faux husbands. Aish, at this rate, I’ll end up in jail….

*end fangirling session* Anyway, you guys go check out that video and when you’re done, drop ELSubs a line and let them know how awesome they are for subbing this (and please don’t ask them if they’re going to sub the whole show – if they’re going to, they will; if they won’t, they won’t so just wait and see).

OMG, and Younha! Thank you for having a song that I really like and making up for the disappointment that was 1,2,3. Yes, it’s cute but I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m not much of a fan of her more upbeat stuff, it seems.


Oh, and please check out Yesung in this cut from Suju’s Come to Play episode. This, right here, is why I love him so much – because really, who does not love a hot dork? I know I do. Yesung oppa, saranghaeyo~ &hearts



  1. If there’s one person I would want to be my husband.. that would be Hae. He’s such a sweetheart and has everything I want in a guy not to mention his good looks and talent! <333 I love the boy sooo hard! Although, I’d rather him wake me up with kisses, make my breakfast,etc. LOL! Hannie’s great too, then there’s Siwon and Kyu and… LOL. Let’s go to jail together.

    I also dislike Younha’s 123. I didn’t even finish the song and MV. XD Peace Love and Ice Cream is more her style.

    Too many people making their comeback. Makes me miss SHINee on stage. But at least I have SJ and now A’st1.. <3333333

    Ah, Yehsex! I died of laughter. How I love him and his fail. <33333

  2. Oh! I’m not sure if you already know but IU’s coming out with her 1st full length album sometime this month, I think. Yay!!! I’m so excited to hear something new from her.

  3. Wow, it looks like we’ll have the same husbands – that’s okay though, when you’ve got several, you can share. LOL. Hae is such a sweetheart though, I totally get what you’re saying, I really do. But now I find myself paying more attention to Sungmin – he seems so nice and yet I feel like he’s a little under-appeciated.
    Oh hey, someone’s subbing that full episode of SGB actually. Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://www.youtube.com/user/520showluo

    Oh, A’st1! I checked out their new song and I really liked it! Didn’t pay that much attention to the performances though – are they good? I only watch Suju’s for the moment – and Davichi’s every once in awhile.

    I’m thinking SHINee’s comeback will be sometime in early June since Suju are going to start promoting a new song from next month, God willing – they’ll probably only promote for one more month so the boys should be back soon. 😀

    Oh, thank you – I did not know this! But I did see her performing her new single on MuBank this week. It’s…not what I was expecting from her but I’m still anticipating the album. I hope it’s great!

  4. LOL! Sharing is loving! <333 Oh thanks for the link. I can’t keep up with SJ and their variety show appearances. LOL! Coz there’s like a lot and I dunno what’s subbed and what’s not since different users are subbing their shows. XD

    It’s really hard not to fall in love with each and everyone in SuJu. Before, my favorites kept changing but at last I settled with Hae! ^^ I’d take anyone of them though. They are all just wonderful. I dunno why but there’s something about SM boys coz I really like all of them. XD

    A’st1’s pretty decent. They just need to be more confident on stage but they’ve improved since their debut. ❤ They have some nice songs too!
    My favorites were their English covers though. haha!
    Here are some vids to check out if you have time to spare. 🙂


    They’re actually my 2nd fave rookie next to SHINee. It’s just that I never paid much attention to them and they disappeared suddenly.. Did you know that their debut promo was to challenge SJ? hehe! SJ’s cool with it though and these guys look up to them. .< lol

    Arhgh.. long comment! T.T Also, I just want to say that I love your birthday post for bling!<33333 It was so sweet. I would’ve commented but I guess I was late for the occasion. hehe!

  5. I didn’t realize my comment was cut! >.<

    Yay! I’m really excited for SHINee’s comeback and yes, hopefully it would be around June. I’m really curious as to what they’ll come out with. Besides the fact that SM keeps everything a secret and the boys traveling a lot. They were said to be spotted in Japan last week, too. T.T

    And IU. Boo was unexpected. But cute sells in Korea so I understand why. I was just hoping that her company would let her stand out more. That girl is too talented to be singing cute songs. *sigh* Why can’t they make her an acoustic singer? That would be something “new” in kpop. lol!

  6. Oh, I know! It’s really hard to keep track of what shows Suju’s guested on, if they’re being subbed and if so, by whom. And every time you think you’ve found one subber, you find out that there are about three more you’ve still got to add. Ha.

    Well, SM boys are some of the best, no doubt – that’s it, plain and simple.

    I did hear about A’st1 ‘challenging’ Suju initially but I heard it wasn’t anything major so I didn’t really take it on. Thanks for the video links – I haven’t got time at the moment but I’ll definitely check them out. I’m always open to new groups and you were dead on with IU so I trust you.

    Speaking of IU, I get what you’re saying about ‘Boo’. But really, she’s young and she’s still got her whole career ahead of her so I can’t blame her company for changing her sound somewhat to make her more marketable to the public. Maybe they’re just doing this to try to help her gain a little more popularity so that when she starts belting out those awesome songs like ‘Mia’, more people will sit up and take notice. At least, I hope so.

    Aww, thank you for the compliment on the b-day post. I appreciate it – but you should know, it’s never too late to leave comments! Especially for a latecomer like me. ^^

    Ah, I saw those Japan rumours as well – I wonder if they’re really still taking photos for this alleged photobook. But is it really necessary to be going all over just for that? If it’s true, I’ll have to say that SM’s really investing a lot in them. Boy, they don’t let their artists rest on their laurels at all, do they?
    Hmm, I don’t really think too much about the kind of concept I want them to come back with, tbh, mainly because I know that SM can be a bit unpredictable but I just hope it’s nothing too extreme. I don’t think I could handle that just yet. But for now, I’m just looking forward to their anniversary. 🙂

  7. I now feel pressured on pimping artists. Hehe!

    I saw your new updates so instead of commenting on your birthday post I decided to just comment on the new posts. ^^ Next time, I’ll be on time for the occasion! *coughshineeversarycough* I’m really looking forward to that one. XD

    SM is taking SHINee to Japan! *cries* I just hope they won’t stay there forever just like what DBSK did. Things are really happening fast for them. All the travels, promotions abroad and I dunno what else. Taem acting, Dubu allegedly writing lyrics for their possible new song on the album, photobbok, etc. I’m afraid I can’t keep up when they make their comeback. Which needs to happen soon while I have all the time in the world.

    And oh, there’s a team planning to sub SJ shows! At last! I guess I should stop now, before this turns gibberish! ^^ *skips away with yesung*

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