Bling’s Birthday Post, Part Deux!

April 10, 2009

So since it was our lovely Jonghyun-ssi’s birthday recently, I decided to spread some JH love by posting up a few of my personal favourite/must-see videos of him. I already wished him happy birthday in my last post but I also wanted to do something a little different this time around as well so here goes. I hope you’ll check out a few of these if you haven’t already seen them (or even if you have) – there are some really nice ones and um, this is probably going to be all over the place so please bear with me.

1. ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ duet

This is actually a pre-debut duet that Jonghyun did with a friend of his in 2005 and the video only really has audio of it but I think it’s a pretty good listen. It isn’t one of my favourite videos of Jonghyun but I think it’s nice to be able to get a small idea of what he sounded like back then just so you can see how far he’s come now and while he did sound very nice here, he’s obviously improved quite a bit since then as evidenced by this really nice but way too short cut of the song he sang on Shim Shim Tapa a few months ago. I really hope to get to hear him sing more of it one day – it doesn’t have to be the whole song but a verse and a chorus would be nice. Here’s hoping.

2. ‘Wrongly Given Love’ duet – Jonghyun and Zhang Li Yin

Now I was put onto this song by a good friend of mine who wanted me to listen to it to see how different Jonghyun’s voice sounded her as opposed to how he sounds now and she’s right – he does sound different (and not just because he’s singing in Chinese) but thinking about it recently, I think that this song probably best sums up what Jonghyun must have sounded like in his trainee years – amazing, yes but also pure and clear – and even though he sounds different now, I don’t think that that’s necessarily a bad thing. I think that the change in his vocals now has a lot to do with the type and frequency of songs he sings now but most importantly, I think that his voice has just matured. It hasn’t been that long from the time that this song was recorded (in 2007) to now but a lot has happened to him over that time and so I think that you shouldn’t regard the change in his voice as a bad thing but simply as his voice maturing and changing to suit his new environment so to speak. So in conclusion, this is a lovely song by two powerhouse singers with gorgeous vocals and I definitely recommend it. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re missing out – I’m telling you. And a bonus link for you – you can see Jong sing the beginning of the song live in this video – it starts at 2:58.

3. 1000 Song Challenge fancam

So this is a fancam of Jonghyun singing Vibe’s ‘Even Though You Hate Me, Again Once More’ (or at least, that’s what the title on the video says) on 1000 Song Challenge and I chose it because of all of the beautiful songs that Jonghyun and Onew sang on that show, this is the one that really stood out to me. I think I nearly started crying the first time I watched this actually (I’m easily moved, what can I say?) because his voice just sounded so, so good – clear and smooth and pretty and so full of emotion, especially when he gets to the chorus. Listening to this, I can totally understand why people always say that his voice is soulful – he just manages to capture the feeling of a song so well! So I was really impressed.

4. Cover of 4men’s ‘Baby Baby’ on 2PM’s Idol Show

Okay, it’s really not easy to focus solely on the song considering the setting in which he sang it BUT you should try because he sounds soooooo good here. Oh, his voice! Seriously if there weren’t a ton of sound effects and whatnot in this video, I would have ripped the audio from this and put it on my iPod. He just sounds so nice, again with the emotion and the feeling – so much feeling he puts into his singing, so much passion. *starting to become incoherent* Ok, I’ll try to stop replaying that video – but really, you should check it out. It’s really stunning and it’s nice to hear something new and different from him even if it’s not from one of their songs.

5. ‘Romantic’ a cappella

This is shorter than one minute, fuzzy as can be but it’s still the clip that cemented Jong-Hyun’s place as my favourite in SHINee. A must watch, for real.

6. Onew/Jonghyun ‘Like a Man’ duet on M! Countdown

I remember being so blown away the first time I watched this about six months ago and up to now, my impression hasn’t changed. I think this was a fantastic performance – no, they don’t sound as good as FFTS (but really, you shouldn’t expect them to) – but I think they did very well given their own personal capabilities and I believe they impressed quite a few people with this.  I certainly didn’t know they were capable of that, honestly. They did a really good job here and the high notes were lovely, especially Jong-Hyun’s last one. Check it out.

7. LSGO Jonghyun fancam

This will probably forever be one of my favourite videos of this boy. If you do not believe that this boy is a big, fat dork or if you know that he’s a dork and want to be reminded of just how silly he can be, then this video is for you. I can tell you that I always, always make sure to watch LSGO fancams of Jonghyun if they surface because they are just the best. LSGO is one of his favourite songs and he always gets really into the performances – dancing along and showing off his ‘gangsta’ moves and just generally making lots of loltastic expressions every now and again and this fancam is the best example of that. So watch it, go watch it now – if you have, if you haven’t. If you don’t watch anything else on this list, watch this one.

8. Hye-Ya/’Y Si Fuera Ella’ Performance at MBC Love Concert

Oh, these performances were like a dream come true for me. Honestly I didn’t even like this song that much – but these performances changed my mind – and I’d never really expected that we’d get to see him perform it but I was so happy when I found out that this was happening. I was just so glad that they were allowing him the opportunity to showcase his talent like that and so, how could I not put one of these performances on this list? Even though I liked the Inkigayo performance better because the whole atmosphere and everything was just perfect, I really believe that this was the best one in terms of vocal performance and so I definitely recommend you take a gander at it. I think these performances were a bit challenging for him both vocally and mentally but he pulled them off really well and I was incredibly proud of him for doing so. I would also highly recommend watching this rehearsal fancam from the Music Bank performance – it isn’t perfect and he has some trouble towards the end but I mean, there are times when he makes hitting those notes look so effortless and easy and this is not an easy song to sing, not in the slightest so I don’t know about you but I was pretty impressed. And he looks so nervous too which isn’t a sentiment you often see from him.

9. ‘Nothing Better’ Duet – Jonghyun and JungYeop on PKL Radio

This is one of my favourite videos, not because I think Jong sounded particularly great here or anything but because this is one of his favourite songs and he actually got a chance to sing it with the original singer and one of the members of Brown Eyed Soul a.k.a. Bling’s favourite musicians under the sun. Ah, I remember just being so excited when I heard about it and it was just because I knew how much it would mean to him – it must have been like a dream come true and you can see how excited and happy he is after JungYeop sings his lines – he just looks so impressed! ^^ So I think it’s still an important video to share even though Jonghyun himself doesn’t sound as good as he usually does singing the song here – I believe he was sick at the time – so please do watch it.

And finally we reach the end of this post – I can’t believe this took me so long, you would not believe! – but anyway, I wanted to end it on a fun note so here is a funny little video of JongHyun accidentally introducing himself as the leader as the five of them do their intros at a concert. It’s an honest mistake as is evidenced by how quickly he catches himself and corrects what he’s saying and by how embarrassed he looks afterwards – but what really makes the video amusing are the reactions of the others, namely Onew and Key who both whip their heads around at exactly the same time, stare at Bling in surprise and then laugh off his mistake. It’s just something cute I wanted to add in and since I couldn’t think of any short, funny videos of him to share without linking you to a million and one Yunhanam BTS videos, I figured I’d just stop with this.

So I hope you enjoyed my post. Happy birthday again, Hyunnie. I wish you all the best!




  1. Oooh this is just what I need to chase away the Monday blues ^^ I think I’ve watched most of the videos here, but I’m definitely going to do so a gazillion times now that you’ve put them into such a great list!

  2. Oh and you’re totally right about the ‘Baby Baby’ cover – I don’t know whether to giggle at everyone being so overwhelmed or be overwhelmed at his voice. Aigoo~

  3. Oh, and I kept forgetting to say this (the effect of lack of sleep, argh) but Davichi was a group I always wanted to check out and your post finally gave me the chance to do so! Though I did find the mv for 8282 rather disturbing.

    And yes, you should make a Suju tag ^^

  4. Ah, really, you checked out Davichi? That’s great – I think they’re really amazing singers and fantastic performers too. Tbh, I never watched the 8282 MV because just the preview alone told me that it probably wouldn’t be something I wanted to see. Their videos are usually a little questionable though, way too artistic for my taste. But you should watch this though – it’s from Davichi’s first performance on Yoon’s Love Letter and it’s really lovely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhCAXYsKU7E&fmt=22

    Hmm, I’m glad you liked the videos though – I was really hoping someone would watch them. Thank you for commenting. ^^ Oh, and I made the Suju category.

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