Here’s To My Boy…

April 8, 2009

Ah, so my Jonghyun bb’s birthday has finally arrived – I’ve been looking forward to it for awhile now because we’re officially chingu again (yay!) and even though he said he likes noonas, I don’t really like feeling like a pedo so yay for our mutual 19-ness! I’m a little bit late with this because I just didn’t feel like doing this yesterday when it was his actual birthday (in Korea) but since it’s still the 8th here, I think it’s all right.


Now what can I say about this boy? He’s one of my favourite boys in K-pop and these are a lot of reasons why he ended up claiming that spot – He’s talented, cute, confident ( a little too much sometimes), affectionate, a little crazy, excitable, sensitive, funny, amusing, pushy, loud, honest, determined, dedicated and passionate – and even though he sometimes frustrates me, I’m super protective of him (well, as protective as a fan can be anyway). I fell in love with his voice first and foremost and up to now, every time I hear him sing something new, I remember why he impressed me so much in the first place. But honestly his voice isn’t the only reason I love him – I really think he’s an amazing person and sure, he’s got his flaws but he has so many commendable traits too. I love how devoted and passionate he is about what he’s doing – and not just with regard to singing but about making music too. I have no doubt that he’s doing what he was born to do. He’s a natural born entertainer and is just so confident on and off stage and refreshingly comfortable in front of a camera – although it’s really no wonder considering he’s like the king of selcas. XD

Hmm, I remember being shocked by how mature and charismatic he was on stage and then how fun and childish he was off stage and then after my surprise faded, I grew to love how bouncy and eager he gets when he’s excited and I also came to appreciate that with all that confidence, he still has a large measure of humility and sensitivity too. Sure, he’s aware of how talented he is but I don’t think he’s ever disregarded how much work it must have taken to get him there and I’ll never forget how emotional and overcome he was when SHINee got their first number one on M! Countdown. That’s something else that I really like about him – how many sides he has – one minute, he’s excited and bouncing off the walls and the next, he’s sensitive and quiet and pensive and then he goes on stage and his charisma’s off the charts and it seems like he’s grown by ten years right in front of your eyes. He’s extremely hard-working and dedicated to improving himself but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun too – anyone who’s watched Yunhanam or any number of SHINee videos can attest to the fact that he always manages to find a way to goof off (especially if Key’s around).

So he’s a lot of things – a camwhore, the king of both expressions and fanservice, funny, sweet, kind, affectionate, playful, childish, shy (at times), a tease, loud and pushy (they go hand-in-hand if you didn’t know), determined, excitable, sensitive, talented and generally just a bundle of fun. He wasn’t my initial favourite in SHINee but he’s definitely claimed that spot now. So saengil chukhamnida, Jong-Hyunnie! Noona (oh wait, no, that doesn’t apply anymore) Well, I just wish you all of God’s richest blessings and I know you’ll go on to accomplish great, fantastic, wonderful, amazing things this year. I hope you get closer to the other members, hopefully get to see your family every once in awhile, stay in touch with your friends and just grow, improve, learn, become even better and keep blowing us all away. You’ll always have my support, babe. Happy Birthday. ♥









  1. ;______;

    Your birthday post beats mine by about 293847x.

  2. Oh, that’s so not true. I saw your birthday post and it was very sweet. (there’s supposed to be a second part to this though – with some video links.)

    It’s nice to have you back though – I missed you, Soo Jin!

  3. Haha, thank you~

    Oh, no kidding? You are one dedicated fan, lol. I think the only time I’ll ever write a long post about Shinee is on their anniversary.

    I missed you too! And it’s nice to be back… I’ll have to do a lot of catching up, though. I already did a bit yesterday, and I can tell I’ll still need a lot of time.

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