April 5, 2009

So I’m sure if you’re a BOF fan, you’ve probably already heard about this but SHINee has a new song titled ‘Bodyguard’ which is being used as the promotional song for the new AnyCall cell phone campaign featuring one of the popular BOF couples, GaEul and YiJung (played by Kim SoEun and Kim Bum respectively). The MV for the campaign itself is really adorable and funny even for someone like me who never got far enough into the show to see their romantic storyline begin. Actually I was kind of shocked while watching the MV at how harsh YiJung was to her at times – but I guess that’s his cool, playboy facade at work? It only took away from the cuteness by a little bit anyway. And Boom! I don’t know if he’s just a comedian or an MC but I’ve seen him in a few things and he’s always really funny and here is no different. I really like how Kim Bum beats him and his ‘thugs’, by the way – with a kendo stick that pops out of nowhere. It’s funny~

As for the song, it’s very youthful and sweet and it has a really light and breezy sound and it’s definitely got more of a pop-py sound than any of SHINee’s other songs. I didn’t like it at first listen because it reminded me too much of ‘Stand By Me’ which I also disliked at first but it grew on me the more I heard it (just like ‘Stand By Me’) and after watching it coupled with the video, I think it’s very fitting for the campaign – the light, youthful sound is the perfect accompaniment for SoEul’s little, semi-romantic love story. I’m really glad the boys got a chance to do this because even though it’s not their campaign per se, with the popularity of Kkot Boda Namja and the So-Eul couple in particular, I think they’ll still get a good bit of exposure from it. And well, it’s just really nice to hear something fresh from the boys since I kind of killed my SHINee World cd. Ah, I really can’t wait for the new releases. Oh, and a little heads up – Yesasia’s having a big sale for the entire month of April and one of the discounted items is SHINee’s first mini-album so now’s the time to get it, people! You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll finally be getting mine. ^_^

Also I’m not sure if you know but Key went to Nanjing, China this week-end to perform with his sunbae and labelmate, Xiah Junsu (lol, I’m writing so formally about my Su) at DBSK’s Mirotic Concert and I am pleased to announce THAT HE CUT HIS HAIR. Yay! LOL, I know it’s silly to be happy about such a little thing but he really needed it. Now he looks a lot like he did in the Replay days – ah, so sweet and innocent and young – and it makes me blissfully nostalgic. ^^ Pictures to clarify. credit: Soompi



I really like Key’s shiny jacket and Su’s shiny pants.

And in case you don’t believe that the others need haircuts, here are some pictures from a Cherry Blossom festival that the others performed at today at Jeju Island. It’s a little odd seeing them without umma but well, it’s just for this one appearance so it’s not so bad.

shinee-jeju-island-soompiWhen I first saw this picture, I thought it looked like one of those shots where someone’s been cut out.

onew-127-jeju-island-soompiDoes anyone else think Onew’s nose is too cute? Anyway, I actually don’t mind his hair length – it’s okay for now – and I’m finally officially used to the light brown colour now.

jh-jeju-island-soompiThis is a cute picture – looks like he’s playing with his bangs.

minho-jeju-island-soompiOkay, you can’t see it so well here but MinHo’s hair is so long right now! Ah, but somehow, even though I don’t like it, I have to admit he really seems to be able to rock the long look pretty well. So snaps for you, Minmin.

taemin-131-jeju-island-soompiWell, look at my maknae! Oh, his cheekbones are coming out – he seems to be losing his baby fat now…at least, I hope that’s it and not that he’s just getting skinnier. Please don’t let it be thatif he loses any more weight, what will be left? But anyway, his hair’s okay now too.

So I guess just Jong and MinHo need cuts then. They probably won’t get them until the comeback is imminent though – so be on the lookout! Also this is a fancam of the boys’ LSGO performance from the same event – Onew filled in Key’s singing part and MinHo did the rapping, claro. Hmm, wasn’t a bad performance – the boys had a lot of energy and they really looked like they were enjoying themselves and I totally did not realize how much I missed seeing Taemin dance until I watched this. Hmm, I felt that MinHo had a little bit of trouble keeping up with Key’s super fast rap at the beginning but it’s not a big deal because obviously, he’s not used to doing it and he totally made up for it with all of his awesome charisma anyway. I tell you, MinHo’s really improved on his stage presence a lot from the time of their debut to now – I mean, I was shocked watching this fancam because he looked so cool and you could tell that he was really into the performance and that he really felt comfortable on stage and that is basically a 180 from the slightly stiff, awkward nature of his performances in the beginning so wow, I’m really happy to see that change in him becoming so apparent. It means he’s becoming a better performer and I’m happy about that. Here are the fancams for Replay and Amigo as well.

Finally, please go to this website and its’ affiliates and click daily – it’s a simple, free way to give to those in need and it only takes a minute of your time.

Good night.




  1. You know what? I’ve been listening to Bodyguard for quite a bit now, and I thought there was something off about it. Then I read your sentence about the song having more of a “pop” sound, and I realized that’s what it was. I just get so thrown off sometimes when a group sings in a different style than they usually do. XD

    Hm, actually, Bodyguard didn’t really remind me of Stand By Me. I guess they both have a lighter sound than the songs Shinee usually sings, but the feeling is different. Stand By Me was more about those awkward stages of crushes and love and had a tone of… longing? Whereas Bodyguard has a more confident and jubilant tone~

    I thought the CF was really sweet, even though I don’t like the drama. πŸ˜€ Well, no, I do like the drama, but only the Japanese version, haha~

    Oh, speaking of Shinee’s hairstyles…. I saw some gifs of them from that performance, and their hair is longer than I thought. Gah I just feel like flying to Korea with scissors so I can at least give their hair a trim. D: I actually dislike Minho’s long hair quite a bit because it looks exactly like my little cousin’s hair. AND LOL. JUST. NO. DDD: I can tolerate Jonghyun’s long hair, but I still prefer his shorter hair like in those LLO pictures from your birthday post. Onew… er, all I can say is that almost anything is better than the unstyled short hair he had before. xD I still like his Replay hair the best. Taemin looks the best with long-ish hair, imo (but not like his hair from their predebut showcase). I think he looks more handsome with a longer fringe~ And Key… xD I swear I heard the chorus of angels singing Hallelujah when I saw his picture because wow, he can see again!!! (seriously, his fringe was just getting ridiculously long, and I wondered how he could see) And, well, it’s Key and I always hear “Hallelujah” anyway whenever I see him~ lol biasbiasbias Just kidding, don’t mind my lame joke. XD That hat and vest look adorably cute on him~

    I almost forgot β€” Shinee’s mini album is on sale?! Adnxvlndfj my mom will definitely not get that for me since I already got their album. Maybe I can just find the CD when I go to the Philippines. But guh, sales are so tempting!

    (I typed up quite a long comment, teehee)

  2. Oh yay, I love long comments! I’m sorry I took so long to reply to it though. πŸ˜›

    Yes, well, I think the ‘light’ feel of the song is why it reminded me of ‘Stand By Me’ as well. The songs themselves aren’t that much alike but the styles are a little similar or at least, they’re more alike when compared to the type of songs SHINee usually sings. Hmm. I’m glad I was able to help you figure out what was different about it though.

    Oh, I like HYD as well. I liked BOF’s more comical, over-the top nature but then it started getting more serious and I stopped liking it as much. I’m not really good at keeping up with dramas anyway – I’m yet to finish even ONE that I started watching, it’s really quite sad.

    Ah-ha, it’s good that I’m not the only one who thinks they need a trim. Their hair is really getting ridiculously long now and I’ve decided I won’t save any more pics of them until they cut it. (Although that’s really just doing my hard-drive a favour. XD) It’s nice to see that your Key bias is still very much alive and kicking though. Never be ashamed of your biases, I say – although I have to say stuff like that because I have so many of them. πŸ˜€ He did look awfully cute in that outfit though.

    Agh, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the cd now – and I’m really sad because I was totally looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I might have to use the money for something else so who knows? You should definitely look around for it when you go back to the Philippines though – don’t give up hope! When is your trip anyway?

  3. Don’t worry about it! πŸ˜€

    Aww, I hope you’ll still be able to get the CD. I really want to get it mainly because of its sentimental value β€” after all, it is their first single. (: Plus, I just want to have something tangible~

    I’m leaving on the 16th next month, I can’t wait! I haven’t been there for almost eight and a half years (I think I’ve already mentioned this 2398472 times, but I’m just so excited 8DD!!!).

    Puahaha, hooray for biases!

  4. What? It’s been so long since you went back? Well, no wonder you’re excited! Hype yourself up, girlie – the excitement is totally understandable in this case – and I’m sure it’s just nice to be going home for a little while. ^^ I hope you enjoy your trip.

    Hmm, well I really don’t know yet – but I do hope to get it at some point even if it’s not this month – like you said, for the sentimental value. That’s got me thinking of their upcoming anniversary – can you believe it’s just next month? Maybe I’ll pick it up along with their new release whenever that one comes out. Here’s hoping it’s soon! πŸ™‚

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