Sorry, Sorry Performances, FTW!

April 5, 2009

Okay, it is official – I love Suju’s ‘Sorry, Sorry’ performances. Really. I feel about them the way I felt about SHINee’s LLO performances and DBSK’s ‘Wrong Number’ performances and I just can’t get enough of them. They’re all really, really good! (Ok, well, not all but most of them are.) And today’s was no different – I always say that the best performances happen on Inkigayo. There were so many good points but I’ll just try to list the highlights for you.

1. the red accenting on their outfits – love it! It’s a nice, dull-ish, burgundy colour but it’s a really good accompaniment to the grey colour that dominates the majority of their outfits. It looks good, very good – their stylists are really on a roll these days.

2. Eeteuk’s little smirk at the very beginning of the performance – haha, that was so cute! I usually find Leeteuk cute in a nice-older-guy sort of way but he’s really upping his game in these performances. He’s being very cool and manly, ooh~

3. okay, the entire dance sequence at the beginning with just Hankyung, DongHae, EunHyuk, SungMin and ShinDong looked really good today – I don’t know why but they just looked really in synch today, it was impressive.

4. the usual fantastic Inkigayo camera angles – oh, I could kiss these camera-men, they really know what they’re doing! And although I got a little disoriented because of the really fast zooming in and out that took place sometimes, they managed to capture a lot of the really cool portions of the dance that you sometimes miss in the other show’s broadcasts like the clap, clap, push thing they do at the end of Siwon’s lines and that whole Domino-effect dance sequence that happens during Kangin’s lines and the new EunHae dance portion – wait, wait, getting to that!

5. Eeteuk went in the right direction during the first dandandan part! Not hating but I’ve noticed that sometimes Leeteuk gets confused there and he ends up going in the opposite direction as everyone else (like in yesterday’s MuCore performance) and I personally usually find it really cute and funny but it’s nice to see him getting it right too. ^^

6. More close-ups on DongHae, ShinDong – whoo, more Shindong, ftw! – and EunHyuk while they’re dancing.

7. Hearing the fans singing along during Yesung’s part. Aww. This is a nice change from yesterday’s MuCore performance where they forgot to lower the crowd’s voices so you could actually hear people talking in the background and singing along and you could even see the tops of their heads at the bottom of the screen which was really weird and made it seem like you were watching a fancam or something.

8. HeeChul’s new hairstyle. Now I mean, HeeChul manages to make anything look cool – which is why he’s had like 50 different hairstyles since debut – but I really prefer this one over the previous one. The previous, flat hair made him look like he was about to join a blues band or something and that was just kind of odd – now he looks like a rock star. 😀

9. the new EunHae dance part after the bridge. I was a little sad after watching the MuBank performance and seeing DongHae do the dance part on his own (I mean, I liked it before but after seeing EunHae do it together, it looks much better that way) and then I was relieved when I saw EunHyuk join him once again for the MuCore performance but nothing beat my excitement at today’s because they changed and it’s even cooler now – but I’m not going to tell you what they did so you’re just going to have to watch it to see. Also I kind of like this one more just because I can actually do it unlike the other one, which looks really easy, but isn’t.

10. A close-up on Siwon and then Kyuhyun’s ~Showri~. Really, I don’t why they digitalized his voice at that point of the song (or at all) because when you hear him sing it on stage, it sounds so soulful and lovely and it makes me really sad that I don’t get to hear that when I listen to the track. >.<

Now don’t you want to go watch the performance?

And of course, the best thing about today’s Inkigayo is that Suju won again. Yay! HeeChul is kind of coerced into making a (really, really) fast speech which he ended with a ‘Kibum-ah, saranghanda!’ and ‘kamsahamnida, thank you’, then they pass the mic down to Sungmin who then gives a nice, brief thank you speech (in his super cute voice, oh~) and then Eeteuk moves Ryeowook over so that he’ll give the speech instead of him. Oh, leader-ssi~ Ryeowook thanks some more people, including ELF; there’s screaming, then a messy encore where Eeteuk forces someone (I’m sorry – I really don’t know who he was) to stay on stage and dance with them, DongHae throws the bouquet (like a baseball), HeeChul pretends to throw the trophy into the crowd and SungMin does something with his handkerchief that I don’t quite understand but which I think was a way of thanking the fans. I don’t know – maybe something was written on it. Also Siwon looked really touched when they won and DongHae and Yesung looked sad. Hmm…

Anyway so congratulations to Suju once more. I’m very happy to see them get this and I hope they get a lot more success after this. Super Junior hwaiting!


P.S: – You think maybe I should make a Suju category? I mean, I have a Big Bang one but I’ve already made more posts about Suju in the last month than I have about BB since I started this blog so I should, right?


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