A Short Note

April 4, 2009

So….Suju did not get number 1 on MuBank this week. But that’s okay – because Davichi did, and they’re incredible and totally deserve it just as much as Suju does. (Remember, remember, in my last post about this where I was talking about Davichi being awesome? Yeah? …..No, you don’t remember) But anyway, the point I want to make though is that just because Suju did get number 1 this week and did not get number one the first week after their comeback does not mean that E.L.F. have abandoned them or are not supporting them or anything like that. I mean, I’m not in S.Korea right now so I can’t say for sure but I really don’t think E.L.F. have let go of their precious oppa-deul, okay? And well, as for why Suju’s not winning, I believe it has something to do with the fact that the K-chart is mainly based on digital sales and while Suju have really high album sales, their digital sales aren’t as high – Davichi on the other hand, have really good digital sales but not so high album sales. You follow me?

Anyway, I’m just tired of seeing comments like “oh, where are E.L.F.? I thought there were so many of them and that they really loved Suju – then where are they? Why aren’t they keeping them on top?” Now I never thought the day would come where I’d be defending E.L.F. BUT I don’t think those are really fair statements to make. I mean, I don’t totally understand how the K-Chart ranking system works and I’ve never been one to follow artist’s album/digital sales to see how well they’re doing because most of the time I don’t really care to check out that stuff so I can’t be totally accurate and I’m not saying that E.L.F. don’t have a lot to do with how well Suju does on the music show charts and whatnot but I don’t think it’s right to assume that they’re being unsupportive or abandoning Suju or anything. I just really don’t think that’s the case here. So – don’t think that, okay?

Anyway, yay Davichi! Congrats! And happy birthday to Suju’s EunHyuk! I wish him great health and more success and happiness and all God’s blessings. Have a happy day, HyukJae! (And eat more, please – you’re so skinny, omg. T_T)




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