My Favourite ‘Couples’

April 3, 2009

So if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that couples aren’t really my thing for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean, of course, that I can’t appreciate when two people seem to have a really good rapport within a group or that two people are clearly very close and unabashed as to showing their affection for one another. I’m all for that – it’s cute. So in that vein, I’ve decided to do a post about my favourite ‘couples’ in various groups – because I just felt like sharing today. And if you think I’m weird and crazy after reading this, well then, okay – you’re entitled to your opinion.

So we’ll start with SHINee, right? Because well, I always start with SHINee, don’t I?


1. OnTae

Aww, these two are really, really cute together. Honestly people say that they’re ‘appa and son’ and they’re not joking – they really have that sort of relationship. I always get the sense that Onew feels very protective towards Baby Min and that Taemin really feels affectionately towards him. With these two, you have to pay close attention to their body language around each other because you’ll notice that Onew often pats Taemin on the head or smiles at him affectionately and that Taemin, who I’ve gathered doesn’t seem too keen on a whole lot of skinship, will usually actually initiate skinship with Onew, hugging him or holding onto his arm or leaning onto his shoulder or something. The affectionate relationship between them is somewhat subtle, I’d say, but it’s definitely there – and it’s a terribly sweet thing to see. ^_^


2. JongKey

Haha, OMG, these two….they’re a large part of the reason that I started to love these boys. They’re so funny together! SO funny! I remember reading in an article awhile back that the two of them are the mood-makers in the group and I was completely unsurprised. The article went on to say that the two of them have a lot of inside jokes (still unsurprised) and that usually Jonghyun will initiate the joke and then Key will turn it into an ‘outside joke’ by explaining it to the others (which is awfully nice of him, I think, considering that the nature of an inside joke is to keep it private). Hmm, to be honest, I think their relationship is sort of unique because even though there’s an age difference there, I’m almost never aware of it (seriously, I constantly forget that they’re not the same age) and more so, a lot of times you’ll notice that even though he’s the hyung, Jong is the one who follows what Key does. I’ve felt for awhile now honestly that JongHyun’s kind of in awe of Key – I can’t be completely sure why but it probably has something to do with Key’s eccentricity and self-assuredness – and you can see it sometimes when he looks at him. Like when Key’s going off on one of his little, random tangents and doing something weird, Jong always watches him like “WOW”, as though he’s really amazed that he actually knows someone like that (someone so cool, you know) – and subsequently, he will usually then copy whatever silly thing Key’s doing (like the ‘Christmas, Christmas!” thing in their video message about their UFO competition/giveaway thing from last year). In addition to that, I get the feeling that the two of them get along so well because they’re on the same wavelength – like they really understand one another (which explains the inside jokes). It seems like I’ve got a lot to say about these two, eh? What can I say – their BFF-ery just amuses me to no end. It’s part of why I miss Yunhanam so much – because that’s where I really got to see it.


3. Jongyu/OnHyun

Now I think I’ve mentioned this one before but I believe Jonghyun really looks up to Onew. Now it’s a subtle thing and you usually have to be paying attention to them to notice it but it is there – IDK why but the examples are eluding me at the moment  – but there have been moments when I got the impression that there’s a certain amount of respect and even admiration between the two of them and particularly on Jonghyun’s end. I think that it’s more difficult to see with Onew just because he’s generally so nice and he really makes an effort to compliment all four of them and to showcase their good points but with Jong, it’s a little more overt, partly because Bling’s just so expressive. These two have a very good dynamic, I think, and a lot of it has to do with their hyung/dongsaeng relationship as well as Onew’s position as the leader of the group. You know, I’ve heard people say that they think that JH should be the leader of the group because he’s very vocal and a good speaker and often seems to be in the forefront but if you really pay attention, you’ll realize that although he seems to take the lead a lot, he often takes his cues from Onew. For example, sometimes when they’re doing an interview and Jonghyun’s answering a question, he’ll glance over at Onew every once in awhile as if to check that he’s saying the right thing and other times after a question’s asked, he’ll pause and look at Dubu to see if he’s going to answer it before he says anything. In addition to all that, the two of them just have a good rapport, they get along well and they seem to have a good understanding of one another and I think that they play off of each other well – which is why they’re often sent on shows alone together – and as I said before, I really feel that Jong admires his hyung (probably because they’re pretty different personality-wise and I figure he’s able to appreciate Onew’s numerous good points to a much greater degree than we do).

Honourable Mentions – OnKey, 2Min – they have cute, close relationships too and I’m really happy that Taemin has someone like MinHo to look out for him and Onew and Key are similar to JongKey in the sense that they also play off of one another very well and seem to be on a similar (but not the same) wavelength but tbh, I don’t pay too much attention to them (partly because of their popularity within the fandom) and partly because I just don’t.

Super Junior – (a few months ago, when I was initially planning this post – I’ve had it on the back burner for awhile – BB would have been next on the list. Hmm, how quickly things change….)


1. SiHan

What I like about these two is that they have these really funny moments where they goof off and act really silly together (I have three words for you guys: Super Junior M) and they also have these sweet moments where they talk about how they’ve been there for each other and have constantly been a source of encouragement and support and strength to one another and it’s just really nice. They clearly have a deep bond and if you can’t appreciate that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

2. EunSiHae (no picture because I can’t find one with all 3)

Now I know everyone likes EunHae (and hey, I do too – because they are clearly BFFs and are practically joined at the hip most of the time) BUT I’m more partial to the above alternative just because – well, I guess I should tell you how I heard about this pairing….when I was almost done with Full House, I came across this fan video called Something about DongHae you MUST Know (tbh, I don’t normally watch fan videos but a title like that always catches my eye) and it was a pretty good video – made up of facts about DongHae (like why his nickname is Fishy) interspersed with pictures of him that go along with the facts that came before (like pictures of him in hats after it says he likes wearing them). Anyway, there was a particularly notable fact about how EunSiHae came about – where she said (and a Suju friend of mine reiterated) that first, there was EunHae but then DongHae started to become close to Siwon and since he didn’t want either of the two to get upset, he made EunSiHae and solved that potential problem and I won’t lie – when I read that, all I could think was “Aww, that Donghae’s a really thoughtful guy”. And then the next day, I watched episode 12 of Full House where they go to a sauna and there’s a really funny part where they three of them go off on their own and goof off with gym equipment and after that, it was set. 😀

Honourable Mentions – HanChul, KangTeuk – I have mad respect for HeeChul for sticking up for Hangeng the way he has in the past – people say a lot of things about him but you can’t deny that he really does his best by the people he cares about and I think that’s really admirable.
Kangin and Eeteuk, on the other hand, make a really scary duo – because after watching Adonis Camp, I am sure that Kangin’s willing to coerce anyone into doing what Leeteuk wants them to do – and Kangin can be very scary when he wants to be. There seems to be a lot of affection and mutual respect there as well. ^_^


Yoosu (no numbering here because there’s only one)

I call them my DBSK JongKey because it’s a fairly similar scenario – they both crack me up with their shenanigans, get along pretty well and really seem to understand one another. What more can you ask for? (This would be longer but I still don’t know DBSK so well – blame Suju – so for the moment, there’s only so much I can say).

Big Bang


Another set of guys who crack me up when they’re together – initially i didn’t pay much attention to their interactions but then I watched their episode of Come 2 Play and Daesung mentioned that he learned all of his jokes from T.O.P. (which really shocked me) and ever since then, I’ve paid close attention to their relationship. They seem pretty close and they really have a cool hyung/dongsaeng relationship that often has me squee-ing like a typical fangirl. (I’m not joking – this video nearly gave me a heart-attack.) I like to see them together because TOP’s usually so stolid and reserved on tv but he relaxes a bit around Daesung and you get to see his fun, playful side come out more. So thanks for that, Daesung. And in addition, you can tell that Dae really looks up to his hyung and that they just have a whoooooole bunch of fun together. 😀

Honourable mention – GRi – To be honest, I’m not particularly fond of these two (although I recognize their talent) but you’ve gotta admit that they have a really cute relationship. If I mentioned that other people admired their hyungdeul, well then SeungRi takes the cake as far as that’s concerned – he practically worships GD and he’s so eager and stuff around him. I love how he always copies what GD’s wearing (even though, considering GD’s often questionable fashion choices, that’s not really a good thing) and borrows his clothes and stuff without even asking – they have what I’d pretty much call the ideal big bro/lil bro relationship and I can’t help but think that that’s adorable. Aww~

The Wonder Girls – I should note here that I was surprised when I first started watching Season 3 of their reality show, the Wonder Years at how blase the girls are about their pairings and how they actually joke about it amongst themselves. It’s actually part of what helped me to reduce my dislike for the whole thing because I figured “hey, if they’re the ones being paired up and it doesn’t bother them, then why should I let it bother me?” So thanks, WG. Anyways…

MiSo (SunMi/SoHee)

These two….now these two have an interesting relationship. I think it’s because their friendship grew out of a semi-rivalry, that even though they’re close, you might not see it right away. Honestly I hadn’t seen them interact too much outside of performances and so on (which don’t really count) until I started watching The Wonder Years – I never finished (it was kind of boring….) but I did get a glimpse of their relationship and I have to say that it was lovely seeing little, usually quiet SoHee, acting playful and joking around and even squealing in excitement (!) with SunMi. And it certainly helped that the show’s PDs were clearly favouring those two so they got a lot of screen time – but I guess you could say then that it’s better for me.

Honourable Mention – YeEun/YooBin, SunMi/YooBin – YooBin is awesome and so her interactions with the two craziest girls in the group are guaranteed to be amusing. She does very well at keeping up with those two and seems to get along with them swimmingly. They’re just fun to watch together – it’s as simple as that.

And so, we’ve reached the end of my couple post. Fifty cool points for you if you read to the end. Ah, it feels good to get some of those random thoughts out of my head. Well, later.




  1. I think YunJae is JongKey ^.^ just my opinion

    My fav couple is JongKey . I miss their reality too

  2. i mean reality show

    • Oh well, I haven’t seen much YunJae interactions so you could be right.

      I miss their show too.

  3. onew and taemin & onew and jonghyun couple is cute<33333333333333

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