Good Ole Americana

April 3, 2009

So this is a little unusual for me but I decided to something different and recommend to you an American artist that I’m growing to be pretty fond of. She’s a new artist – new in the sense that she isn’t particularly well known as of yet in the States and she was only recently signed to a label – but she’s already released her first studio album, which I bought a few days ago – her name is Erin McCarley and her album, ‘Love Save The Empty’ is titled after one of the songs on the album.

edit: Oh, the official video for ‘Love Save The Empty’ was uploaded to Erin’s Youtube channel today and it’s also already on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown (number 18) so go vote for it, okay?


I came across her sort of by accident after hearing one of her songs, ‘Pitterpat’ on the CW show, One Tree Hill late last year. It was probably only about a minute of the song but I fell in love with it right away and was desperate to hear the whole thing – a rare feat for me. So I puttered around online until I found the listing of the songs used in that episode – I found it on this great fansite which is updated even faster than the official CW site and which in addition to hosting a list of the songs used in the episode, includes where in the episode the music is used as well – it’s very helpful – and found out her name and the title of the song. Then naturally I went to Youtube looking for it but it wasn’t there. In fact, there wasn’t anything there by or about Erin McCarley. I was really shocked and I’m not sure what happened next – I think maybe I Googled her or something – but I ended up coming across her official website – which was still under construction at the time – which redirected me to her MySpace page.

The MySpace page was where I hit the jackpot. She was still working on her album at the time but there were three songs available for listening on her page including Pitterpat, the one I’d been looking for. The other songs were Pony (It’s Ok) and Love Save The Empty and after listening to each of them, I was sure that she was going to be one of my new favourite singers. Each song has a completely different sound from the other but they all share a common thread in the recurring sense of melancholy conjured up by each one, even Pony which is a pretty upbeat track. It’s funny because even though Pitterpat is the song that led me there, after listening to the other two, I think Pony became my favourite. I’m no musician and nowhere near a music connoisseur so it would be difficult for me to describe each one and to explain exactly what appeals to me about them so I’ll just say they’re all beautiful tracks and they come highly recommended from yours truly.

Erin says that her music is at once very personal and also meant to deal with issues that affect the current generation and while that sounds really heavy and topical and slightly depressing (you know, like Epik High sometimes), it’s really not. Her music is lovely and light and it’s actually really easy to just get lost in it and enjoy what she’s saying even with songs like ‘Love Save the Empty’ (which was also on the OST for ‘He”s Just Not That Into You’ which I finally got around to seeing last weekend) in which she talks about children who grow up without parental guidance and as such, end up making a lot of easily avoided mistakes as well as another song off of the album entitled ‘Lovesick Mistake’ (my new favourite) which is a love song about rejecting someone in order to protect them from the hurt you’re afraid you’ll inflict on them. The music is somewhere along the lines of pop/rock (or at least that’s where the cd was located in the FYE store that I bought it at) and she writes and composes all of her own songs. I’m still taking in her album at the moment but now that I’ve gotten a chance to listen to some of the other tracks, there’s a bit of a blues-y, slightly retro (I’m thinking late 60’s) feel to some of the tracks that, as someone who’s particularly fond of music from that decade, I really like.

Hmm, I’m not sure that I did a very good job of introducing her to you here but I hope that you’re at least intrigued and willing to check her out. Her music may not be for everybody but I think that she has a lot of potential and I hope that she achieves a significant amount of success in the American market because I really think she deserves it. I really love her stuff. ❤ At the moment, she’s on the road, touring and playing a number of small gigs and just doing promotions for the new album. If you’re interested in listening to her, you can hear previews of her entire album on her official website or you can here some full length tracks on her Youtube channel. If you like her or are already acquainted with her and would like to keep updated with her schedule or just drop her a line, you can go to her Facebook page and since she’s not that popular yet, I think she might actually read it! And then of course for all you MySpace users, there’s still that MySpace page that I mentioned earlier. So check her out, okay? I’m telling you she’s still new – so now’s the time to get into her – so check her out, ok? Go, go, go! And if you really do like her stuff, do like Will Smith said and “don’t download, go out and buy the record”. That’s what I did – and you should too!

So good luck to you, Erin. I wish you all the best! (I hope she gets picked for the next batch of ‘you oughta know’ artists on VH1 or something – man, that’d be so cool….it’s really great exposure. SM should try to do that for BoA too.) Anyway, thanks for reading.

Peace out.




  1. Nice article! If you like Erin, you might also like an up-and-coming artist named MEIKO – have a listen at http://www.myspace.com/meiko – I think you’ll fall in love with her! 🙂

  2. Hi Maki! Great article! I am a good friend of Erin’s and I am going to forward this to her personally. You said you think you didn’t do a very good introduction to her – but I think she would be very happy with everything you wrote! You have excellent intuition and insight! By the way, her video for Love Save the Empty is on VH1 – be sure and vote for it!

  3. Kim Chen
    Oh, thank you for the nice comment and the rec. I’ve actually heard one of Meiko’s songs before – Boys With Girlfriends – but I’ll be sure to check out the rest.

    Hi! Thanks so much! Wow, I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I read this comment today – I was just hoping to introduce people to Erin, I never expected she would actually read this. It’s really kind of you to forward this to her and I seriously appreciate your comments. Thanks again. 😀 And I didn’t even know about the video – I’m heading over to VH1 right now!

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