March 29, 2009

Suju won again! Whoo! Yay! The acceptance speeches were a lot less tearful this time around and as usual, Heechul stole everyone’s attention by picking up Hongki and spinning him around in a big bear hug while the rest of his members were having their own group hug. LOL, typical Heechul. I think only Leeteuk cried this time, although Kangin looked a little emotional in the background – good to see that even manly Kangin gets emotional sometimes. ^^

Oh, and the performance was fantastic! It was one of their better ones for sure. Lots of energy, everyone looked and sounded good – although I do wonder if this choreo isn’t a bit much for Kyuhyun, he always seems to be a bit out of breath towards the end – and I’ve even stopped being surprised when Heechul shows up. As usual, the camera angles are very well done, although not as good as the previous Inkigayo performances and there’s a cool switch in the choreo towards the end of the performance that I really loved. It was just very good. I really liked the touch of gold in their outfits as well, although it didn’t work for everyone as well as it did for some. Also I am still confounded by EunHyuk’s pants/socks – really I just don’t even know what to say about those. DongHae looks good though – I always like his outfits the best.

And finally, watch this performance – I demand it! (Please.)

credit: CodeAnalysis

It’s the latest Davichi performance of 8282 (Pali Pali) and I was appalled at how few views it had. These girls are extremely talented and their lives never disappoint – really, I’m always amazed at how good they are – and MinKyung’s even wearing a really cute military style jacket here so I don’t know why people aren’t watching their performances. Really, why are these girls so under-rated? So go do yourself a favour and watch the performance please even if you don’t like the song. It’s really incredible.

Oh, and fortunately the Suju housewarming party was really in last night’s WGM episode so I’m sure it will be up and subbed soon! For the time being, it’s already up on YT, just sans subs. I’ll be awaiting them patiently. Well, that’s it – enjoy the performances!


P.S:- I started watching Suju’s Adonis Camp show and LOL, I made it through three episodes in one night. Oh, the hilarity – it is ensuing. It’s amazing how one only needs to gather any number of Suju members together – just anyone – and something funny will undoubtedly occur. They are such a riot.


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