Relajate, todo el mundo – I’m still here.

March 28, 2009

Well, since I’ve been uber-lazy as of late and I haven’t posted a thing – I figure I should do some kind of update so here goes…. first off, please go to this site and help others while you surf the web and improve your vocabulary – it’s Free Rice.com.

Anyways, hmm, I’m very excited about the new YG girl group, 21! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for Park Bom to officially debut even though it’s only been like a few months (for me anyway) so I’m really happy that all the speculations and the trickle of news is finally over and now her group has a name and official members and a tentative debut date. And they’ve got a song too! Check it out here – it’s 21 and Big Bang’s official song for the LG CYON phones that BB endorses. Hm, it’s not the best thing ever or anything but it’s nice and catchy and it’s good to have something of theirs to listen to. I’m kind of hoping their sound isn’t going to be exactly like this though…

Moving on…so Suju won their first number one with ‘Sorry, Sorry’ yesterday! Yay! I was so happy to come home to that piece of news – I wasn’t even thinking about that actually, I was just like ‘hmm, MuBank today, new Suju performance, SNSD good-bye stage’ and then I popped onto AKP and what do I see? “Suju wins K-Chart” with a picture of Teukkie crying. I was like ‘Yay!’ (well, not for the crying part) but the win is lovely and it was really nice to see Soshi there supporting their sunbaes at the end as well. (Might I add that ShinDong’s trying-not-to-cry face was really funny. Sorry but it really was – to me, anyway.) I was a little disappointed that their encore wasn’t longer but then I found a fancam of it and it was really something. This must mean a lot to them, especially LeeTeuk – I mean, he got down on his knees, dude! I still can’t get over that! Ah, well I’m happy for them anyway and I hope that this is just the first of many. Suju fighting!

Oh, by the way, it was both Soompi and Shinhwa’s 11th anniversaries recently – I’m fairly new to Soompi and don’t know much about Shinhwa – but I know how important and crucial both are to K-pop so congratulations! I wish you many more!

So let’s talk about SHINee, shall we? (Because how could I not?) Hmm, I know I was supposed to do a second part to those Thailand pictures but there were so many and it’s such a chore posting them. I’l try to get the second part up but I’m not making any promises. Anyway so right now the boys are in NEW ZEALAND taking pictures for I’m not quite sure what yet – I’m hearing a photobook and also shots for their new album – but nothing’s been confirmed yet. I’m really hoping it’s for their new album though because it will mean that the album must be set to come out soon. (Ah, I’m so selfish, eh? Suju and Soshi fans had to wait forever for their groups to come back and yet here mine’s only been gone for like a month and a half and I’m complaining. Sorry – I’ll try to be less vocal about it in future.) Anyways, also even though it would be sensational for the boys to have a photobook – those are kind of expensive and I really don’t know if I’d be able to afford it…Also if it’s for their album, I’ll be buying that  anyway so I’ll definitely get the pics but if it’s for a photobook, there are no guarantees. And coincidentally, I was browsing pictures of Suju’s photobooks just Thursday night and thinking that SHINee wouldn’t have one for awhile and then I hear about this. That always happens to me with them! Should I be happy? IDK…

Oh, oh, hey! This is probably late but I have to say that if you haven’t watch the episode of 2pm’s Idol Army with SHINee, go watch it now! Seriously that show was HILARIOUS. I laughed from beginning to end. And honestly I wasn’t keen on watching it at first because I thought there’d be a lot of fan service and you know I’m not keen on that kind of thing but it really wasn’t so bad! Like there was fan service but you could tell that they weren’t taking it seriously and that they were all just goofing off so I could let it go and just crack up as I was meant to. It really was a very entertaining show – I can totally understand why people are so fond of 2PM – they’re quite a cracktastic lot, those guys. Oh, and when they had to show their talents, MinHo did the rap from an MC Mong song (very well, I might add – I was impressed!) and he had Jonghyun help him out with the singing and I was really happy to see that for some reason. I dunno – it just makes me happy to see him asking his hyung to help him out like that. ^^ Also Jonghyun sang this song called ‘Baby Baby’ (of course, K-pop n00b me has never heard it before) and he sounded so nice. Wah~ *_* But I couldn’t really focus on it because of the context he was singing it in, you know, so I really hope that he sings it on another variety show or something where I can fully focus on it (and hopefully get an audio rip 😀 ). It was really good! So go watch  the show because if you haven’t, you are missing out.

And finally, I’d really like you to check out this performance. It’s by May Doni and it’s one of her more recent (and more importantly, a subbed) performance of her song, ‘In The Beginning’, the only ballad (and best song, imo) on her debut mini-album. Honestly I was convinced that this girl was talented before but seeing her sing this song so well live just cemented it. I’m very pleased that her company’s allowing her to promote this song because I think it showcases her ample vocal ability much better than Molla-Ing did and because every single performance of this that I’ve watched has been breathtaking. She always manages to sound fantastic and she always hits her notes just right so good for her! I’m also glad that they cut out the rap part because I never really liked it anyway and it allows you to focus much more on the power and beauty of her voice. That said, please do check it out and if you like it, this is an even more recent (and better, although it was difficult to identify) performance of the song. Please and thank you.

And that’s it for now – I’ll just leave you with this cute SJSHINee picture that I came across on Soompi. It’s a cap from a show that Super Junior were recently on – I think it’s called OnlBam or something. I know Suju Happy did it awhile ago because I saw that episode – that’s when I started to notice how cute Sungmin’s speaking voice is. Now I love hearing him speak. Oy, I sound so creepy – I just have a voice thing, sorry.  Anyways, the following picture was posted on DongHae’s notice board with a whole bunch of others of him and his members because apparently he documents everything. Aww~


credit: SHINee 闪耀星球 and seoullights on Soompi

Aww, look at how everyone’s clinging to Dubs – I see DongHae, Heechul, Ryeowook, Sungmin and I think ShinDong? I can’t figure out who that other person is though, might be Kyuhyun but I’m not sure. And it says:

2009.3.8 11:13PM
Together with Onew

Oh, isn’t that just super adorable? You gotta love SMTown. Anyways, enjoy your weekend. Have a good one.



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