Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin

March 22, 2009

The title is the name of one of the two few traditional Chinese songs that I know and I chose it because I just came across a video of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, although here he’s acting as a member of Suju M, singing it on a Chinese tv show and OMG, it’s beautiful. He doesn’t even sing much and he doesn’t know all of the words and cuteness ensues as Han Geng comes up behind him and tries to feed him the words so that he can keep singing (oh, I knew Geng would make a good leader!) but in the end, he just turns the mic over to Han Geng and Siwon to finish up. (Siwon also has a really nice voice, imo) but all of that doesn’t matter because the 40 or so seconds that he sings sounds fantastic. My Gosh, his voice is just so beautiful – I really wish he sang the whole song. OMGee, you don’t know how happy I am to get to hear him sing that song just because I actually know it! And I feel bad now because I didn’t even pay that much attention when we were learning it in class but now I’ll definitely pay close attention when we learn songs because I might get to hear someone I know sing it and sound amazing and because it might help me prepare for my final exam.

video credit: kettch08

And speaking of Suju M and this song, I was going to watch an old interview Han Geng did a few years back and in the little preview at the beginning, I saw that he said that he sang this same song for his SM audition (I think it was that audition anyway) and I got so excited because I figured that he might sing it on the show but this video was even better. I’m still hoping to hear him sing it though, especially because he actually knows all the words and you know, is fluent in Chinese and all.

Hmm, you might know I’m a new Suju fan but did you know I’m a big Suju M fan too? (Of course not, I only became one this week.) I really only checked them out to see who Henry and Zhou Mi were but somehow they pulled me in and I started watching a whole bunch of their interviews and whatnot and listening to their album and now they’re my favourite Suju sub-group. I just really like the vibe that I get from them as a group – so laid back and relaxed and calm – they really seem to get along very well and I think Han Geng makes a really good leader. He’s the steady type, you know. ^^ In addition, some of my favourite Suju guys – Siwon, Hankyung, DongHae – are in the group and it allowed me to see a bit more of Kyuhyun and Ryeowook as well. And of course, Henry and Zhou Mi themselves are awesome (and Henry speaks English, yay!) Hmm, I just really like the group – they fit well together and they have cute interactions (and clothes and hair) so yay for Suju M. Hmm, I know that, as usual, I’m really late to the party, especially since they just finished their promotions and probably won’t be starting them back for awhile but well, I’m here! So I’ll just have to make do with what’s available until they come back with their second album.

Anyways, watch the video – look, it’s up there! – and then check out another version of the song by Kyuhyun played on the clarinet at their Hong Kong concert in December. I really love that Kyu plays the clarinet, btw – I don’t really anyone who does and it just seems so cute and band-geek-y of him. I’ve always liked nerdy boys, although I wouldn’t really call Kyuhyun one.




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