SHINee in Thailand! Part 1

March 21, 2009

You know I don’t do this often but I figure if you’re like me, you’re probably missing the boys a lot. So here are some new pictures of the boys to tide you over for a little while. The boys are in Thailand right now for the Pattaya Music Festival and these are all from there. Picture Credits: Soompi and Shineee.net/SHINee Forums


Press Conference


Let me just say first off that I love their outfits here (except for Onew’s pants – I swear, their stylists just refuse to get rid of those things) and look you guys, suspenders! Haven’t seen them in those since the LLO days. And aww, their hair’s gotten so long – Jong kind of has a mullet now. LOL. I would complain about it but I know they’ll get haircuts when comeback time rolls around so it’s no big now. Anyway moving on…

thai-pattaya-sfi-22Aww, Dubu~

thai-pattaya-sfi-23I don’t know why but I think that Onew and Jong’s almost identical expressions here are super cute.

thai-pattaya-sfi-19Everyone else looks left, Onew looks right. Typical Dubu Sangtae at work. ^^

thai-pattaya-sfi-17Ooh, Key has a new ‘key’ necklace. It’s really cool and unique looking, eh?

thai-pattaya-sfi-21I just like Jong’s expression here. Everyone else looks kind of spacey though.

thai-pattaya-sfi-24I wonder if their codys actually make those necklaces for them or if they buy them somewhere because they always have the strangest looking necklaces, imo, like Taemin’s above. Hmm, Minho’s pursing his lips here…wonder what’s got him upset.

thai-pattaya-press-con-2-soompiI just thought the banner was cute. I also saw a picture of some fans holding up signs with pictures of SHINee’s manager. Can you believe that? Even Manager has fans. And here I was thinking that some fans don’t appreciate the staff enough…I totally take that back.


Individual Pictures next.




thai-pattaya-sfi-12His mushroom’s growing back…


thai-pattaya-sfi-161I love his little pin – it says ‘I ❤ guardian angels.” I think it suits him, don’t you?



thai-pattaya-sfi-18Pinkey. ❤








thai-pattaya-sfi-13Sorry but this one was just begging to be full size. :DDDD Biasbias.

Okay, I was going to post more but I think that will have to come later – there are just so many! Anyways, enjoy! I hope this makes up for not posting so often. And for those who care, I’ve been MIA because I’ve been on YT hunting down Suju M videos. They are so totally my new favourite sub-group. Suju M, jia you!

Oh, aaaaand you should know that SHINee Subs are currently looking for new staff in the form of translators and subbers so if you’ve got those capabilities and you’re interested, then go here. Please, if you can, offer your services to them. Note: you have to be a member of SHINee Forums to see that post. Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to fix my front page, I’d love to know. It’s really bothering me.




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