Just…Catching Up

March 17, 2009

Okay, so I’m not making any promises yet but I think that maybe you can begin to expect some regular Suju coverage from me from now on because well, I’m now a fan of theirs – and a big one by the looks of it. I spent this whole last week-end rooting through Youtube and watching any lengthy subbed clip of theirs I could find – I watched them on PKL’s Wonderful Outing, saw their ‘Coffee Prince’ parody and checked out their stint on the ‘3 Women, 3 Colour’ show. Honestly, it’s not much but it’s a start. (Hey, if you have any more to recommend, feel free!)

Of course, on top of that, I checked out their comeback performances on Music Bank, Music Core and SBS Inkigayo as well. I was going to talk about them separately but I’d probably just end up saying the same things over and over again since they were all fantastic and I was very impressed. Suju really upped their game with this comeback and this new image is working quite well for them. There was so much energy and life and awesomeness in their performances (and I found myself digging their clothes too) – it was just very good. Honestly, I actually find myself looking forward to the week-end music shows now because I want to see more Suju performances. I haven’t been excited for that since SHINee went on break and SNSD had their first comeback performance. Now it’s not that I don’t like other people’s performances or that they’re not as good or better sometimes but – they just don’t hold my interest. I watch a performance and then forget about it five minutes later or I get bored halfway through. So I’m really grateful for this actually – thank goodness for Suju giving me something to look forward to. And for cracking me up on a continuous basis.

Speaking of cracking me up, I also just watched their movie, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys. LOL, I’m even laughing at the title – and while it wasn’t as gut-wrenchingly hilarious as I thought it would be, it definitely had some laugh out loud moments. And honestly the whole thing is so weird and random and sort of lame in a really silly way and Siwon had the ability to shoot lightning out of his hands and levitate things and I still cannot get over that so hey, watch it – you might get a laugh. And uhm, DongHae looked really good there. Like I don’t know what happened (although I’m sure it had something to do with his hair) but literally as soon as he came on screen, I was just like “WOW. Hi there, DongHae. Good to see you.” So I mean, if you want to boost your DongHae liking, feel free to check out the film – I think he did a pretty good job, btw, acting-wise as well. Ryeowook is also particularly notable here – so funny! He overdoes everything and his character was seriously like my second favourite in the show and he got some major cool points for that. Siwon is funny, Kangin is comically pathetic (up until the end that is) and I am convinced that Heechul is just playing himself – a vainer, more self-centred version surely – but I can’t help thinking that he was probably somewhat like that while he was in school.

Speaking of the members, as is usually the case with me, I’m having a hard time picking a favourite. And I know I don’t need to have a favourite – and I rarely ever do considering I’m always hopping from one person to another depending on the circumstances but I dunno, I guess I’m just used to thinking I have one. Currently it’s Siwon because in addition to being really, really good-looking, he’s kind and thoughtful and well-mannered and he seems to have a really good heart and sweet, old-fashioned ideals which I appreciate but since he’s pretty much my initial favourite, it’s very possible that things will change. And it doesn’t help that their performances are making me aware of DongHae‘s megawatt charisma and Yesung‘s overwhelming stage presence (not to mention his incredible voice). And speaking of incredible voices, let me shout out Kyuhyun, who was the last member I learned but who I will never forget now that I’ve heard him sing. I keep telling myself it isn’t right to like someone strictly for their vocal ability (since I haven’t seen much of his personality yet) but every time I listen to their songs, his voice just pulls me in – it’s incredible and I can’t believe I didn’t take notice of him sooner. It’s no kidding – that boy can sing. But I really like Yesung’s voice too – so powerful, hmm – but I’m finding Kyuhyun’s more appealing at the moment. And I think that given the opportunity (if only!), I’d probably go for DongHae as opposed to Siwon just because imo, Siwon’s like that cool, older guy that you’ve always kind of idolized and you have a big crush on but who you know you haven’t got a chance with so instead you just watch and admire him from afar while DongHae’s more like your kind of cool best friend who you’ve recently started developing feelings for but since you’re friends, you don’t really want to change things too much since they’re good as they are (besides, what if that cool, older guy finally notices you?! Okay, you know it’s not gonna happen but you can pretend). LOL, I overthink things, don’t I? Yeah, so I’ll end here and just say that Suju’s recruited a new fan in me and I cemented it by buying their album this week-end, although I’m kind of having some problems with Yesasia (but really, what else is new?)

And also, it seems that all of the members of Suju will be guesting on next week’s WGM episode as evidenced by the preview. I cannot wait for this because honestly, Kangin on his own is a handful for YoonJi so I haven’t a clue how she’s going to deal with ALL OF SUJU (and how are they all going to fit in that tiny apartment?!) at once and she already looks like she’s about to collapse from exhaustion in that short preview video. Poor girl, I wish her luck with all that and hopefully it only looks worse than it is – but I am certain that it will be entertaining. XD I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for when the subbed cuts of that show up, that’s for sure. Ha, I love KangJi – and Suju. Yay. ❤

Anyway, later.




  1. Hey! It’s been a while and now you’re an SJ fan!!! >>> most idols. LOL! Talent wise, personality wise, crack wise (rofl), etc.

    Their movie.. is just full of Suju win!
    It’s lame and weird and awesome at the same time. LOL! Only them can do something like that and get away with it. Plus Key/yuri made their cameo appearance on the movie! ^^

    I suppose you’ve watched FH & EHB?? That’s like the best Korean show on Earth. XD But they had like a gazillion others and I can’t remember most and it’s hard to find the subbed ones nowadays. I dunno if you’ve already watched these but here’s some list; Super Junior Adonis Camp, KM Idol world ft. SJT with their loltastic Goong parody and more, Mystery 6 which I don’t think scary at all, SJ mini drama and their other variety show cuts like Xman, love letter, etc. Kibum, Heechul and Siwon(also in a chinese movie battle of wits with andy lau) were part of some kdramas. Whew! That’s already a lot. LMAO! That makes me more excited to see them on variety shows now! So go check those out if you have time! ❤

    WGM next week… Yes! That’s going to be a riot. I can’t wait!! I too love KangJi and of course Suju and Park Hyunbin! Haha!

  2. My first paragraph was supposed to be -> Hey! It’s been a while and now you’re an SJ fan!!! They were the people who got me into kpop. I love them as much as I love SHINee although I’m biased when it comes to Donghae! I love that boyXD And yes SMTowners>>>>most idols. LOL! Talent wise, personality wise, crack wise, etc! XDDD

    Anyway.. off to read your other entries.. ^^

    I hope you’ll grow to love them because they’re just that awesome. ^^
    They’re the entire reason I got into kpop too after watching SJ Full House. (This show is a def must watch btw. XD) also nylenuol already listed some good Suju shows to start you off!

    (and yes about my username. XD I just saw your reply to my other comment.)

  4. ah.. finally! you’ve found the gem that is suju hehe.
    before my love for shinee, there’s their sunbae the suju boys. they’re all crack! if not for starking and charice pempengco, i wouldn’t have known about them.

    i’m glad that you are now a suju fan cuz that means suju posts in this blog. yehey for all your readers! 😀

    enjoy all those programs mentioned by nylenuol. hope there are still a lot out there in youtube cuz a lot of vids have been gone during the great deletion days. too bad for new fans. those vids are winners! you’ll truly fall in love with suju.

  5. So many comments, yay! Sorry for the late reply!


    Hii! It has been awhile, hasn’t it? And yes, now I’m a big Suju fan. Hmm, DongHae’s hovering somewhere between one and two on my favourite list now – I really can’t choose, they’re all so cool! I actually think it’s funny that most people got into K-pop because of Suju and DBSK but for me, it was their hoobaes that dragged me in. But I know in a few years, when SHINee reaches the status of their sunbaes, I can boast that I was one of the first people to get into K-pop because of them. XD Ah, I really don’t know where SM finds all of these talented, funny, cool people. It’s no wonder their groups are so popular.

    Dude, I was so shocked when I saw Yuri! Was she in the entire film or just at the end? Because she was supposed to be one of the ballerinas but I know I didn’t see her whenever those ballerinas appeared. I also saw Key at the end and as soon as he came on screen, I stopped paying attention to Suju. XDD I’m so sad.

    Yep, I watched Full House and I’m almost to the end of EHB now. I just finished the episode on breathing underwater which was surprisingly hilarious, although really nothing should surprise me now with Suju. Kyuhyun was particularly adorable there. I haven’t watchd any of those others though but I have seen the videos floating around YT. Don’t worry – everything wasn’t taken during The Great Deletion. Lucky for me. 🙂

    As for WGM, did you see the really short KangJi cut from episode 48? Man, Kangin better do something great in this next episode because I think he really hurt Yoonji during the couple competitions. I know he didn’t mean to but he did anyway. Underneath her toughness, Yoonji’s really a sensitive girl, it seems.

    squishy teddy bear

    Hi again. Well, I already really like them and I’m sure if I keep watching their shows, I’ll grow to love them in no time. It’s nice to see how much support they already have though.

    Honestly I don’t know how anyone could not become a Suju fan after watching Full House. It’s really one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. XD


    Hmm, who is this Charice Pempengco? I keep seeing that name around. Really? You first saw them on Star King? How funny. That’s like me and Star Golden Bell – I learn a lot of Korean celebs because of that show – and I only watch it because of the idol groups. It’s really great publicity.

    Haha, yep, I’ll definitely be posting more about Suju especially since my blog gets way more hits when I do. XD Ha, but I would have done so anyway. You know how I am when I get all spazzy. ^_^ Thanks for commenting!

  6. Hurray for new (not-so-new now, I suppose) Suju fans! 😀 Ahah, honestly, I had a feeling you were going to like them sooner or later because I’ve found that once you like one SM group, you start to like the other groups in the company also.

    So from what I’ve read from your Suju posts so far, you think Siwon is hot, Kyuhyun’s voice is awesome, and I think I remember reading somewhere that you like Sungmin? 8D Ahh, like you, I can’t really pick favorites within groups. Unless you count my Key bias…..

    I just wanted to know, have you listened to Kyuhyun sing Dalpaengi (Snail)? That was one of the later songs I listened to when I was a new Suju fan. It seemed like every Kyuhyun fan and their mom had heard that song, and I just didn’t get what the hype was about. Then I listened to it and… I dunno, I’ve just loved listening to his voice since then. XD

  7. Oh, I loved Dalpaengi! Loved it. I looked it up as soon as I read your comment and it was just so nice – and it was even better because i found a video with Spanish subs so I was actually able to listen and understand what he was saying and it was a lot more meaningful that way. Well, I guess it figures I would like it since I already loved his voice – but it definitely made me appreciate it a lot more. He was very well paced during that song.

    It does seem like your assumption regarding SM Town is correct though because honestly, I wasn’t planning to get into any of these other groups but somehow I did. Then again, a friend of mine who really loves Suju and DBSK insists that once you like one group, you’ll get into the other one. She said “Suju and DBSK love just goes hand-in-hand”. 🙂

    Aigoo, wuli (I heard that ‘oori’ is supposed to be spelt like that) Sungminnie! I really like his aegyo – which is amazing because it’s not something I usually like from guys. And yes, Siwon, he’s practically perfect! Of course, I love Kyuhyun’s voice – and Yesung’s as well – and DongHae and HanGeng are pretty high up on the list also. All of the original Suju members who are also SJM members have my esteem though because I just really love SJM, it seems.

  8. I knew you’d like it, unni. ^^ But honestly, I really can’t imagine disliking any of Kyuhyun’s songs because his voice is just so nice and soothing (and I can just listen to it all day XD). Yes, it’s definitely easier to appreciate songs when you can understand its meaning, which is why I’m working so hard to learn Korean! Lol~ And yes, I have to agree, he was well-paced… although he did seem to have a little trouble towards the end when he had to sing the higher notes. But wow, I would really love to learn how to sing like him, er, technique-wise. XD

    I wasn’t planning to get into other groups either when I first got into DBSG, but Suju and their crack just sucked me in! XD

    Haha, that version of “oori” always confuses me; it reminds me too much of Chinese romanization. Anyway, Sungmin is actually my Suju “bias.” And then Kyuhyun and Yesung are my secret biases, because they just sneaked up on me. xD

    SJM is awesome 😀 But I didn’t really get into them as much as I would have liked because Shinee debuted the following month.

    Oh, and if you haven’t looked up the video yet, Charice is a Filipino girl who sang with Kyu on Star King. It was amazing to hear two such powerful voices at the same time!

  9. Ah, actually I’ve been thinking of trying to teach myself Korean as well. I found a few places online but now that I’m starting, it seems like a daunting task…got any words of advice for your poor hoobae?

    Yes, I do think he had a spot of trouble coming to the end of the song but he still managed to wrap it up nicely. And don’t worry – I’m sure things will work out for you in that respect, just think positively and things will be fine. After all, God can make a way where it seems like there’s none.

    Ah, really? Well, Sungmin just seems like such a nice guy that I totally get it. Thinking about it, he and Yesung sneaked up on me actually so I guess you could call them my ‘secret’ biases too – except of course, that I don’t keep them a secret. 🙂

    LOL, SHINee, the perpetual distraction…well, never fear! You can always check out SJM more when they release their second album at the end of this year, God willing.

    Oh, I’ve seen that video around but I never watched it – I’ll be sure to check it out now though. Thanks!

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