Super Junior Vol. 3 – ‘Sorry, Sorry’

March 13, 2009

Listen to it here.

Hmm, well I don’t know about you but I like it. I’ve never listened to an entire Suju album before so I wasn’t sure what to expect – but I’m impressed. It’s very good, imo, and there are some really outstanding songs on it. Mind you, I’m only on my second listen so I’m still processing the songs. Some of my current favourites are:

Monster – I love this song. I think it’s got the potential to end up on my ‘favourite song of all time list’. High on the list. I just keep replaying it – it’s just….it makes me feel. I’m not sure exactly what I’m feeling but it’s very powerful.

Why I Like You – it was the second song that really stood out to me on the album and it’s extremely pretty – a lovely mix of sweetness and melancholy. In addition, I am really falling in love with Yesung’s voice, particularly in his ‘Yeah!’ here.

What If – So sad. Really heartbreakingly beautiful. Since I don’t think ‘Monster’ can be counted as a ballad, this has got to be my favorite ballad on the album. It’s just very moving and pure and their voices are so clear and distinct here, it’s really impressive.

Dead at Heart – This song is fantastic. Second favourite ballad, for sure.

Reset – I love this song now. Seriously, it’s a really nice mid-tempo track with a chorus that I wouldn’t call catchy so much as memorable and a rap that I am particularly fond of. I don’t often say this but I think it’s really a shame that there weren’t more rap parts in the album because the few that are there are really good. And as a bonus, here’s the first live performance of the song on the Suju comeback special segment of Sukira on Friday – it’s very good!

Honourable Mention: Club No. 1 – Honestly I really like this song – but only until Lee YeonHee’s part. No offense to her but I seriously dislike her high-pitched singing and I don’t think it was at all necessary for the song. That said, it’s a really good song and I love the way Super Junior sing here – it’s very cool.

Now I’m a new Suju fan so I really can’t say much about how this stacks up with their other stuff – all I can say is that I really like the album and I’m quite impressed. Now I’ve got my eye on Version B…I’m still trying to figure out if I should preorder it or just wait for the inevitable repackage. It all depends on how my feelings progress as I listen to the album more. If I’m really crazy about it, I’ll most likely end up pre-ordering – there’s still a little time. On Yesasia, it won’t be released until the 16th so I’ve still got a few days to think about it. Btw, does anyone know if the price will raise when it’s released? Because if that’s the case, preordering is looking a lot more likely. I really don’t know.

Oh, and apparently it’s been officialy confirmed that the MV will be released on the 13th. So hopefully that means that by the time I get home manana, I’ll have both the MV and the comeback performance to watch. Yay. Something to get me through the day.




  1. So have you decided about the album? =D
    You were totally right about ‘Sorry Sorry’ – I was just blown away by the lives and I really like the song now lol. The choreo is fantastic and I don’t know, it’s quite something to see 13 people onstage.

    I haven’t listened to the entire album yet but have checked out your favourites and am loving ‘Monster’, ‘Why I Like You’ and especially ‘What If’. Somehow I get this ‘Forever or Never’ vibe from Monster ^^ (My next task after the album is to get everyone’s names right, haha.)

  2. OMG, dude! You get total props for saying that ‘Monster’ reminds you of ‘Forever or Never’ because I get that too! I thought it was just me! It’s something about how they sing the lines…Ha, I’m glad to see you’re enjoying my recs though. You should definitely listen to Reset as well. It’s my new favourite.

    And yes, I bought the album – Version B, like I said. Ha, I’m just loving it too much to not buy it. When it gets closer to the time the cd’s supposed to reach, I’ll try to stop replaying the songs so much.

    I know! The lives have been fantastic so far and I’m really happy about that because I feel like I finally have a reason to look forward to the end of week music shows again. Did you see the Inkigayo performances? The camera angles are awesome there and it allows you to see the individual dance parts a lot better. It’s great that you’re liking ‘Sorry, Sorry’ more now too. Ha, I’m always surprised that you really take what I say to heart. That’s so nice of you! 😀 (Oh, and if you want to learn names, I totally suggest watching either of their reality shows. It’s definitely the easiest way.)

  3. I’m biased so of course I loved the album but I have to say it’s their best album so far. Although most of them didn’t get lines to sing, lol, I’m not complaining.

    I’m happy that most people now take them and their music seriously. I’ve always hated it when non fans say things without trying to find out what they are capable of just because they are many. But enough of my rant. XD I’m just a really proud fan! ❤

    SME sure knows how to step up their game and invest their money. They’ve been releasing great stuff nowadays. SHINee started it all. Bahahaha!!! And it makes me even more excited for their own comeback! :p

  4. Hmm, I think that what Leeteuk said – that because Suju did so many different things with their sub-groups and whatnot and changing their image constantly, that it made it difficult for people to take them seriously. Because with their images, I often felt like they went from one extreme to another with songs like “Don’t Don” alongside stuff like “Dancing Out” and “Haengbok”. But I think they’re gaining a lot more credibility with this new album – and some new fans too! I really do hope they have a successful comeback.

    And yeah, SM’s really hitting the mark these days with all of these comebacks (and SHINee’s debut, of course). They really know what they’re doing. Hmm, I’m excited for the boys’ comeback as well – I really want to see how they improve and what their new concept and music will be like. Admittedly, I’m a little anxious about it too. I think they’ll be back around the end of May, early June but definitely not April like a lot of people seem to think. That’s too soon with Suju making their comeback now + MinHo said that they’d be back in Summer so May/June is good timing.

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