Now Sharing Some SM Family Love…

March 12, 2009

source: bestiz
reupload: xx-indaclub
credit: SHINee Forums

OMGee, could Onew be any more adorable? Seriously, seeing him here reminded me of just how cute he is. So cute! I just want toeat him up. I’m sorely tempted right now to lament on why I can’t marry him again but since I’m sure I’ve done that here enough, I won’t bother. Also, TaeYeon’s outfit is super cute as well – but it’s cuteness is totally eclipsed by Onew’s natural adorableness. ^^ Surprisingly, despite how much I’m loving Onew right now, I don’t feel even a lick of jealousy because of the above shots. I think it’s because I know how close SM-ites are – they all have really nice, close relationships so I don’t think there’s anything to read into the hand-holding. Besides, Taeyeon’s adorable in her own right. 🙂

Just to fill you in, my lack of updating is partly on account of the fact that SHINee really seem to be on break now – they’re busy working on that second album we keep hearing about, the one that I imagine will be dropping sometime in late May, somewhere around their first anniversary, since with Suju’s comeback happening now, April’s probably gonna be too soon – and because in preparation for Super Junior’s comeback, I’ve been catching up on them (and learning their names – I finally know all, yay!) by watching their shows, Full House and now Explorers of the Human Body. Funniest show ever! OMG, if you haven’t watched EHB, go do it now, now, now! And if you have seen it, go watch it again. Thank goodness, YT didn’t get those during The Great Deletion.

Anyway, I’m now convinced that the members of Suju are some of the coolest, dorkiest people to ever live and am totally psyched for their imminent comeback, mainly for the many variety show appearances that we can expect as a result of it. Speaking of their imminent comeback, a video was released today showing some of the choreo for their new song, ‘Sorry, Sorry’ and I have to say that it is looking awesome! They got some amazing choreographers, that’s for sure. I’m not really sure if all of the Suju guys can pull those moves off but I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt for now. We’ll see soon enough anyway…XD Preview the new album here, by the way. Coincidentally, my list of ‘people I won’t be able to marry even though I really want to’ has grown again, thanks to Suju. Just by one though – Choi Siwon. He’s sooooooo cool! The only person I’ve ever wanted to call ‘oppa’. LOL, I don’t like to use that too much – I think it sounds too fangirl-y. (Like I’m not already, right?)

Anyway, in case you were wondering, those pictures up there came from Onew’s guest appearance as a DJ on ChinChin. He filled in on Sunday for Kangin who was in China with the rest of Suju for the Super Show. The rest are under the cut if you’re interested – same credit.

The food and the stuff in the bags are all fan presents for Onew. It’s all amazing but I think the cupcakes take the cake (LOL!) – they are too cute! It’s times like this I wish I was famous.

Don’t know who the guy is – maybe the guest that day? IDK. By the way, is it just me or does it seem like Onew cut his bangs? They seem shorter, don’t they? Hmm…. And well, I couldn’t do a picspam without  a shot of all my boys, right? (Actually I do it all the time.) Anyway, here’s one of their new Nana B’s shots.





  1. hehhe nice picturesss
    i see you like SHINEE
    good choice..although im an ELF shinee is always welcome XD

    minho is cute as ><

  2. i’m missing shinee. and i’m missing your posts when this blog is quiet like recently. hehe

  3. I really like Onew’s hair in the ChinChin pics ^^. UGH He looks sooo cute holding the giant heart in the last pic <3<3<3 It’s like the beam of his smile! No one could have held it more adorably in my opinion.

    I guess SHINee gets presents everyday? I keep seeing so many photos and the food looks so tasty lol. (I saw a meat package for one of the members once. That’s such an awesome/strange gift!)

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Full House and EHB! 😀 Super Junior was my first KPop love. My favourite member is Kim Heechul. Although he’s not the best singer and I probably wouldn’t get along with him, there’s something refreshing about Heechul. Lol. Did you finish their Full House? Oh man XD I think I might go watch it again.

  4. sujuluvxox

    Yes, I’m a big fan of theirs but of course, Suju’s cool too.


    Hi! Long time no comment! Ha, I know things have been quiet lately but just console yourself with the knowledge that the boys are getting some well-deserved rest and working on some amazing new songs just for us. 🙂


    Haha, I completely agree. He is really too adorable.

    Oh, I saw that – the meat package. I was quite surprised – but these fans are nothing if not creative. Hmm, I’m not sure if they get them every day but they do usually get them when they go on radio programs.

    Yes, I did finish Full House and I’m about half way through EHB now. I just watched the episodes with DBSK. I didn’t realize you were a Suju fan as well. But I think a lot of people get into K-pop through them. Yes, Heechul is terribly entertaining and I love how unabashed he is about everything. My favourites are Siwon and Kangin but I really like a good few others too. It’s difficult to choose a favourite in a group with so many cool, talented, hilarious people, I think.

  5. OMG Onew got to be a DJ for the day??? Wow he must have been SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo happy! I remember in his SHInee monologue that he said if he could be anything else than a singer, he’d be a DJ; Onew-ssi Fighting! LOL! ^_^

    … oh btw yumi, ur leaving our other communing spot was kinda sudden, no two weeks notice or anything jed, i just went and found that my little friend was no longer there, there wasn’t even the hyperlink in your name *sniff*

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