February 28, 2009

You know, it’s really not good to want things but nevertheless that hasn’t stopped me yet so that said, I’m really excited because my mum, who I love dearly, is letting me order a cd of my choosing next week from online – the only problem is that there are a number of cds I want and I don’t know which one to get yet. So I’ve decided to do a short compilation here and see if it helps me decide. So here they are in no particular order:

1. Zhang Li Yin – I Will, Vol. 1

Okay so I guess this cd’s a little old now but it doesn’t matter because I only heard it for the first time this week and I love it! It’s funny too because this really isn’t even the kind of music I generally listen to but Li Yin’s voice is incredible and all of the songs on this album are breathtaking. Seriously after just my first listen, I was checking it out on Yesasia and that does not happen every day. The only thing is I’ve only listened to it about three or four times so far so I want to listen to it a bit more to make sure I really love it and that I’m not just jumping the gun with it before I take out the credit card. But between you and me, I think I really love it. It’s just so good and her voice amazes me in every track and the duets are to die for. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, listen to this track – it’s the song that got me listening to Li Yin in the first place and it’s still one of my favourite songs on her album. Really something. And if you want to hear the album in its’ entirety, listen aqui.

2. IU – Lost and Found, first mini album

OMG, I actually kind of forgot that I was planning to buy this. I think I should have bought it when I first started listening to it and was still raving about IU and that amazing voice that she’s got in her cute, little 15 year old body because while it is a very nice cd, I don’t exactly love it and I’m actually thinking of taking some of  the songs off of my iPod because I don’t listen to them that often. Add to that the fact that I don’t generally like buying mini-albums and it’s not looking so good for this one. BUT I do really want to support this little one (and her cd’s got a lovely cover) so who knows? It may not be today but I’ll get it sometime. Or better yet, if she releases a full length album and I really like that one, then I’ll get it for sure. Once I’ve got the means. It is a really nice cd though – a great first showing for a very talented vocalist. If you don’t know her, check out her debut single, Mia or listen to the whole album here.

3. Koda Kumi – TRICK

If I buy this album, it’ll mark my first serious foray into J-pop. It’s funny – I listened to this one on a whim and ended up really enjoying it. Honestly if I hadn’t listened to Li Yin’s album this week, this would probably have been the obvious choice but thanks to ‘I Will’, TRICK’s got some serious competition. The upside to this album is that it’s got more songs and a number of different styles of music on it, most of which Koda Kumi seems to do pretty well at, the downside is its’ more expensive. Just a few dollars more but still. I really do enjoy it though and I’d definitely like to purchase it even if it’s not as soon as I had initially planned to. My favourite song is one of the last on the cd, Just The Way You Are – a lovely, upbeat ode to friendship – but I’d still recommend giving the entire thing a listen.

4. DaVichi – Davichi in Wonderland/8282, new mini album

Okay, so this one’s still tentative since I actually haven’t listened to the songs yet and I’m putting them here solely on the fact that they’ve already managed to win me over with their stunning vocals and the fact that although I wasn’t sold on their last full length, Amaranth – amazing vocals, yes but seriously a whole album of ballads is just not my style – their new one is supposed to be a fusion of techno and ballad style songs so it should prove to be a bit more upbeat while still showcasing their voices. And if their new song, 8282 or ‘Pali Pali’ (‘Faster Faster’) is any indication, I’m definitely going to dig this album a lot more than the last. They’re back with a fresh, exciting sound and I certainly hope it works out well for them. DaVichi fighting! And if you want to check out their new album for yourself, you can listen to the songs here.

5. BoA – BoA, her self-titled US debut

Okay so this is actually the album that got me this opportunity. And tbh, I really do want to buy this album just to support BoA’s US debut BUT I haven’t even listened to it yet. And it’s not coming out for another two weeks so I’m wondering if it makes sense for me to pre-order it now or to just wait until it comes out so I can hear the tracks first and then decide if I really want it. I’m sort of scared I buy it and then the songs end up being really average like EYP was. It’s not that I don’t like BoA and of course, I know she’ll do great things but I’m not particularly confident with the way her US Debut’s going so I’m just not sure if I want to get it right away. In addition to that, it’d be really cool to be able to walk into a cd store and buy a BoA cd – and in my own language at that! I think that’d be a lovely experience and I don’t want to deprive myself of that. That said, I am really digging her title song for the album though which is thankfully not ‘Eat You Up’ but ‘I Did It For Love’ feat, Sean Garrett. It sounds like a great dance song! (Also this is random but it occurred to me the other day as I was rereading one of my old posts that Minho said that he wanted to go to the States and buy BoA’s cd and now that the boys will be going to Cali for the Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival, he might actually be able to do that. Good for him. ^^)

So that’s the list for now. So far I think the top contenders are either ZLY or Koda Kumi. I’ll let you know what I decide on though. Oh, and isn’t it weird that there are only girls on the list? That wasn’t totally intentional, I can assure you. What can I say – all my boys are on semi breaks at the moment or off in Japan working up a storm.




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