Meme Time!

February 28, 2009

Wow, so I don’t think I’ve ever done a meme on my WP blog before but now’s as good a time as any to start. I got this one from the lovely candychu. I’m going to try to do it off the top of my head. Now let’s begin!

Who would you want as your….

01. Husband – Lee Jinki


Really, I think I’ve talked about this ad nauseum so I’ll sum it up by saying that I think out of all of the boys in SHINee, Onew’s the best husband material at the moment. He’s really sweet and kind and considerate and thoughtful and responsible and he is mature in his own way and these days, he’s not even looking so much like a kid any more and that’s definitely a shock plus so Onew it is. And besides, I’d get to have him sing to me anytime and he could sing ‘Forever More’ on our anniversary and I could revel in the knowledge that he’s really singing just to me. ♥ ‘And forever more, I’ll be the one to love you…What? We’re suspending reality here, remember?

02. First Love – Choi MinHo


Haha, I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Well I was actually going to put Onew here but then when I started thinking about it, I realized MinHo would be perfect for this – because if I think Onew’s the sweetest boy on the planet then MinHo runs a pretty close second. I could imagine it – this awkward, sweet, totally idyllic sort of puppy love. Who would not want that for their first relationship? And I’ll never forget how gentle he was when he kissed that girl on the forehead during AK’s fashion show. I just about died then – all I want is a boy who could be that sweet and gentle with me all the time. Besides that, he’s smart and patient and kind and affectionate to those he cares about and really just so nice all the time. Any future girlfriend of his is going to be so lucky, honestly…

03. Random Fling – Kim Bum


I actually had a bit of trouble picking this one – I ran through a number of people – but I decided on Kim Bum because 1. I haven’t gotten a chance to properly express my newfound crush on him yet and 2. because he’s super adorable and has one of the nicest smiles ever and is a big part of the reason I kept watching BOF AND because I don’t know his personality that well yet so I can’t give him any of the other spots at the moment and besides I don’t think I could stand being with someone this cute for too long, it would kill my already low self-esteem so random fling, it’ll have to be. Just until I know him better though. I sill love you, Bummie!

04. Bad Boy – Kim Jonghyun


I….don’t really know what to say here. Tbh, I really wasn’t sure where to put Jong on this list – he was very close to being no. 3 but my extreme love for him forbade me from putting him as just a random fling so he ended up here somehow. LOL. I always laugh when I see people call him a bad boy but even I have to admit he’s definitely got that vibe going sometimes, especially when he’s on stage. He just oozes this confidence and charisma and manliness and it’s like bam! wow! hotness! every time I see him so yeah, the coveted fourth spot goes to him. Whoo~

05. Sugar Daddy – G-Dragon


LOL. I didn’t know who to put and then I thought of GD and how he loves to go shopping and how despite the fact that I find his fashion sense pretty questionable most times, I’d still love to have him take me shopping – if only to see what he’d pick out. Besides, he looks like a generous guy, right? Hmm, I think so. Oh, and speaking of GD’s questionable fashion sense, I actually saw those sunglasses that he wears at the beginning of the Number One video – the one with the lines across them – in a jewelry store the other day. I was tempted to buy them but I don’t wear shades so it wouldn’t make sense. Still it was cool to see them.

LOL, I think the next one took me the longest to figure out.

06. Girl Crush – Tiffany from SNSD


Hm, I think this might be a controversial pick since I know a lot of people don’t like her but after watching SNSD things for awhile, I actually think she’s pretty cool. She just strikes me as being a very real person, I don’t get the impression that she sugercoats her personality too much just to please people and I like that about her. I’m pretty sure that that’s kind of what got her in trouble in the first place but I think she’s matured a lot now and I have to give her props for being able to bounce back and stay positive in the face of all of the negativity she’s had leveled at her since her debut. In addition to that, she seems cool and funny and she’s got a lovely voice. And she’s pretty too so plus points for that.

07. Mentor – Park YeEun from the Wonder Girls


This one was actually surprisingly easy for me. I chose YeEun because she’s a Christian and although she’s certainly not the only star who is one, her conviction in her faith has always been very apparent to me and it’s something I really admire about her. Seeing her being so strong and grounded in her faith really inspires me and I hope that I too can grow to have such a strong and stable relationship with the Lord and that I can develop the conviction to proclaim it so freely and openly as well. And well, other than that, she’s a genuinely nice person and she has a great sense of humour which is something I would also like to cultivate. She could teach me that too, right? 🙂

08. Best Friend (male) – DaeSung from Big Bang!


With Daesung, happy fun times are pretty much guaranteed (or so I like to think) and come on, how much fun would it be to hang out with him? Seriously! I love this boy – he never fails to crack me up. Never. I think he’s so cool and his failiness is more than adorable. Never change, Sungie, never change.

Best Friend (female) – Sooyoung from SNSD


Sooyoung looks like lots of fun. Oodles and oodles and oodles of it. I always appreciate being around fun people so there. ^^

10. Older Brother – Micky Yoochun


One of the things I really like about Yoochun is how normal he seems – I could totally see myself hanging out with him, my cool oppa, and I’m sure we could have lots of fun together because he just seems so off the wall and a little kooky. (And then I’d get to see Junsu – yay!) But seriously, Micky just strikes me as being a very cool guy and he seems like the kind of person you could talk to easily and it wouldn’t be really awkward, you know. Like he’d listen to you and still manage to keep the mood light and he just seems like he’d be a really nice person to spend time with. He seems trustworthy. Besides that, my romantic feelings for him have waned for the most part ever since I fell for Su so now I just think of him as a cool ‘oppa’. I always wanted an older brother actually and I wouldn’t mind one like Micky, especially since he could teach me about how to not fall for flirty, players like him. (Ah, I kid, I kid! Don’t kill me!)

11. Older Sister – Min SunYe

minleader1Easiest question – hands down. SunYe is an incredible person and she’s so maternal and thoughtful and always willing to put others before herself that anyone would be glad to have an unni like her. Being around her would be so inspiring and I know she’d take care of me and always make sure I had everything I needed and even though I’m sure that she’s super caring, I don’t think she’d totally baby me – I think she’d give me lots of good advice and room to grow too. And of course, she’d set the best example. Ah, Min leader’s so awesome! ♥ (Good luck with your first concert, unni! Fighting!)

12. Younger Brother – Lee TaeMin


Another no brainer. I mean, another thing I’ve said ad nauseum is how much I wish TaeMin were my real little brother. If he was, I surely would have been the best noona ever. I want nothing more than to take care of this kid and be able to pat him on the head and see his natural aegyo whenever I want and make sure that he’s happy and well and well fed and not over exhausting himself and getting enough sleep and eating enough and studying hard and not sad or lonely or anything of the sort. I just want to take care of him, seriously. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before – he’s really brought out my dormant noona/umma instincts and I love him for it. I don’t know what I could teach him but I’d do my best to protect him and make sure he was okay and keep him safe from the clutches of certain sneaky, pedo noonas that I know are lurking around – that should be good enough, right? My little Mushroom head, wee~

13. Younger Sister – SunMi from the Wonder Girls


Ah, I love 4D SunMi. She’s so bubbly and bright and silly and fun and interesting and crazy.  That’s the kind of dongsaeng I’d want, yeah – one who would keep me constantly entertained. Well, I think she would anyway. She’s a very cool girl, that SunMi. (And I totally need more pictures of her, btw – I only have like two or three.)

14. Musical Partner – Onew!

What? Nobody said you couldn’t choose someone twice. If I had to have a musical partner, it would definitely need to be someone with lots and lots of patience and I think Onew’s got that in spades. But if I interpreted it like candychu did, as someone to serenade me, then I’d switch to Xiah Junsu in a heartbeat. With a voice like his, he could sing to me any day~


And finally, 15. Enemy – YoonA from SNSD


Honestly I just chose Yoona because I had to pick someone and she doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly. I actually think she seems pretty cool and fun to be around.

That said, I’m finally done with this – lol, you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to write because I was multi-tasking – and to end this, I just want to say happy birthday to Zhang Li Yin. Today, the 28th, is her 20th birthday (I cannot believe she’s only a few months older than me) and although she’s spending it in Korea away from her family, I hope she has a lovely day nonetheless and that it’s just the beginning of a blessed, prosperous year (and life) for her. Happy Birthday, ZLY!



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