February 27, 2009


So I was just puttering around Youtube watching random SHINee vids while waiting for my Family Outing episodes to load and I came across this NYSP+Amigo performance that I’d never seen before (I was shocked – I thought I saw almost all) And it was pretty good but the real reason that I enjoyed it was because they performed the Replay Boom Track Remix live and honestly,  that’s not something they do too often. I’m sure they have performed it live before but I can’t really remember seeing that (except at ASF which doesn’t really count because the actual vocals were covered with the track in the broadcast anyway) so yeah, this is exciting! It was a really good performance – huge stage, intense dancing, pretty good vocals. The boys sound a little tired (it’s from November) but they pulled it off great, of course, despite everything. So I definitely recommend taking a watch if like me you haven’t seen it already. Take a gander below.

credit: misterkrabspatties

And did I never post this up – their performance from the Seoul Music Awards two weeks ago where they took home another Newcomer award? (Yay – proud noona here! And there were no tears during the acceptance! Although Dubu looked a little weepy, just a little…despite that, he still did very well with his speech. Good job, boys – fighting!) It was only a few days after the SM Town Live concert so you can tell that they’re still a little tired from there (and probably because they still seem to be pretty busy during their break – or does it just seem like they’re around a lot even though they’re really not? I’m so confused – I feel like I see them doing a lot but I know it’s not as much as they used to so I dunno….) But anyway, anyway, it’s also a pretty good performance – they sound tired at times but other than that, it’s very entertaining and just what you need if you’re suffering from SHINee withdrawal (which I was when I saw these posted up). Also they perform that lovely dance break from the MBC New Years’ Special at the beginning and you know that is not to be missed. So check, check it out!

BBL. Enjoy the recs.


P.S: – Am I the only one wondering when the Reebok CF is going to be released in its’ entirety? Because that teaser came out almost a month ago and they said the full length one would be out in February but it’s almost the end of the month now and it’s still not out. Oh Reebok, what you waiting for?


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