Yay! ‘Xiah-tic’ is on its’ way!

February 19, 2009

All right, SM, I’ve decided to cut you guys some slack – I’m going to try to tone down the mental tirades I have about Key and the fact that I don’t particularly like the way you’ve cultivated his image in the group because I feel like you guys let there be too much focus on his ‘umma-ness’ (which I love, of course) and not enough on his individual talents because really, it’s not enough to just say ‘oh yeah! he can do everything – sing, dance and rap) but then not do as much to focus on each talent like you do with the others (and you know I’ve already got complaints about that). And I get that it’s partly because Key is multi-talented while the others really excel in one area why you put more focus on their individual talents than his but that doesn’t make it totally okay.

Hmm, I thought that you guys should have tried to showcase each of his talents one by one and thus, fully cultivated that whole ‘yes, Almighty Key can do everything’ thing and that you should have started with dancing just because Key’s still not the strongest singer – consistent, yes, but he can still improve a good bit – and we all know by now that Taemin-ssi is a super special dancing prodigy – we know this, we believe  this, we appreciate this – and since Minho doesn’t get that many singing lines yet, I figured you’d let him have the rapping spotlight for awhile and so thereby leaving dance as a good way to start showing off Key’s talents. I had a seriously long, way more articulate post in mind to explain this but I don’t have time to write it now but honestly, it doesn’t matter now anyhow BECAUSE it seems that SM is making an effort to showcase Key-gun’s individual talents (starting with rap though) since he’s apparently going to be featured in Xiah Junsu’s solo stage, ‘Xiah-tic’ for DBSK’s Mirotic concert series. Now I’m sure it was Junsu’s decision who he wanted to feature on his song and please don’t think that I don’t appreciate the lovely DongBangSHINee interaction that this presents (oh yeah, I totally appreciate it! And I’m so happy it was my Susu who chose him. Aww, Susu, I love you even more now!) BUT I figure the bigwigs at SM probably have to okay all this (well, this is simply my assumption – I could be wrong) and if that is the case and they did okay this, then this is a step in the right direction and I’m suuuuuuuper happy that they’re allowing Key a chance to shine. (well, sort of.) And don’t think I’m not excited that Junsu has a solo stage – I totally am! – it’s just that in my mind, the Key part had more significance than anything else. (And yeah, I know Key was featured in the rap battle during SMTown Live but I just don’t really count that because….well, I don’t. Yeah, I’m weird – I know.)

Anyway, the point is Junsu special stage featuring Key = EXCITEMENT! I realllllly hope some fancams (good ones, please let there be good ones – with good audio, preferably) show up after the concerts. Let us hope. I am hoping. So DBSHINee fighting! Good luck on your solo stage, oppa!

And speaking of DBSK, I’d like to wish a happy belated birthday to the super cool, amajjing Shim Changmin. Saengil chukhamnida, oppa! Our ages are even further apart now – wow. (DBSK seems to have some back-to back birthdays, eh? First Jaejoong, then Yunho, then Changmin one right after the other.) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your day and that you have an amazing time at your concerts this weekend (and that maybe you’ll get some rest at some point?) Anyway good luck with everything – fighting!

And I’ll leave you now with a clip of one of Key-gun’s other talents – speaking English! This video is from the taping of KBS Quiz Expedition Show and here, Key translates what the hosts are saying for the American exchange student at the university they’re visiting. Key tells the guy that he has to pick a girl that he likes from the crowd and the guy responds that it’s too difficult so maybe Key should choose for him. Interestingly enough, the crowd erupts into screams at this point, making me think that I’ve obviously underestimated the English fluency of S. Koreans. I know that they learn English in school but I thought it was like where you learn Spanish here and then after school’s done, you forget it. Or maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, sorry about my crazy ramblings. See you around.



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