So. How Do You Feel About Trot?

February 18, 2009

I’m not really a fan, to be honest, although surprisingly I find myself listening to a lot more of it these days – but of course, when I say ‘a lot’, I mean, in relation to the amount of trot I listened to before – which was virtually none. Honestly, it’s not that I dislike trot per se but other than the occasional song, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I keep feeling like it’s something my grandmother should be listening to and my grandmother and I aren’t exactly on the same page as far as music goes, you know. That said, despite my lack of interest in trot, I’ve been thinking lately and I figured maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if SM allowed Onew to sing a trot song as a single. Not a cover though, although that wouldn’t be so bad, but of course, an original song is always nice too.

It’s just that, well, Onew really seems to like trot (as evidenced by his performance on 1000 Song Challenge and in this video) and I think he’d really enjoy singing a trot song. They could even release it as a digital single or something like what Daesung did with ‘Look at me, Gwisoon’ and ‘Daepak Yah!’ Also, there are some trot songs that would allow him to really showcase his vocal range if they decided to do a cover (like ‘Drunken Truth’). OMG! If he sings a trot song and it’s a cover, please let it be a cover of ‘Drunken Truth’ – oh, SM, I’d love you forever if you did! Seriously, if you haven’t heard this boy sing that song, you’re missing out! Watch. And a trot song would appeal to ‘the older generation’ – not sure how the younger folks would treat it but I’m sure fans like me will give it a try, just because it’s Onew and we all know that he’s our ‘Prince of Trot’. LOL!

And honestly I don’t see why it couldn’t happen, you know – I mean, SM’s letting SNSD’s maknae, Seohyun sing a trot single with a trot veteran, Joo Hyunmi and they’re releasing the single today so I can’t see why they wouldn’t let Onew try his hand at a little trot as well. I mean, he’s always singing it on variety shows and the like and remember a few months back when he sang ‘Drunken Truth’ on Song Challenge and there were all those articles about him because of it? That’s a good start – there’s already some groundwork there – and it’s all the more reason why he should cover ‘Drunken Truth if it is that they’re insistent on doing this cover thing. (Okay, I’ll stop now.) But ideally, I would like him to sing probably a ballad or a r&b song or something but I’m just saying I’m open to trot as well. If it’s Onew, I’m willing to give it a try. (Drunken Truth, Drunken Truth, Drunken Truth!)

Actually I was thinking the other day what I might do if they didn’t give Onew a solo on SHINee’s next full length album (I doubt they’d put one on a mini) since I’ve pretty much convinced myself that he should will have one. I guess I’d just be really disappointed because Dubu deserves a solo – he really does – but well, if it wasn’t there, I’d have to live with it. For now though, I’m hoping for the best! And if that happens to be trot, then so be it.

And speaking of Seohyun, I watched SNSD’s performance of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Come On Over’ today and it was pretty good! The girls did a great job with the song and I think they really seemed to enjoy themselves. But the two people who impressed me most were Sunny and maknae – Sunny because her English was quite lovely and Seohyun because she sang in a lower register than the one she usually uses (from 0:50) and I almost didn’t even recognize her voice! She sounded great and much more mature than she usually does. I was quite blown away so I’ve got to hand it to that girl – I seem to like her more every time I see her. I’m very pleased that SM’s giving her a little solo time, even if it’s with a trot song. And here ends my random post for the day.




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