Have a SHINee Love Day!

February 14, 2009

LOL, I’m single right now so I haven’t got any big Valentine’s Day plans hoy but that’s all okay because I came home to this video and it was just the perfect V-Day present. 😀

Anyway, so since I’m sure you’re wondering what it is, the video is a compilation of Behind the Scenes footage from the SM TOWN LIVE ’08 Bangkok concert that was held a few days ago and it’s focused on SHINee! (There’s a Suju one as well – but we’ll get to that.) And OMO, it’s so cute! It was compiled by the UFO Town staff and released as a special V-Day present and although it isn’t subbed yet since it was only just released, it’s really cute nonetheless. And if you didn’t want to adopt Taemin before, this video will definitely change your mind. He’s so adorbs here!

So it starts off with some footage of them practicing for their ‘Run It’ performance which I was tremendously grateful for considering that the one fancam of it I found wasn’t filmed at the best angle and so you couldn’t see everything (I’m not hating – I totally get that it was really difficult to film anything and I’m grateful that I could have even seen it at all – I’m just saying it wasn’t the best fancam is all). Then suddenly it cuts to them riding around on little scooters outside in the concert arena – I think behind the stage? – and this is where the Taemin cuteness starts and never ends. He’s such a kid! Aww, it’s times like this when I remember how young he is…he just looks like he’s having so much fun! And then Onew starts talking (about the concert, I presume) and Taemin rides up behind him and waves and blinks and smiles and stares at the camera and it’s just so cute. SO cute. So cute. Too cute, really. I couldn’t help it – I totally ignored Onew. Sorry. LOL, then Key comes up on his scooter and the three of them talk and Onew gets a half-hearted ‘Fighting’ from Key (I think he was tired, Key. He really looked beat that day.) You also get to see Key driving the staff go-cart thing and he looks pretty cool – he also almost runs over Bling though – but he stopped in time so it was okay.

They then skip to backstage footage from the actual day of the concert as everyone’s in the waiting area awaiting their turn to perform. There’s a short cut of Minho talking (and you can see Changmin behind him in that really awesome Japanese school uniform style outft that DBSK performed their day numbers in at the concert and OMG, he looked so hot just flipping through a magazine. Hello! How can someone look so hot so effortlessly?! Wha, I wish there were boys who looked like Changmin at my school – and that they wore that kind of uniform – and that I went to a school that had boys – and that I was still in school. Okay, I’ll stop now.) ANYway, then they cut to Bling, who’s rocking his hammer earrings again – I missed those – and he talks about the concert (I know because he said ‘SM concert’ 🙂 ) and then they move over to Onew and Taemin (and Key, who’s listening to music and not paying attention to the camera – yet). Actually there’s a lot of Onew and Taemin in this video – which is rare because usually Jonghyun and Key are the cam-hogs of the group – but I was happy to see it because I was just thinking last night (no, really I was) how Onew and Taemin have such a cute, hyung/dongsaeng relationship that we don’t get to see so often – usually only in these kinds of situations, cute, little backstage footage and that sort of thing – and how I hoped we’d get to see more of it and lo and behold, here it is! LOL, I love when that happens. 😀

So Onew and Taemin, mainly Taemin – I love when he gets to talk! that usually only happens in these situations as well because you know the older three are the talkers so they usually handle that in interviews and the like – talk about the concert and SM Town (I love SM Town) and stuff – and it’s funny because everyone else is in their performance outfits but Taemin’s wearing a BIG jacket zipped all the way up over his and I assume he explains why he’s wearing the jacket because at a certain point, he unzips it and shows that he’s wearing his little, black wifebeater underneath – which I guess he shouldn’t show? – because Onew tries to cover him up with the jacket and so he zips the jacket back up. LOL. Well, it’s okay – I don’t want to see Taemin’s chest anyway. Right after that, Key looks over absently, I think and notices the camera and he stares at it for a few seconds as though trying to decide what to do next, then he turns back around and continues what he was doing before. The other two don’t notice. (They’re all sitting on a couch, by the way.) Actually now that I watch it again, I think Key was just stretching. LOL at myself. Anyway, then Key talks about something and you can see Minho walking in the mirror behind him (Ha, I spent almost this entire video watching everyone other than the person who was talking) and then Taemin, Onew and Key wave bye, bye and then they show some footage from their ‘Real’ and ‘Ah.Mi.Go’ performances and then it’s done. (LOL at Jong’s hair during the Amigo performance, by the way – I think they need to cut it or something because he almost has a mullet now and mullets don’t look good on anybody. No, not even Jong.)

Ah, so anyway, it’s cute and I definitely suggest you watch it. And before I forget, let me link you to the Suju equivalent, uhm, you get to see lots of Super Junior people in it like KangIn (oppa! what’d your smarty wife get you for the holiday?), HeeChul, ShinDong (rocking a serious mushroom cup), SungMin (playing a pink PSP – lol), Eunhyuk and Siwon but you should really watch it for the other people like Changmin (in that sexy uniform again! well, it’s not really again since it’s filmed in the waiting room but whatever) and the SM Town interactions. Gosh, I really love SM Town. They’re so cute and you can tell they really care about each other. 😀 So you get to see Changmin, Minho and DongHae interacting and ShinDong with Jonghyun and Onew and Kyuhyun with Key and Taemin. Also big LOL at Junsu and Jaejoong in the background of some of the shots using chairs to work out. Don’t know what that’s about…but it’s cute anyway. Also in the little part with Key, Taemin and Kyuhyun, Key really does look tired. Oh, rest up, Keybum-ssi! I want you your usual, bubbly self! Oh, and behind Siwon, you can see Yunho and Onew talking – aww, leaders bonding. Awesomeness~

Anyway, so that was your SHINee Valentine’s present courtesy of me and the awesome people who uploaded them on Youtube. Enjoy and if you’re single like me, don’t wallow in self-pity. Just watch a romance movie and point out all the things that would never happen in real life. Bitterness is never more entertaining…I’m just kidding. Have fun today and congrats for making it through Black Friday.




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