February 13, 2009

So do you remember those super cute SHINee cosmetic CFs that I posted awhile ago? Well, a new version was released yesterday/earlier today and well, it’s not exactly new – it’s more of an extended version of the first two – but it’s still super cute! It’s funny – I did, in fact, wonder why Taemin seemed so okay with Minho pecking the girl on the cheek when he seemed to like her in his version of the CF so this extended version explains that he (Tae) was not, in fact, okay with all that. And so we have…our first SHINee love triangle! Bum bum bah! Drama, yay!

credit: sarsee on Youtube So the ‘Internet version’ (yes, because ads have internet versions now – I guess this part was too scandalous for tv?) of the CF shows Taemin and Minho’s versions of the CF (filmed at different angles) along with an alternate ending for Minho’s minus that awkward tagline (well, I don’t know about you but I think the tagline sounds kind of awkward given the circumstances of the CF). So after Minho kisses the girl and she pushes him away (as if that would ever happen in real life), Taemin sits at his desk for a second furrowing his brow and stealing glances at the girl before finally making up his mind. (In the background, the others are cheering on Minho.) Then, fed up, he stands, slamming his hands on the desk frustratedly, goes over to the girl, grabs her hand and pulls her from the room, barreling through the others in the process. The expressions at this point are priceless – Taemin’s ‘fed up’ face as he stands, the girl’s bewildered expression as he drags her away, the others’ shocked expressions as Taemin storms outside (Key’s confused look is particularly notable) and the way that Minho just stares after them is particularly telling. Okay, so this needs to be a drama like NOW.

No, really, I’m intrigued now. I want to know what happens next. I mean, does Minho follow them out? Does Taemin tell him off? What does the girl have to say about all this? Because she likes Taemin though, right? Considering that she was deliberately trying to get his attention in his CF by knocking into him, I assume he’s the one she has a crush on. Hmm, by the way, I did not fail to realize that they made it seem as though she became pretty after her glasses came off which I resent because there are lots of attractive people who wear glasses and still look attractive, sometimes more so with them on. Look at Key! However I know the focus is supposed to be on her skin and I suppose her glasses were hampering us from seeing her gorgeous skin (OMG, seriously, her skin is flawless – how in the world did she get it looking like that? Does she really use that cream? Because if she does, I would buy it in a heartbeat) so I’ll drop the glasses issue. For now.

Anyway, someone on YT said that they should make a mini-drama with this concept AND I TOTALLY AGREE! It could just be short, like two or three episodes, just as long as it’s long enough for me to see all the drama enfold – and hopefully, more of the others in those cute blue uniforms. Or they could do it as a little parody like the ones that BB does all the time. But since it’s part of their CF campaign, I doubt it. Still maybe this will mean that the boys will get a chance to star in that little mini-drama that SBS does for their Gayo Daejun, you know, to showcase the year’s most popular songs. Last year, it starred Big Bang’s SeungRi and Daesung alongside SNSD’s Yuri and Taeyeon and the year before that, it was WonderBang. Ooh, it’d be so lovely if Minmin and Taebaby were in it and they were fighting over SNSD’s Seohyunnie – I’m telling you Minho and Seohyun would be so cute together! And I heard that they were holding hands at the SM Town Live Concert in Bangkok – I was so happy to hear it. Yay! (Oh, and if you’re freaking now, just relax -I’m pretty sure there was a lot of hand-holding and general skinship/camraderie/closeness going on – there always seems to be at those concerts) Anyway, I’ll stop now – I’m definitely going off topic.

So I’m hoping that there’s a part two for the ad campaign preferably which will follow up on this alternate ending – but I doubt it considering that it is an alternate ending and it’s only for the internet version. TV ads get more play, right so those are the more important ones. Hmm, in addition, I don’t think that the other members will have their own versions of the ad now either – it appears to have just been building up to this little love triangle plot and that’s about it. It’s a pity – I was sure that the others’ ads would have been squee-fully adorable too – but alas, it seems that this will be the final one that I can fangirl about. Well, there’s always that Reebok CF…when is that coming out anyway? The teaser was released a few weeks ago now.

I must say it takes some serious acting chops for me to believe this storyline though – because honestly, who would believe that Taemin and Minho would be fighting over a girl?! I think those two would be the last two to do that. I’m sure that given his thoughtful, caring personality, Minho would most likely step aside upon learning that maknae liked the same girl as him and then Taemin would probably feel bad about it and not be able to go through with going out with her and then nobody would go out with her and then it’d just be a waste. Hmm, although most likely they’d all do that for each other – I remember in Yunhanam, Bling was willing to step aside when he thought that Key liked one of the noonas (well, he was willing to turn down the charm a little anyways). Hmm, they’re so cute, ne? Well, anyway, go watch the video – it is cute and I can’t believe I managed to churn out such a long entry just about that. Enjoy~



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