WG Turns Two!

February 11, 2009

A small WG picspam in honour of their 2 year anniversary today….


Girls, I may not be a Wonderful per se and I’m sorry I don’t follow you as closely as perhaps I should but know that I’m always behind you and only want to see you rise to even higher heights. I believe you all can do anything you set your minds to and you definitely have what it takes to reach the top. You’re one of the first groups I listened to when I got into K-pop so today, on your second anniversary, I wish you only the best. Stay strong, continue to work hard and strive to become even more wonderful day by day. It’s a long, tough road but you can do it together. Never back down from the challenges. I hope you see many, many more anniversaries and that each of you fulfills your dreams. Saranghaeyo~ Hwaiting, WG! God bless! &hearts

yoobin-lightstickYoobin unni

sunye-lightstickLeader Min


Park oppa

sunmi-lightstick‘Alien’ Mimi

(I like her picture best, by the way)

sohee-lightstickAnd maknae, SoHee fighting!

Congratulations, girls! And good luck with your American expansion!


a loving fan~

P.S: – Your lightstick’s the only one I’d shell out good money for. It’s the prettiest, no doubt about that.


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