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February 8, 2009
credit as tagged and SFI

credit as tagged and SFI for all

So since I treated you to a bit of my ever so blatant bias in my last post and since I’ve been doing an extremely sucky job of updating this blog lately, I’ve decided to condense my spazz about a number of different SHINee videos into this one post – so I guess you can call this one ‘updates, part 4’? Anyways, definitely check out some (or preferably all) of the videos I mention here and most of all, enjoy. Let’s get started, eh?

The first and most important update is that it’s been confirmed that SHINee IS COMING TO THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL  2009 KOREAN MUSIC FESTIVAL! Whoo! LOL, I know I probably sound excited but I’m really not – it’s just that I can’t go this year so I was hoping they would go next year instead when I might have a better chance of being able to go but alas, that is not to be. But I’m going to try to get over my disappointment and just say yay to all of you who get to go – I hope you cheer as loud as you can for you and me both and that lots of lovely fancams and pictures surface from the event. Make sure you let the boys (and the other artists) know how much support they’ve got over on this side of the world, okay? Wear something pearlescent blue! And for more info on the show, I direct you to Soompi’s official thread about the concert and SHINee Forums also has a topic page dedicated to HB 09 if you’re particularly interested in the boys’ appearance.  (Please keep in mind you have to be a member of both forums to see those topics.) It’s also really nice how many people (on Soompi anyway) were excited to hear that the boys are going to be there – I was a little taken aback but very pleased as well – I’m always happy to see people showing support for my babies, made me feel better about not being able to go. And I will see them live one day so it’s okay – one day, one day…

Anyway, onto what I really planned to post about – now I’m a big fan of Korean variety shows – japanese ones can be pretty interesting too – but the korean ones take the cake, I think and one of my favourite ones is Star Golden Bell. I don’t know why but I think it’s really funny and entertaining and I was lucky enough the other day to come across someone on Youtube who posts a ton of subbed SGB episodes from KBS World and I started watching them, beginning with the ones featuring SHINee.


So starting from the most recent, there’s a short subbed video of only the SHINee cuts from the January 31st episode and it’s seriously so cute! Some of the cuts had been floating around YT so you may have seen a few parts of it already but it’s still worth a watch, if only to see Onew smile like the sun for almost the entire video, even as he embarrasses himself while explaining why SHINee felt overwhelmed when they went to Thailand (OMO! I felt so bad for him here – and his voice when he said “We were shocked” as he realizes he made a mistake was so cute~ Aigoo, I just wanted to pat his head and tell him it was all right. ^^) and also to see poor Taemin get harrassed about his age again (LOL, I think he should start singing that SNSD song again – you know the one that goes “don’t make fun of me because I’m young”. Yes, it would be most fitting.) and to see Nicole from KARA suddenly gain an interest in Minho upon learning his height – LOL, I’ve got a friend like that, she only dates tall guys – and to see how smart Dubu and Minmin are for guessing their parts in the word games correctly (Onew’s really good at these – every episode I see with him, he gets them in a flash) and they call Taemin-gun ‘a black hole’ because he has trouble getting the answer and so his line always ends up losing their chance. Ah, but he makes the cutest scrunchy face when he doesn’t know the answer though so really who can blame him? LOL, the best part is at the end though when they ask an older lady, probably an actress, if she likes SHINee and she says yes even though she probably doesn’t know who they are so to test her, the hosts ask her which of their songs is her favourite and LOL, one of the other guests yells “Umma Nomu Yeppeo!” because she really looks like she could be their umma – or someone’s at least. LOL, so after the same guest and one of the hosts tries to sing NYSP, they ask the boys to do so for her – and LOL, when they start to sing the first line, Onew cracks! And normally I don’t find that particularly funny but this time it really was, especially because of the way he and Taemin reacted to it. The noona was really nice though – she still clapped for them. ^^ Hmm, and then they sing it again and it really sounds different without Jonghyun there – his voice is so dominant in that song and particularly so when they sing it a cappella like that. But it still sounded good, of course – the boys did a really good job. ^_^ So yeah, it’s a must watch – so cute!

I also watched the SGB episode from the 15th of November last year where the same three were guests and there were some really cute moments in there as well. Kim Jong Kook was the main star (as in the one they put the most focus on) and he’s really quite funny – in addition, there were some actresses there who provided me with a great deal of amusement so if you’ve got time definitely watch the whole episode. If not, here are the main SHINee moments:

Part 1 – first off, one of the actresses I mentioned, Jang Yeonglam is in the same line as Onew, Minho and Taemin (meaning they’re on the same team) and when the hosts asks her how she feels about that, she says that she’s very pleased and that ‘if it’s okay with SHINee, I’d like to take one of them home”. OMG, I laughed so hard here – and Onew’s expression when she said it made the whole thing even more enjoyable! I don’t know – this is probably a bad thing but when I see them on shows like this where it’ s made obvious that a significantly older woman likes them, I can’t help but crack up at how embarrassed they seem (although I’d be embarrassed too). I do feel bad for them though – having to deal with that kind of thing on a semi regular basis. That’s why SM should only send them around young, fresh noonas like me. *ducks* Just joking – so back to what I was saying….then the hosts tell her to go sit next to Onew and act out a date with him at a movie theatre and OMG, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. She starts off acting all cute (while Onew is sitting ramrod straight and wearing that ‘someone, please kill me now’ smile of his) and then she pretends they’re at a scary movie so she starts screaming and burying her head in his shoulder and asking him to hold her and at first you can tell he just doesn’t know what to do but then he just gets up and moves away from her and she ends up falling down because she was really holding onto him for support! LOL. Well, maybe it doesn’t sound funny when I say it – but it’s really something to see. The poor boy looks so awkward and the sight of Minho behind them chuckling like mad just adds to the overall hilarity of it. Ah, these people…they never cease to amuse me. There’s also a cute moment here where Ha Sang Baek talks about why he chose Minho as a model and Minho turns to the camera and flashes just the cutest smile. Whaaa~ I was starstruck for a second!! *_* And they also perform a bit of Amigo, just dancing though.

Part 4/Part 5 – Okay, so they play this guessing game where they take one of the guest’s luggage and then one person from each line – there are five – comes out and they have to convince the female host that the items in the bag belong to them. Kim Jong Kook’s answers for this are actually pretty funny – but Taemin’s are even more amusing just because it’s so obvious that the things in the bag could never belong to him – there’s a HUGE pair of blue pajama pants (his practice pants, he said – and OMG, he could actually dance in them!) and a very old looking award (he says that they gave it to them in advance because they knew they’d be stars – LOL!) and some really out there, plastic looking early 90’s style outfits and even a whip! LOL, but when they reveal whose bag it is, he explains why he has a whip. Ah, the hosts manage to take the improbablility of the items actually belonging to Taemin and turn it into a joke though by saying that they’re conducting ‘Antiques Roadshow’ with him because some of the items seem even older than he is. LOL, Taem covers by saying all this stuff belongs to his grandfather. 🙂 Definitely check it out – I had a good time watching it!

Part 7 – Part 7 introduces what I like to call ‘crazy noona antics’ once again and basically what happens is that they start playing a word game where you have to fill in the blanks by guessing which character is missing in a set phrase. Obviously I haven’t a clue what’s right and what’s wrong but it’s still a good watch because of the competitor’s various reactions when they win, lose or don’t get a chance to say anything. Now as I mentioned the SHINee members were in a line with Jang Yeonglam and unfortunately they only manage to get two of the puzzles right but I really wish there’d have been more just because of Yeonglam unni’s reaction when they won. She got super excited and ran up to the top of the staircase where the boys are and pulled them into this weird, awkward group hug thing that was really just them patting each other’s shoulders and it’s really a sight! LOL, the hosts even point out that the audience, who usually enjoy seeing the stars interact, got pretty agitated when they saw her hugging them. I’m not sure whether or not the MC felt bad for them since they had only gotten one puzzle right or if he just wanted to get into the hugging thing himself but the second time they got a puzzle, it was sort of by default because the fourth line was about to get it right but then the host accidentally said the answer for the third clue before the contestant could but instead of allowing them to do it over or change the puzzle, he just moved over to the first line (SHINee’s) and allowed them to answer it and of course, they got it right because it was almost done anyway and then he jumped into the group hug before Yeonglam could get there (LOL!) and even though you could tell that the fourth line were annoyed, they said they’d let it pass for SHINee’s sake (because they think of them as such cute dongsaengs). 😀 Hehe, it was cute – and that concludes the noteworthy SHINee moments in that episode. Honestly, I’m sure there’s a vid of SHINee cuts from there but I’m feeling too lazy to look for them now. Just watch the whole eppie – it’s really very funny.

Hmm, and speaking of riling fans up, two versions of SHINee’s CFs for Nana B’s cosmetics were released yesterday – Minho‘s and Taemin‘s versions. Yes, it seems that every boy will get their own version of the CF because the basic premise is that they each have an interaction with a girl (she’s super pretty, by the way – OMGee!And she kind of looks like YooBin unni from WG) in a school setting and because she uses the Nana B’s cosmetics, they can’t help but be bowled over by her stunning, natural beauty (she really has flawless skin~) and are thus instantly smitten with her. Sounds corny? Yeah, it is – but I bet you I wanted to get my hands on some of that cream after watching those two ads. XD Hmm, they were both very cute but I think that Minho’s made more of an impression on a lot of people because he actually….wait for it….. wait for it…… take a breath – kissed her on the cheek! Okay, step away from the computer, catch your breath for a second, try not to break anything and then come back. LOL, I’m just kidding – most of the people I see seem to be taking it in stride and although they’re (understandably) jealous, I don’t think that lovely actress needs to fear for her life just yet. (At least, I hope so.) But keep in mind that there are three more versions left to come. All I have to say is she better keep her grubby paws off of my Dubs and Jong or there’ll be heck to pay! LOL. Even if she does, I don’t think I’ll be thinking anything like that. (At least, I hope not.) Anyway, the videos are very cute and I suggest you check them out – but watch Taemin’s first because Minho’s might distract you so much that you’ll forget to watch the other one. And LOL, the cream is actually called ‘SHINee BB’ – ha, I didn’t realize they were getting their own line of products too! Now they’re just like the Wonder Girls! Ah, my boys are doing so well. ^^

So make sure to keep an eye out for the cute, OMO expressions everyone makes when they first see the girl in Taemin’s ad as well as the adorably shy way that he’s walking with her at the end. Oh M Gee, I’d really believe that setup – it was so cute! Aigoo, my baby’s already grown so much….T____T  Soon he’ll be a nam(ja?)…  And well, I won’t lie – I really do like Minho’s CF more than Taemin’s though. I don’t know why – it just seems cuter, like the way he keeps looking at her like he can’t help himself or the light way he brushes her cheek with his lips like he’s trying it out to see if it’s okay….OMG, HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS?!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Like I’m sitting down, dying of the cute over here. Seriously, why is it that everything they do is so adorable?!!! Like can’t they just annoy me for once so I’ll like them a little bit less?! (Cause that’s what I really want, yeah…) Anyway, I think it’s really funny how in the background of Minho’s CF, Taemin and Onew are sitting at their desks all ‘studious’ while Minho goes over to the girl with his book ‘because he needs help’ while Jonghyun and Key are in the background….talking and laughing it up. LOL at those two – of course, they’d be the non-studious ones. XDD And it’s so funny how they barely react when she pushes him away (like anyone would really do that. Heck, I wouldn’t even do that!) – that part looks really weird though but then it gets all funny again when at the end of the CF, the others are all joking around with Minho like “ohhoho, good job! that was a nice one” (cause that would happen in real life? IDK about that one.) Then again, I don’t really see Minho doing something like that in real life so I guess they wouldn’t get the opportunity to.

But anyway back to the kiss, I saw someone on YT refer to it as ‘chaste’ and I was like “OMG, Yes! That is exactly what it is – chaste” and seriously, when do you get a chance to use that word nowadays? Ah, this is when I don’t mind how young these boys are – because they’re still so sweet and innocent, you know and it’s so refreshing to see that there are still people like that in the world and especially in the entertainment industry. Oh my babies, I love you with all of my poor noona’s heart…. LOL, I can just imagine the comments on SHINee’s iple right now though – they’re all probably like “Oh, Minho-yah, how can you kiss that girl?! What about me? You broke my heart! You’re such a bad bo…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ” Yep, I think he broke a lot of hearts today. ^^ I dunno – I just think it’s funny and cute all at the same time.

Ah, and I still can’t stop laughing at the way the girl practically flings herself at Taemin in his CF. It’s really deliberate looking though so if it happened in real life, nobody would think that was an accident! LOL, but I guess they’d all be too busy staring at her lovely skin to notice…Oh, I really want to see the others’ videos now – I hope they’ll release them soon! Oh and I think I like ‘Stand By Me’ now too – hmm, maybe because I’ve been hearing it a lot? (They were playing it in the CF.) It’s really not a bad song after all.

Hmm, and I think this is pretty long already – see not so much talking about Jonghyun and Dubs here. You see – I can refrain. ^^ Anyways, there are more things but they’ll have to come later. In the meantime, check out some of these videos, yeah and have a good night/day/afternoon. See ya!



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