February 7, 2009

Okay, okay, I’m sorry for the bias but I just watched this fancam and it totally reminded me why I love this kid. Watch it, watch it, look here!

credit: randy19972

OMG, dude, I spent half my time watching this video spazzing and the other half laughing my butt off. This boy is so random and weird sometimes and never more so than when they’re singing this song (Love Should Go On). LOL, if I didn’t already like it, I’d watch the performances just for him. 2:17 – 2:30 are particularly memorable moments. OMG, I love how one minute he’s making all these random gestures and totally feeling the song (I’ve never seen someone so into his own song!) and then as soon as it’s time for him to sing, he gets all serious and starts belting things out. Ahhhh, and it’s like freezing too – this fancam was taken on New Years’ Eve at that Gayo Daejun they performed at – and his hands are so red and you can see his breath and at first I was just staring at him like “OMG, why aren’t you inside? Where it’s significantly warmer! Or at least wearing gloves?” But then he started acting silly and I totally forgot. But really though, why weren’t they wearing gloves?

Ah, I dunno – just watch this video. It’s the middle of the night and I should be in bed but I had to rec this first. It’s too cute to miss. Later.



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