I like you…just the way you are!

February 4, 2009

So I’m listening to a little bit of J-pop on the side these days and I recently checked out Koda Kumi’s new album, TRICK because I listened to her ‘stay with me’ winter single (also on this album) and really liked it – and I actually liked this album more. I’m thinking about buying it. Well, I’m not really into J-pop so other than her name, I didn’t know much about her beforehand but I think this album is a good starting point. Hmm, I won’t say any more since I’m thinking about doing an album review of it but I’d definitely suggest you check it out. She runs through a number of styles in it – pop, rock, hip hop, etc. and you’ll probably find at least one song you like. So for the mean time, I’ll just leave you with my personal favourite and what I consider to be the best song (because my favourite MUST be the best song, claro) on the album, Just the Way You Are.

She even released a video for it! I’m happy – it really is a great song and she looks lovely in the video and it’s pretty fitting for the song, if a little awkward at times. Anyway, I’m really digging her red plaid outfit.

credit: phumint on YT

Well, I hope you like it. Enjoy!



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